When I Stop Walking, It Isn’t Always For Smelling The Roses

Hello! It’s me again. o((*^▽^*))o My apologies for it being a while… I haven’t had much to say. But now, I’ll try and make a rather worth reading post. Though it won’t be one having an inspiration purpose, anyway, like some of mine… (∩_∩)

OK so! It’s Valentine’s Day- but my family and I don’t Valentine’s Day (long story) so don’t worry- I won’t get gooey today. 😉

But today was rather busy. I slept in though! Praise Jesus haha. But as soon as I got up, I got ready and Mama, Meesha, Kody, and I went to town. We dropped Meesha off with her boyfriend, and we all went to Dollar Tree. Which is new in our little town. I got some candy and lip balm, because my lips are chapped and that’s no fun at all. Ugh… Then we went to the walking track, and we walked, but Kody and I swung on the swing sets for a while too. I don’t care how old I’ll get, I’m swinging on the swing set!

But my legs are really sore, mostly from yesterday’s intense at home workout we all did. Oh boy… Karate workouts are better than what we did. But anyway….

I’ve learned some things about friendship, and I’ve found myself being slightly more positive (at least online). Let me just tell ya- talking to your parents is AMAZING. It really helps. ♥

I haven’t been up to much. No art, writing, or photography. :3 Sorry… But I’ve been busy with this: Lolita fashion.

 I found a fashion I really like. As you know- I hate shopping. I hate trying on clothes because honestly in all good heart it sucks. Barely anything fits, firstly, and it’s like all the clothes laugh at me and say ”haha guess what you’re too big try again”. The ugly crap fits fine though. Luckily, when I say- “Mom this is ugly.” I don’t have to get it. But my point is: I’m not a fashion nut. If something matches, I praise Jesus.
 But this fashion is, well… Dresses. Yeah I said it. Here have a look at my FAVORITES…
And this one is REALLY Sweet Lolita:
 So I’ve done some research (and man have I said how much I freaking HATE when someone has an opinion but hasn’t done any research?! UGH) and Lolita is a fashion based on Victorian, but it’s really went past it’s original source: Japan. It’s now world wide. And it consists of different styles (Sweet, Sailor, Gothic etc…) but the main design is; knee-length dresses, petticoats, etc. If you wanted to get poetic, people also say it’s fashion showing a ladies “modest femininity” which I guess is true but I thought it sounded so prissy. Ahem.. Sorry. (⊙﹏⊙✿)
 But anyway! It’s amazing! I really love Lolita! I’m saving up my money to start buying stuff too. I showed it to Mama and she likes it too! So I’m pretty excited about it. 🙂 I’m still new to it, though.
Well… That’s enough for now. :3 Since I came back to this post, it’s 9:32… And I’m drinking Earl Grey tea, on my bean bag, in my huge mink blanket, probably gonna watch Doctor Who! 😀 Goodnight everyone, hope ya’ll have a great weekend!

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