I Only Blog Free

Yo! It’s me again. 🙂 Sorry about the hiatus and such. I’ve been busy, and also unable to really get time to blog. My apologies!

OK so, my life has been very busy lately. 🙂 I seem to forget some of the chaos but here’s some tid bits; Last Monday I went to karate again. Kody and I are getting our Gi’s and Obi’s this week, if the plan goes as, well, planned. So that’s cool! *silence* …. I’ve got a lot of studying to do still, and it’s Saturday. But I’ve been studying and practicing, so hopefully it’s payed off if only a little. Eheh. But the karate tournament is in a few weeks, and though I’m not competing, we’re still going to be there for the team. 😀

The big tidbit is- Ryan, Rachel, Ashton, and Ember are here! They’ve been here for a few days, and it’s been, as usual, a bunch. 🙂 It’s been less of a mess this time, Mama got a cleaning system going hehe, so it’s not a huge mess of a house. So that helps. Reyna, Ashton, and Em love playing though. 😉

Our Internet is awful. Seriously guys; do not get HughesNet. It sucks. It’s been nothing but a problem since day 1, literally. I have to get up early to get on. So I’ve been getting up at 5:30-6:00 just to get on until 8:00, which is when our free Internet or whatever ends. In that time I’ve been doing everything in. It’s worth losing sleep because I get to watch Free! again! Oh my gosh, don’t get me started on Free!. Actually, I am already. So prepare yourself.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club is my favorite anime! I’ve got 1 episode until I’ve finished Season 1, and S1 has 12 eps. S2 has 13. *sad laughing* That makes me happier than it should. Don’t say anything. Just don’t. But anyway- I had to stop watching it for a long time because we had no way to watch it. So I’m really happy I can continue it now!

Free! is great. Its a sports anime, so people are just like ” yeah naked boys whatever you just watch it for the fan service” and that makes me quite angry. Because 1; You know NOTHING. It’s not ‘fan service’ as much as A FREAKING SWIM CLUB. What the Hades do you expect, them to be fat swimmers who always wear a complete outfit when swimming? Really? Get out. It’s a swim club. If you’re a dude, you swim in swim trunks. That’s it! They’re not naked. Besides; if you’re shy about seeing abs and biceps, when you know it’s a sports show, OK that’s fine just don’t seem so incredibly surprised.

And second; OK I’m gonna be honest here. No I don’t watch it just for the amazing biceps and back muscles. Excuse you. I’ve tried plenty of anime; Fairy Tail, FMAB, Attack On Titan, Death Note- and had to stop each time. I stopped with FT because of making demons OK, FMAB because it gave me a gut feeling it wasn’t OK, AOT because the same as FMAB, and Death Note the same as the latter. I’m a picky anime watcher, long story short. Which I’m not ashamed of. But anyway- so I was very excited when Free! turned out great. It seriously is a great show. It has an amazing plot, and I’m not just saying that. It has just the right amount of everything; conflict, humor, and the lessons it has are great too. And the big thing for me is- I can relate to so much of what each character is feeling/going through. The characters are relatable, and they’re not fake at all. The lessons are powerful. One minute I’m laughing and the next I’m waving my hands in anguish.

So no; I don’t just watch it for good looking guys. But let me tell ya, the good looking boys with abs and biceps, I’m not gonna lie, are a WONDERFUL addition to the SERIOUSLY GOOD show. 😉 Because OK, they are all handsome and adorable. It’s obvious. But while that’s great, the show is seriously good. It’s interesting and relatable and gah, INSPIRATIONAL! YES that’s the word I was looking for!

So yes; Free! is my favorite anime so far. I seriously cannot even start to fathom my thoughts into words making sense and getting it all out coherently… My fangirl side is pressing out while my logical analysis side is shouting back. X3 So I guess I either won’t be able to, or do it later…

So I’ve got S2 left. After I watch Free! another 100000000 times I’m gonna try out Kuroko no Basket. From what I’ve seen, sports anime aren’t bad at all. 😀 So I’ll see how it is. Hmmm…

So I’ve been on Aunt-mode more frequently lately, of course. 😀 It’s great, being an aunt. Exhausting, but getting sugars is always nice. 😉

So… Yep. I’m good. 🙂 God bless.



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