Truly Blessed

Ya know, sometimes things really just hit me. Sometimes things take a while to catch up with me. But one thing that has hit me more than one; is knowing how truly blessed I am. It comes in different swings, different days. Sometimes it stays a while, sometimes I get too busy or fail to truly remember this.

But I was in our old truck. Surrounded by my Dad, my Mama, my awesome sister Meesha, and my amazing little bro Kody, listening to Owl City,the sun is setting over the hills and the fields… And I know yet again. I know how truly loving God is. He has done all of this for me. I look at my home as we pull in. I look at the house we have yet to finish, the big one we’ll live in one day. These homes that have so much life and stories in them.

All of this thinking started (and this has happened many times) because of this. I was randomly thinking about how the government would view my and my family. Long story short; how the banks and how the government would see us, is cutting us down way too far. Because we are blessed. It doesn’t matter how much money we have at all. Because my Dad works his butt off for us, because he loves us. And my Mama, my goodness, she works with a very tight budget. And ya know what? I don’t think we’re poor. We’re not rich, and yeah OK we are poor- but we’re not. My thing is- to me, we’re not poor. It just sounds wrong to me, saying that. Things are tight, sometimes they really suck. But ya know what? I don’t think we’re poor. We have a beautiful home, even when parts of it falters (my Dad can fix anything, that’s no problem), it’s a blessing. Some people don’t have a home. Some people live in random people’s houses, or they’re homeless. On the streets.

And ya know- despite the odds, my parents still make sure us kids get our treats. The milkshakes, the CDs; people have it worse. MUCH worse.

I think about this, and I can’t help but feel so incredibly loved. Because God did this. He gives us what we need, and He doesn’t have to give us anything at all. But He chooses to bless me. Again and again. He’s given us this world, this beautiful world, so beautiful. His work of art right under my feet. For me to explore. When I’m outside, and the sun is setting, and the pine trees are swaying and the air is fresh- how could I NOT feel God’s presence? When I’m surrounded by family and listening to music that is practically opening a world for me to talk to God- how do I not know how loved I am? How blessed?

Because I wouldn’t change any of this craziness. This is God’s gift to me. It’s all so beautiful, in the end. I look around and I see so much love, God’s love shines through so so much. All I have to do, is just take a moment and take it all in. And I feel overwhelmed. God truly is amazing. I thank Him so much.

I’ve been quite busy lately; but when I take a moment and just enjoy it all. Just enjoy this life and the beauty and the love God has given to me… I know. I know God is with me and He loves me. 


What do you say?

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