Karate Class!

Hey! Unfortunately, my blog post for Monday was accidentally deleted. >X3 So I won’t be as thorough as I was, sadly. But Monday karate went great! I was nervous about going again, over thinking (as usual) but Kody and I got there, and after warmups, we got one of the black belt instructor’s to get us newbies (5 in all, including Kody and I). We got my favorite instructor; I’m gonna call him Mr. J on here. His name isn’t Jay though which is throwing me off but anyway! XD Mr. J is really great; and fun! We learned what -zukie and -dachi meant, the main 3 stances, etc. It was fun! Even when being corrected, I didn’t feel like an idiot, and my heart didn’t beat really fast like I was expecting it to the entire time. I didn’t mind getting corrected; actually, I was glad. I wanted to learn and get better; I wanted to do it right.
Mr. J is really great, and he’ll be working with us, while the main instructor works with the belts. And by belts I mean the rest of the people; belts. I’m a white belt; but us 5 newbies don’t wear belts or ‘white pajamas’, yet.

 There’s a tournament coming up in a few months, so they’re all working for that. We got to watch them spar; which was enjoyable. I learned how each of the students (and Mr. J) fought. They each had different approaches, different grooves. I love observing this kinda stuff.
 So karate, yes, seems enjoyable. I have a TON TON TON to learn though; because it doesn’t stop at a black belt, either. But as challenging as it is, so far, I think it’s something I’m gonna enjoy doing. It’s new. It’s hard. But it’s self-defense, and that is what I want. In this world today, I think every girl and boy should know self-defense.
 Anyway… I know I haven’t been too active much; because our Internet literally SUCKS. It’s very awful. Nothing will load, and when it does, it’s in blips. UGH. I’m still working on finding a Tumblr theme; it’s hard to find one I love that works! :C
 Even so, I have things to do. I have 1 OC I want to get fixed up, for Hetalia. Of course, this OC I will not be sharing in any fanfics haha. But I’m working on one I may put pieces out. Not sure. (this OC isn’t Hetalia, it’s original). I’m also going to write a post about Armin, from AOT. I’m not in that fandom, but it didn’t take many episodes for him to really stick with me. ♥ Of course, I promised a Death Note fanfic… 😉 And I wanna do a TMNT fanfic as well. Inspiration seems to leave me when I want to do something. But when I’m not focused, they hit, and then I loose them when I go to do them. X3
 Played with the Wii; There’s a thing where you can make characters or whatever. And so far I’ve made; Haru, Nagisa, Mako, Rin, Levi, Petra, Jean, Marco, Armin, Erwin, Chihiro, Haku, etc. 😀 Raced some on Mario Kart, didn’t beat Kody’s ghost this time. X| I wanna do some OC’s with it; and make L, Kira ( I mean Light…), Matsuda, Watari, Mello, and Matt. 🙂
 Also, I’ve taken down my book, Flying And Diving Book 1. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I decided I didn’t want it out anymore…
 Anyway… I wanna say I hope ya’ll are havin’ a great day. God bless.


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