Snow Ball!

Hey guys! So it was snowing last night and: IT STUCK! 😀 So this morning Kody, Reyna, and I went outside. 🙂 It didn’t take long for Rey to have to go to Aunt Meesha inside; and Kody and I got down to business.

I called the porch, and soon, had a snow ball pile on the BBQ stand. Kody had his fort; and we were actually pretty even with snowballs. I put mine in a bucket and our war began. Well, long story short, I won. But it was fun; Kody got some good aims. But victory is sweet. 😉

So this morning was great. 🙂 Snow is amazing. God is amazing. So much love!

It’s now 4:13. 🙂 It’s been a lazy day really; TV, etc. Mama and Dad are in town (getting soda too, for my science experiment, which I’ll probably share later). It’s quiet. It’s awesome. 🙂

Kody and I went and saw Cosmo! 🙂 I know I promised pictures of him when he first got here, but unfortunately, it’s winter. Which means rain and snow, and clouds, mud, etc. That or I forgot to do it or never got to… Anyway! Sorry about the long delay.

Our short visit allowed me to take these photos of Tory’s horse. Well, I mean, Tory and my’s (how grammar) horse…?


Cosmo over view haha.


Horse mane. 🙂








Have I ridden him yet? Sadly no. Apparently he has a kicking problem; he kicked Tory, and Mama said that that’s a habit. So I can’t go in the field without Tory there. But that’s cool: As long as he doesn’t hurt anybody again, I don’t mind. I’m really happy to have a horse on our land again though. 🙂 I know I’m not close to getting a horse right now as I’d like, but God knows what He’s doing, and I’ve prayed, and I have faith I will get one. Hopefully I won’t be 60 years old however haha. 😉


But yep. :3 Hope ya’ll have a great weekend! (last pic by Kody)







2 thoughts on “Snow Ball!

  1. Angela these photos are amazing!! I’m stealing them hehe…also he is our horse 🙂 We will get that kick out of him as soon as spring gets here! I’m going to try to get a round pen with my tax money and I’m not giving up on his pain in the butt self yet…I’m to stubborn also….:) love you baby girl


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