(Yesterdays) First New Baby Ultrasound!

OK so earlier today (7/2/15) I blogged I’d make a separate post for the ultrasound.

Tory, Roger, Reyna, Kody, and I were originally going, but Kody didn’t feel good so he stayed at the shop with Dad. So us 4 went alone.

Reyna was in good spirits, so she liked playing on the mini slide and looked at the books. Then we went in!

The lady was crappy at photos and I didn’t have much heart for her, and it was done really quickly. She also said we couldn’t take pictures. Which I think is bull, it doesn’t hurt anything and its stupid. Mama couldn’t be there too, so what the crap would it hurt to take a video morons? (OK my little rant)

Its a girl! We all were thinking it was a boy but the lady said it was girl! (of course they have said one thing and the baby be another lol) We’re all so excited! Now we can start shopping haha! 😀 Plus we gotta find a name. Tory likes Ocean but of course we have months for her to change her mind lol!

Anyway, then I took Reyna back to the waiting room and we played some more. Then we all left (got lunch)(chicken nuggets)(I haven’t had nuggets in forever) and Tory and Roger made phone calls and I talked to Reyna about her being a big sissy. XD She’s very adorable.

I’m really excited! I love being an Aunt, even if it is a handful, I love it. More baby sugars! Maybe this one will wanna cuddle more than Reyna haha!

Well, a short update about the new upcomin’ baby! :3 🙂

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