My Free! Artwork

OK! So I know I did the Karneval stuff, and actually, like I thought when posting the post, I had in fact already posted the art. Just not in the art category. 😉 My bad! Oh well, better upload it anyway on a journal post that not at all haha! I’ll try and be more organized haha.

So, whether I’ve uploaded my Free! stuff, I dunno, probably in some post but forgot to add the category! Anyway, here we go. 🙂

Sousuke Yamazaki by Angela R. Watts. I drew this big grumpy kitty! ♥

Sousuke! ♥ 

I love Sou! 😀 I need to draw him again!

Haru by Angela R. Watts. :D I drew the one and only; Haruka Nanase! I'm pretty pleased with it.... Love Haru.

(pretty sure I’ve added him somewhere but oh well) Haru! I’d love to do him again!  

Mikoshiba Momotarou, also known as Momo! by Angela R. Watts. :D I haven't done much with the Free! style anime, but it's actually fun! ♥ I love Free! too haha. Love ya, Momo-chan.


Rin Matsuoka by Angela R. Watts. Picture inspired by the ending theme song ''Splash Free'' :) ♥


These aren’t really recent, and now, I wanna draw the Iwatobi and Samezuka boys! 😀 😀 Ah I love them so much, I’ve been watching (with Kody) the dubbed S2! 😀 I think it’s really good! I’m on subbed episode 6 S2, and now, dubbed S2 episode 6 too haha! 🙂 I love the Free! dubbed voice actors, they’re ALL FANTASTIC. I love the subbed too so I do wanna finish it in subbed too. 😀

I’m actually working on and have plans to do some TMNT fanart etc, so I also might do some Free! projects as well! 😀 The episode 14. OVA for Free! ES has some ideas for me to work with haha!


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