I, I Am Always

I am always looking

to the


way up high

if you notice

I, I am always…

The trees

twist and grow


and higher

they go

for the blue,

the white,

the pinks,

the grays.

I, I am always


at the


How high, how


how beautiful

in every way.

No matter my faults,

or the world how it


I will

look toward the sky.

High, higher than I can


I, I am not



or as


as I could be,

or can be,

I am simply saying,

that I have this


for the sky

for the leaves and limbs

of trees plastered high

above, as well.

As for you, and I,

look up, look up,

both ways.
If you understand me,

if you really do,

you will look above,

and we will know.

We will know, something that they

may not,

a big taste

of love,

of hope,

of freedom-

those are little

reasons why,

I, I am looking at the sky.

-Angela R. Watts

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