My Karneval Artwork!

Heyyah! 🙂 So, I realized I have forgotten to upload my recent art! Eesh! GOODNESS I haven’t added art to ‘My Artwork’ since last year.



Tsukitachi from Karneval by Angela R. Watts! :)


Yogi and Nai! by Angela R. Watts XD I drew another pic of Nai before this one but it was blah.

Yogi and Nai  

Hirato by Angela R. Watts (roadtrip art!)


Gareki by Angela R. Watts. ♥ Karneval Did this one on the roadtrip to Ryan's!



All of the above ones are by me, and the characters are all from Karneval! 🙂 I need and want to finish Karneval, I’m on episode 10- but GAH. I never watch anime when I wake up early and I’m nervous about the next episodes and angry but also excited…

The only knew one is Tsukitachi, actually, the rest I did on the last trip to Ryan’s, or on the way home from there. I started the outline for Tsukitachi but just finished him lol! 😉

More art that I forgot to add here coming soon! 😉


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