Mr. Victim

Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim,

here we are again.


I’ve been seeing

you from afar

and up


You’re everywhere, in everyone.

Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim

how long has it been?
How long has it been

since you last shook hands with


They open their


and welcome you


Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim,

making your self

at home.

Taking control,

finding the ones

who welcome you

and use you.

You love being


Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim,

messing with them all.

You enter them

they love being one

of yours.

Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim,

You shout out excuses!

You are the only one!

You are the one



You are the one

who is so ugly!
And hated!

And alone!

Oh Mr. Victim! Mr. Victim
You have swallowed them



Mr. Victim. Mr. Victim.

You have swept over the entire

All of the people

have had you for a


I hope they had fun,

oh, they must have.

Not look at the person

inside of them.

Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim.

You blame it all



Nothing is your fault.

It is all there’s.

Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim.

Everyone hates you.

They are all against you.

No one understands you.

No one wants to know you.
You are so very alone.

You are so misunderstood.

You are so depressed.

Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim,

you shook hands with

Mr. Victim.

Willingly, you

handed it all over

to Mr. Victim.

Now look at


Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim

I hope you’re enjoying your stay,


they are happy to have you.

So happy indeed!
I wonder if they know, Mr. Victim,

that they

welcome you so!
They complain and whine

saying other and such

they have no idea

they love playing

your role, Mr. Victim.

Perhaps they’re unaware of this.

Or maybe, you both

frolic in the

fields of life.

Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim

You found another home,

another pawn.

They scream one thing,

they feel something

they don’t care

or bother

to fight.

They love being

the victim.

These people, you


You’ll find

love playing

Mr. Victim.

They invite him


and cry out

but don’t leave

where they are.

They are actually

very OK

with you,

Mr. Victim.

They are very good

at masks,

Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim.

Play pretend,

again and again!

Build up pain,

cry against it,

but secretly enjoy


They play the victim,

Mr, Victim,

again and again,

ignoring chances to

be the

one to kick you out,

Mr. Victim.

Well I’m sorry, Mr. Victim,

but I’ve shook hands

with Mr. Almighty.

You can take your words

and feelings


no, I

don’t need your


Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim,

I see you everywhere

I am pained,

full of empathy,

but I am also

very sick

and angry.

Human nature does

not have to have

Mr. Victim,

I’ll assure you.

Mr. Victim, Mr. Victim,

have you realized yet?

You have many homes,

but One has more power.

-Angela R. Watts


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