What Goes Boom?

My life. My life goes boom. But that’s OK.

Things have been very quite stressful lately. Not much has changed. And to make matters worse- we had to reboot my laptop. Evernote was messed up- and it still is. So I’ve lost around 60 ‘notes’; a few of my books (Dark  One, over 23,000 words, is GONE) and fanfics (My over 23,000 word Free! fanfic is also GONE). I’m really upset about that…

I don’t have much to report, really.


3 thoughts on “What Goes Boom?

  1. I’m so sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I accidentally deleted all my text messages on my phone and I had my whole story on there:( I guess God was trying to tell me that there are more important things in life that being on my phone:) God is always teaching me lessons=)


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