Have a Holly Jolly Week Till CHRISTMAS!

Hi everyone! Tis I. And though it’s been a few days since my last personal post, I’m well. πŸ™‚ Well. Pretty good anyway. I mean, I am well, but stress! And I have nothing compared to my parents. They have an entire family to buy for, and being parents, it seems 1 present doesn’t do.

Let’s see…. Alright; Since my grandparents moved in, we have all together 8 people living here. Mama, Dad, Grandma, Papa, Tory, Meesha, Kody, and Rey. 9, if ya count me too. But I don’t count because this is from my view. Anyway. so this is a busy house basically 24/7. I lie not. It’s hectic as usual; but now it’s Christmas time. Which is multiplying the chaos by 9847530935%. Present buying, wrapping, shopping (did I already say that?), hiding presents, planning on and getting ideas, etc, leads up to crazy when you have a ton of people to shop for. And 8 people isn’t my entire close family either; Ryan, Rachel, Ash and Em too. πŸ™‚ But they’re coming after Christmas. The presents we have for them will be held for under-the-tree-love after Christmas.

And to add on to the holiday crazy is the usual crazy; Rey is a toddler (which says a lot right there as sweet as she is she’s entering the terrible two’s), Tory’s getting a herb business going (amazing), we now have a horse on our land (I’ll explain that tomorrow when I have pics), we still have to get Grandma and Papa’s house done and stuff, etc. It’s a lot! But even after a stressful, hectic day; I wouldn’t trade anything. I know a lot of teen girls don’t have big family’s, and while there’s nothing wrong with that at all, I wouldn’t trade my family for anything. Even for a somewhat calmer day, a smaller family; I wouldn’t. Because that means I’d have to give up a person, and each person means the world to me. Yes, havin’ a large family is crazy (I cannot imagine how it’s like to have 10 siblings you go ya’ll!), but it’s so worth it. God’s blessed me greatly, I know.

Having a family isn’t always easy; yeah, arguments sucks, but happen. And even when something bad happens, or a fight happens, I know that we’re all gonna be OK. I know some have worse family problems, parents who fight all the time, or kids who don’t have good relationships with their siblings. I don’t have these problems. I’m incredibly lucky. So no. I wouldn’t trade feeling like a mini army walking through Walmart.

Anyway! Today Mama, Kody, Meesha, Tory, Josh, Rey May, and I went to Walmart. Well, a few of us were there for a while, then the others would come, a few would leave, come etc… Heh… XD But I got Nana a bone for Christmas Eve, and I got silver tassels to put on her collar. Here’s the results.

Merry Christmas ya'll! Mama, Meesha, Tory, Rey, Kody, Josh, and I went to town today and after around 4 hours of shopping, and the various Merry Christmas spreading joy, we've just got home (it's been perhaps 30 mins) and I got Nana a present because I finished the humans of my family a few days ago. I also got Nana this ^ to get her big self in the holiday spirit. Lol. She seemed sad when I put it on, but it is cold outside, so hopefully she'll be up tomorrow. xD Nana says merry Christmas!

OK so it looks better in real life. I promise. Ish. Yeah… When I want her to pose she sulks. Yep. Anyway; I’ve finished buying for all my family, so that’s great. πŸ˜€

Today was great. At Walmart, I got wished Merry Christmas by what I guessed a black Veteran, which made me happy because the Vets I’ve met are some of thee nicest people. People need to appreciate the men and women who have fought and are fighting for our country more. So I was happy to return his Merry Christmas. When we left (finally haha) there was a black police officer outside, and with the awful acts of today, Mama thought the right action for us 3 kids to do. We shook the brown man’s hand and thanked him for his service, and he was real nice. (Screw every person who is protesting, saying “kill the cops” etc. They’re doing their job, they’ve saved lives, and we need to appreciate every man and woman who’s a police officer, cop, etc. Black or white, I don’t care, since when is it OK to kill cops who are protecting the people? It’s bull. )More Merry Christmas-ing to him, and we were on our way home. But we stopped to get Mc’s, and when I went inside to donate to RMH, I was pleased to have a girl who worked there compliment my Doctor Who shirt. I asked her who her Doctor was and she said David Tennant. πŸ˜€ So a quick fandom convo was held and it put me in an even better mood. πŸ™‚

So now, I’m waitin’ for dinner haha.

I’ve been great; I hope ya’ll are too. Merry Christmas, and may your days be well and joyful. God bless.

-Angela R. Watts

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