One More Key Into A Post

(FOB inspired title yet again oooh fun!)

Hello all! Tis I at last! 😀 I’m glad to be on again. So; with slight updates about so and so, my biggest is this; I’ve been working on Dark One and am happy to say it is near a novella (it has currently 12,708 words) and my goal is for this book to be my first novel. Which, since it’s at this many words and it’s still the beginning, is looking up! I’m super excited because, even with it’s difficulties (as everything does) it’s been one I’ve enjoyed! And I’m not even done; and with my plans, it’s just going to be so much fun and heartbreak, hard work, everything writing is about. While I have cold feet in some places, I’m trying my best to do this with confidence. I’m not going to post any chapters however; In fact, I took the first 10 ones down. Looking back, FaD wasn’t much fun to write after a while for me. One reason being I was being given feedback, and while it was all nice; I just want to be free to write this book. But it’s coming along, and I’m just going to enjoy it and perfect it to my taste, without having the chaos of publishing it on here. :3

I’m going to continue my writer in a different way; I’m not going to publish any chapters of any of my WIP’s, but I will keep their Pinterest boards. And I may, if in the mood, give experts or something every now and then. I have more book ideas and I’m going to continue now fully enjoying the freedom of just WRITING and not having to worry about giving my ideas away. Thank you all so much, and I’m sorry for any inconvenience this might bring. I know Dark One and Four Fugitives had readers waiting on them, and I apologize. But one day, God willing, I’ll have printed and published my books for all to enjoy. 🙂 ♥

I’m also glad to say Nana had to come in these last 2 nights because it’s been getting under zero degrees. It even snowed; not for long nor did it stick but it SNOWED! XD With all this cold and rain we were all glad it did.

Nana is so great though; Reyna loves her. At one point I told Reyna Nana was taking a ‘night night’ and Reyna looked very baffled and got that Mama tone and went over to Nana’s sheet, saying ”Cmon”, and slapping her leg. XD

But anyway… *long awkward silence* I’ve run outta things to say. 0-0 Well I’m getting stronger. I suck at this. Sorry…

School has been going well! I got an A on my report on James Watt. (We’re pretty sure he’s actually my Dad’s ancestor or something long story haha). Just wait; I just jinxed myself. I’ll get a F on something later lol. 😉

Well… Bye! 😀 ♥ God bless.



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