A Walk Through This Year’s Memory Lane

OK so I was going back through ‘old’ photos from the past year and stuff… And MEMORIES. Sweet, warm, memories. 😀 But since I don’t want to use up our Internet *glares at Internet**Internet you suck*, I will post this NOW. And add all of my throwback photos in the morning! When wifi is free! (FREE! HIGH SPEED INTERNET.) (DID ANYONE GET THAT FREE! Anime movie reference?? oh well I make myself laugh I see what I did there)…

I was just looking through old photography I’ve done, the fall and winter ones, seeing my family and I… Pssh I’m not being emotional. Just remembering those days, those times, those moods… I love it. ♥♥♥

I cannot wait till fall! And winter! These photos have indeed pumped me! 😀

So, later, here’s where I’ll put my favorite photography, and some pics of whoever I love! 🙂

Check back for more soon!

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