OK so! Updates… Firstly, I won’t be online much. Our Internet is getting screwed up. :/ UGH.

Second: Yesterday was a snow day! It snowed a few inches, over the inches of hard ice. But hey; it SNOWED! 😀 We got up and got dressed, and Dad made sleds out oc cardboard. Which held up, number one. And we did Cosimo’s water, which was frozen.

It was really fun. We got in our pasture and well… The sled thing didn’t work but that didn’t matter because we had lot.

So I won’t be on too much, but will try! It’s 6:37 right now, which is MUCH earlier than I usually wake up, but apparently our Internet is better and has more time now. Whatever.

I’d like to thank ya’ll as well. The constant encouragement on here is really great. x


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