My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Artwork!

So far, here’s what I’ve done (some) for TMNT! 😀

SAINW 2012 Raphael by Angela R. Watts. I cannot get enough of 2012 SAINW Raph... Hope ya'll like it.

2012 SAINW is one of my favorite things. 

SAINW 2012 Mikey. I don't like this one as much cuz it's hard to make 2012 older like in SAINW but...

SAINW 2012 Raph; aka 2012 Raph in SAINW instead of 03 Raph. :3 Hop ya like it, I had more fund than I shoulda.

''Sorry Leo..'' Mikey. By Angela R. Watts ♥

Mess With My Brothers, You Mess With Me, Donnie fanart. by Angela R. Watts. (colored) (please forgive the red mark, my little niece Reyna got a hold of it)

Big Brother Raph Has Ya Back by Angela R. Watts. TMNT fanart. :)

close up

Close up

Naptime by Angela R. Watts (TMNT FANART) I liked doing this because you can see Raph hurt himself in a play thing (his cheek), and Donnie was playin' 'round, because he has soot on his face, and Mikey is dreaming about his brothers, and Leo isn't asleep and is looking at them.

So I will be drawing more TMNT!! 😀 😀 ♥♥


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