My Innocent Venus Art

Innocent Venus is one of my favorite anime. I haven’t drawn much at all, but here is what I have.

Jin by Innocent Venus. Innocent Venus was great, and since Jin had such a perfect mask but he was later revealed- I feel fake drawing his masked self. So here is the Jin behind his lies.


Jin by Angela R. Watts. This one's just a doodle but I SHOULD DRAW JOE SINCE HE'S MY FAVORITE NOT JIN

Jin sketch

Sana by Angela R. Watts. Innocent Venus! :D


Ohhhh goodness me. XD I love Joe and I haven’t drawn him yet! AGH I must soon! 🙂 I love him so much, and I am so angry and stuff at Jin. But he is fun to draw… 

Well, more art coming soon then, for Innocent Venus!


What do you say?

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