TMNT 2007 Movie; My Heartfelt Commentary

Hello y’all! I hope you’ve been well, and if you’ve been waiting for me to update, then thank you! 🙂 Have a cookie. *hands over a cookie* There there, grasshopper.

Wow, first off, I’m going to reminisce. Holy crap nuggets!!! Its been almost a year since I found Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and since I’ve been in love with them! I was looking back at my blog and I found where in December I talked about the turtles, then made that 2014 movie rant, and I’m just very happy these guys have been in my life! 😀 Plus, I’m glad I looked back at my blog. I didn’t know I talked about Free! (which I haven’t been doing on here! I’ve been so busy on my fandoms on my other sites, not here, so I must update haha) or the 2012 TMNT series. XD But I did! I want to again haha! Plus, I loved my style back then (back then? How old am I, 70?)(lol), I wanna start writing like that again! More of a journal-ish, daily, passionate happy thing! XD
OK! So! I have been wanting to watch the 2007 (or as it seems to be often called on Tumblr, the 2k7, which I think using ‘k’ when referring to like years and stuff is sort of annoying so its 2007, people, stop) TMNT movie for a bit now! 🙂 And it is spelled like that, TMNT, it’s not slang, the movie’s name is literally TMNT, not like the 2014 movie, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’. 🙂 (Friendly fact.)
I love the ninja turtles. Y’all know that, I have done a 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles post before, (which I do wanna update… I may just go update it or do a part 2, not sure yet… Stay tuned! 😉 )… I’ve watched almost all of the 2012-2015 TMNT series, the first 2 90’s movies, a few 2003 episodes (including SAINW omgosh I will do a post for that later), and the 2014 movie- once I found the 2007 movie, I thought ‘hey that looks really cool! I love the animation and style!’ But I never got to watch it because I don’t have Netflix or good Internet. *sigh* But! The TV channel Nick has been doing a Turtle Nation thing, so they’ve been playing reruns of the 2003 Ninja Turtles. And not only the 90’s movies, but, *excited grin* 2007 TMNT! 😀 😀 So I was super pumped and we recorded it.
2007 TMNT is by far one of my favorite Ninja Turtles version. One of my favorite movies. One of my favorite turtles version. I. Loved it. It was amazing. I fell in love with it very quickly. Within flipping minutes, let me tell you.
   The story sort of goes like this; Leo leaves for training in Central America. He was gone for a while (dear me not like the SAINW mess), and it had a great impact on the brothers, and Splinter. I won’t spoil that, haha, cuz it was great. I’ll get to what the events made me feel, they meant a lot to me. How each brother handled it. (This movie portrayed the brothers, to me, one of the best ways I loved it)
 Then, April goes and talks to him. Not long after, Leo returns home from training. His brothers welcome him back- except Raph, who seems to be still hardened and angry at Leo for leaving. Anyway; Splinter tells his sons that no fighting is allowed until they become a team again. So Leo takes them out to patrol the city, so to say. It’s safe to say, and obvious, that the boys have slacked off since Leo’s departure. Farther on, we find that the villain of the story is not just Shredder. ‘Aliens’ or immortal stone statues, are to blame for the damage caused, as well as the one who started to awake them for his and their cause. The turtles must come together once again, and fight for the city and the ones they love.
OK so that’s the spoiler-less sum up ^, he rest of this will contain many spoilers!! So if you want to watch this, please do! Before you read this, the movie is amazing!
~~~~~~~~~SPOILERS AND PASSION AHEAD!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 First off, one of my favorite things (of many) about this movie was actually that the main villain wasn’t Shredder. Shredder had been defeated already in this movie. Don’t get me wrong! I do ‘enjoy’ Shredder, as bad as that sounds. I’m sort of a sucker for enjoying big, bad villains ya know? I don’t think about him a lot, he doesn’t mean much to me… Like, if I had to choose a favorite villain, I do enjoy Moriarty. Mainly cuz he’s just sort of weird and creepy. But Shredder isn’t creepy. He’s smart, but too brawny for me to like, consider him a lot. As bad as it sounds, I don’t even think about him enough to hate him. Which I sort of do. I mean, I shout at him with anger when he hurts the turtles. But so far, he doesn’t have much sympathy from me. Plus, unlike Sherlock’s Moriarty, I enjoy when there are other bads guys in TMNT. Again, I do enjoy Shredder being the Biggest Baddie haha, I like them having a big rival. But I also enjoy seeing them all have other bad guys too. When it comes to Sherlock, I enjoy Moriarty the bad guy the most!
 In this TMNT movie we had other antagonists. Which I found enjoyable because they were a different kind of unpredictable. And had different fighting styles and gave a new path for the story. I wasn’t sure if the statue things were going for a creepy look, but they weren’t creepy-lol, I’ll tell you, some 2003 bad guys have kinda made me like ‘what wait yeah no bye’. XD But they didn’t have to be creepy or scary for them to be bad guys. Which was cool.
 The animation! Don’t get me started! Dude, it… I know we’re in the twenty-first century, and we have 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (dude also the Hobbit:BOTFA), and that the CGI and effects for that Ninja Movies were amazing. But that’s because it was ‘real’, I’m sure there’s a name for having like a real movie but with CGI stuff, but whatever– that movie had good real life turtles. They looked life like, really life like, and that was what the makers were going for (bravo folks, it was nice)… But TMNT 2007 was flipping FANTASTIC AMAZING GREAT AWESOME COOL SUPERB REAL BREATHTAKING EYE CATCHING ENJOYABLE EPIC INTENSE- The animation was in 2007, the first TMNT movie to be done in CGI- it was ‘sorta’, mind you, a step in film making and the Ninja Turtles universe. I seriously can’t get over the animation. It was beautiful. I loved the Turtles’ character designs, the art is one of my favorites.
It was really good, OK, they had the details, and I loved how they let the mood change with the animation. They had the darker, more action, heartaching scenes have a different animation feel, which if you weren’t in the flipping mood before you SURE WERE THEN LET ME TELL YOU.  Plus, I loved how they just had fun with it! You could tell not only the animation, but the movie, they just had fun doing a movie about Ninja Turtles, with those little scenes where they were just being teens and the animation kinda gave a better, fun, on-the-edge-in-a-good-way feel. I also didn’t mind the human designs. I still love the body designs for the ’03, but these were cool too! 🙂 After a while, the ’12-15 series just kinda threw me off? Like, April and Casey in ’12-15 kinda started being kinda icky? Probably just me though.
 The music… I’m not even kidding, seriously, the soundtrack was… Amazing. Not like the biggest or best-I know it wasn’t like the Hobbit or an anime or- there is some other movie I remember loving for the soundtrack, crap I forgot- you get the point anyway haha- it didn’t out do itself. Which I loved too. It wasn’t always going or changing, it didn’t overshadow anything. It came in when it needed to. (I can’t put enough ♥♥♥♥’s right here). In the right scenes to make you want to lie down and hug them all and kinda just cry. At the same time you are PUMPED. So the music was very well done, and added. I loved it. It fitted the mood and movie- one scene, when Mikey’s skateboarding in the sewers like a cool dude, I loved how they did that, and the music choice. 🙂 Ah I loved it. ♥♥
  Do I even need to get into the characters? Like really? XD OK I will anyway! Lol.
Donnie was so great in this movie. You could tell he was based off both the 90’s movies and the 2003 series, and an entire new turtle on his own. I loved him. He was funny and the way he handled Leo’s leaving was neat to me. He upped and took the place, or tried his best, to take care of everyone. He tried to grow up, for his brothers. I think that says a lot about him in this movie. He became even more responsible. Plus he wasn’t really weird, weird, which Donnie ’12-14 can come off as a lot. Ahem. But TMNT Donnie is a favorite Don! 😀
Mikey! Mikey too, was well done. He was silly and fun loving, but it wasn’t fake or overdone at all. He was the teenager totally, I loved the scenes with him in them. Being cute or awesome, he rocked it. 🙂 The way he handled Leo’s leaving was a lot too- he went to entertainment, which may seem silly- OK, OK, it sort of is. I mean, Mikey, you insane little… XD But he reached for something fun. OK so maybe more terrifying it seemed for him but still. XD Mikey was the sweet, adorable, funny little guy and I really enjoyed him. 🙂 (as always duh) 😉 Gotta love the frequent comic reliefs, right?
Leo. We saw some sides of Leo we never really see at all- pretty sharply and strongly done and shown in this movie. Like, the turtles are very teenagey (lol is that a thing, sure it is) in the 2012-15 series. Leo isn’t just a humble, calm, passionate leader. He also has an ego streak, and is prideful too. I hate when people overlook this in Leo, and just find him a huggable perfect guy. I’m not saying he isn’t any of this, he is!, but I am saying also that Leo does have these traits. You see Raph, you probably see a very prideful and ego stricken guy, but Leo has it too. And it isn’t very soft. I know it can be easy to overlook! But it is there, and I do love that. In the TMNT movie, we saw Leo really show all of these. Its shown sometimes in the 2012-15 series, but other than that, it wasn’t really shown as much or as hard in the ’03 series, or the ’14 movie, etc. So I do love TMNT and the ’12-15 series for doing that. 🙂 I think it makes Leo more real, more true. Anyway: So Leo in the movie was a favorite Leo, too. Pretty sassy as well, as usual. 😉 He really does care about his brothers, and the moments we saw it all over his face how much he loves them, it melts me. 🙂
Raphael. I always love Raph, I always love all of them, but this Raph is one of my favorites. He was passionate, strong, and no matter his breakdowns, he pushed through for what was right. He tries to come off tough and rough, but this TMNT let us see the truth, too. That he cares more than he’ll ever tell, feels more than he’ll show. I loved it. I loved seeing these sides to him in this way. Raph was the hothead, as usual, and stubborn, but the brother that mauled it all with everything in his heart.

TMNT, (aka TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES), Michelangelo (voice: Mikey Kelley), 2007. ©Warner Bros.

Casey! Hmmm… XD I loved this Casey! My favorite Casey so far! I loved what he did in this movie, and what he meant. He was also voiced by Chris Evans (!!!) so that is GREAT. 😉 I also loved the relationship between Raph and Casey. Raph and Casey have always had that awesome, comrade brother relationship going- its in the ’12-15 series, but from what Kody informed me (Because I still haven’t watched much 2003 at all, not as much as the 2012-15 series), the 2003 series didn’t really have a big relationship between the two, not like TMNT or the 2012-15 series. And the 2014 movie didn’t even have Casey, (which sucked, because that one dude was there instead. I think they were trying to change it up and not have Casey, and the dumb dude instead, which was a mistake) so… But my favorite Raph and Casey brother version was the TMNT movie. I like them in the 2012-15 series, but it was sort of more in this movie. Casey wasn’t a weirdo, as much as he was in the 2012-15 series- and he wasn’t a teenager. The 2012-15 series is, also, the only Ninja Turtle version where April and Casey are teens. So I mean, while they may not be favorites favorites- they still are teens, not adults. Casey means a lot to Raph, too. They have a really cool friendship going. Even though Casey is an adult and Raph is 15, they truly are great friends. Casey’s words mean a lot to Raph, and what he thinks. (Plus Casey is so chill, he just gets a long with Raph like no big deal. He’s got that best friend/uncle kinda thing going lol its great) Truth is, Casey was the only one Raph opened up to. I love that. It says so much. So Casey meant a lot in this movie, and he means a lot to Raph. (I’ll continue this later haha)

TMNT, (aka TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES), left: Raphael (voice: Nolan North), 2007. ©Warner Bros.

April was actually not bad! We didn’t get much of her though… I mean, I don’t like April a lot in the ’12-15 series, the ’14 movie (the ’14 movie was liked based on her she was everywhere ugh)… I haven’t watched enough of ’03 but so far I like her in it. But in this movie, she didn’t bother me! She was pretty neat, and I liked her enough.

Splinter! Oh my gosh! XD TMNT’s Splinter is my favorite! I loved all the other Splinter’s but this one is MY FAVORITE. He was so great! He wasn’t like so strict or like a side note character, he was real, funny, and a dad, and a sensei at the same time. I loved how they did him. 🙂
 Overall- I can’t get over how well the brothers and everyone were portrayed in this movie. Nothing was fake or forced, it was all true and strong. All on point. Nothing felt forced or fake. It wasn’t like the most hardcore movie in some area, nor was it like Nighttime Programs For Baby, if you get my drift. 😉 It rocked!
Each bro was described and done in such a way I loved it. It wasn’t like an over serious movie at all- it could get silly too, which is something that needs to be kept in EVERY Ninja Turtle version EVER (lets not forget they’re teenagers and that’s really how it goes in real life). But, it wasn’t aimed for kids. Which I loved. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Nick series, but it is more aimed for kids. So I mean, if you’re older, things can get pretty intense and meaningful and stuff. But, its not as bad or angst-y and true as it might could have been… DO NOT GET ME WRONG!! I love the 2012-15 series! It is what got me in love! I’m just saying that I do love it it’s just that I also love the TMNT movie’s style too!
I’m gonna talk about this part too ^. Its not much but an example. Mikey is immediately put off and panics with surprise, but he wasn’t the first to see it though he was alert. Raph was the first to notice it, and he wasn’t directing his attention of Donnie, who was talking, like Leo and Mikey, but had his attention on the fight. Mikey’s reaction made Donnie look over, and quickly realized what was happening, and giving a yell, covered his head too, but recovered quickly. Leo’s attention was on Donnie, but he did calmly see it and give a move.  Here, again, we see Leo very calmly without much thought, get out of the way. We have Raph, who again like I said, was listening to Donnie, but was also intent on the fight. He made note of how far the dude fell /was thrown, which says something about him too. He was noting how strong the big thing was, sizing it up. That’s what he does. He wasn’t thrown off at all, more like he was watching a movie. So, one of many parts that can help sum up each bro, and well done for each!
 Now, since I did individual thingies, let’s go on! 😀
OK so again, the TMNT movie was done after the 2003 series and the 90’s movies. I’d like to point out that from what I’ve seen in 2003’s series, Raph and Leo do have that clash going on. The temper one, the leader- they do clash often in the 2003 series, but… I have yet to find an episode that really makes that clash extremely brutal. No matter what, they are still brothers, that’s the big truth. I can only think of SAINW, when the two started to fight each other. I’m also adding that the 2014 movie didn’t make the clash much bigger either- they kept it even, also like the 2012-2015 series. No matter the anger, situation, or clash- they still fight for each other cuz they’re bros.
 Well, the TMNT movie took a deeper, darker turn. I personally, LOVED, L-O-V-E-D, that. Between Raph and Leo, the movie had my clapping, tears, and overall very emotional heart (it was great).
 So Raph was The Nightwatcher once Leo left. Raph turned to what he knew. What he loved. One thing that kept him going. Fighting crime. Trying to keep that, what he knew so well and loved, alive and strong and going. He clung to it. He got angry at Leo for getting angry at the Nightwatcher because of that, I think. That Leo’s anger toward the Nightwatcher was, to Raph, also directed at him. But Raph also felt that he/Nightwatcher was the only one that did anything. Raph cut himself off from his brothers. I found that kind of sad, but it was sort of Raph like. He let his pride take over his care for a while there. But he was really well done, I loved him in this one, too.
 Except no one knew the Nightwatcher’s true identity- not even Raph’s brothers. Though Mikey watched him on the news and thought he was pretty cool (which is so cute and funny, he didn’t know it was Raph but was pumped up haha). The only one who knew was Casey, and we saw Raph find that out, too. April knew Casey did vigilante stuff, but if she knew about Raph, I doubt it. Well, we got to see Casey address Raph on the topic one night.
In one part of this scene, after Raph goes on about how he doesn’t need Leo and hopes he never comes back, Casey asks Raph ”don’t you think you’re being a little too hard on the guy?” And Raph agrees it might be possible- saying that he would take the chance if he could, but he couldn’t leave the city. Raph has a deep love for home. Its familar, its HIS- his home means so much to him. No matter its flaws, he loves it. That’s one reason, obivously, he fights for it.


Raph loves his brothers too. More than I or he could try to say, which is how it is with siblings. The same scene as above where he and Casey are talking he says something about growing up with a bunch of brothers. I loved it. He loves them all, no matter what he says or does, he still loves them all. He fights for them. Maybe he doesn’t show it a lot to them, but either way, they mean the world to him.

 Raph is really relatable for me.   Raph misses his team, he misses his family. That changed him. As Splinter told Leo: Your absence has been particularly difficult on him [Raph], though he would never admit it”.
Well, when Leo got back, and found out about the Nightwatcher, he got quite angry and jealous. He didn’t like the idea of the Nightwatcher doing what he was doing, and he said so. Raph spoke up, saying that Leo left, and the Nightwatcher was the only guy that picked up the slack.
 Raph really packed a hard punch for me in this movie. I would love to say I don’t know what he’s feeling through the movie, and that I have no relation to his thoughts, etc. But that would be a lie, I guess. Because I do understand him. I’ve felt what he’s felt. I’m not the anger issue kid, though- I don’t really get as temper-mental as Raph. But I still feel him really hard, because I do get angry. And another thing about Raph. He hides his hurt, his sadness, his grief, his loss, his love, his care- behind anger. Most of the time. There are times he just lets it show without hiding it. But for the most part, Raph gets angry and lets that show. He doesn’t let anything really show, but he feels it. God, he does. I know that Raph is not the annoying, always angry jerk and is uncaring. He’s not. I’m not saying Raph doesn’t make mistakes (also! I want to say that is one of my FAVORITE things about the Ninja Turtles. They all have flaws, make mistakes, bad decisions- it really shows that they are still ‘human’, still teenagers. I hate perfect characters), I am saying that Raph is the one who has the biggest heart, he’s ‘loyal to a fault’, as 2007 Splinter put it. Raph is loyal. No matter what happens, or what he does, or what anyone else does he loves, he’s loyal. I love that about him. That he’s so fierce, that he tries not to let things phase him. He has his hot head moments, but in the end, he really does want to do right.
Raph gets hurt and upset, but he also gets angry with that, and thats what shows firstly and strongly it seems.
 One thing, one big thing, I loved about this TMNT movie was that Leo and Raph’s clash went deeper and much more serious, and for me, pretty on the spot.
 Then one night, while the Nightwatcher is out (aka, Raph),
  Leo finds him and Raph runs for it- but Leo gets him. (one moment to love that GIF ah yes, Raph nice)
He [Leo] starts talking about how the Nightwatcher can’t save the city like this, and he needs to stop, etc. He still has no idea that Raph is the Nightwatcher. And Raph listens to him lecture at him, and can’t believe it. Everything hits the fan, the last button is pushed. Raph starts the fight, no matter how Leo, who is fairly cocky right now, tries to assure him he doesn’t want to do this. They fight anyway- and a punch to Raph’s/Nightwatcher’s head, sends his helmet flying. Leo sees he’s been fighting his brother. And… Raph is still angry. And Leo gets angry too. Raph yells at him for leaving, saying how they were better off and didn’t need him. Leo shouts he’s been training and that he is better than Raph.
Also, when Leo first got back, earlier, Leo says also about his leaving to Splinter: ‘I was caught up so much in my own world, I forgot about everyone else.”
Hold the train. Hold it. I’m gonna rant about this too. Leo went for his training in Central America, to become a better leader, he says, for the team, his family. But it’s so much more than that. In the villages, Leo was a hero. And he didn’t have the weight or the arguments or anything from his brothers. It sounds bad, maybe, but its true. Leo loved it, I believe, because he was a hero, a legend, in villagers eyes. His life was different for that time, he enjoyed it. He did admit, to Splinter, that he forgot about everyone else. But when Leo gets home, the love and admiration in his eyes seeing his brothers asleep and well, it makes me so happy. Ahem. Anyway- so Leo did forget about everyone else.
 And back home, we have Raph, who’s pretty torn between wanting to understand and give Leo a chance, to also being done with his brother and not caring. Except, he does care. He just wants not to. He knew why Leo went, training- but Raph is smart and I know he also knew Leo forgot about them, and that Leo loved being the hero. That’s one reason Raph got so angry. For Leo leaving them behind. For him to think that they were just holding him down. And Raph didn’t want to be ‘his little soldier’. Raph is angry, but I believe Raph also needs and wants Leo to be leader anyhow. He truly understands why Leo is leader (he said so), but emotions often overrun most logic anyway.
 To Raph, too, Leo’s leaving changed so much- it took away a lot. The team, as he said, doesn’t exist anymore. That’s one reason why he became the Nightwatcher. To fight crime anyway, to hold on to what he loved.
As for Leo, he knew his fault, he came home and wanted to make things better again, have the team, the family, up again. But he’s also a human being (OK still, mutant turtle human being) and he was angry at Raph too. Angry for him not being OK with why he left. Angry at him for questioning things. Angry at him for blaming him.
 What was said on the rooftop was anger, and not thinking about it, but meaning it too because it was canned. Later, though, and even before, we all know that no matter what, the brothers love each other and no matter, anger, anything- can change that, harsh hardships happen. That’s what I loved about this movie, that part between them- it was relatable. Sort of sucky, but true.
  I know how Raph felt, too. He was angry. He was sick and tired of Leo doing what he was doing. I’m not saying Leo was doing anything really bad- but he did leave. I also understand that he left for training, to be a better leader ‘for you’ [Raph], as he said. So he had a good intention and stuff. But he also got angry at Raph, which was real. He got angry, saying ‘I’m better than you.”
 I think that also set Raph off completely. No, I don’t think- it was obvious.  But I also know that he scares himself. That he does hate his anger. I mean, when he realized what he had done in the fight scene- he was freaking out.
Leo’s leaving did harm Raph, but he got angry at Leo. I get that 100%. The person who love leaves, and no matter the consequences, family is supposed to stick together. I know how Raph felt that it was like Leo had ditched them. I think Raph truly did understand all of it, how Leo was training- but sometimes just because you know, doesn’t mean you stop feeling something. Raph was angry for Leo leaving, and Raph then pulled the ‘we’re better without you. You left. We not only survived but we thrived and we don’t need you. You coming back doesn’t make us need you. Or want you’. But  Raph really did care about Leo when he came back. I mean, it was written all over his face when he walked in on Splinter and Leo when Leo first got home. He hides it all behind one of his strongest emotions anger.
Continuing; Raph loses it. He fights Leo, and Leo fights Raph.
(*screams* because I love these photos, and the animation, and the FIGHT)
After a while, Leo’s katanas break. Raph ‘wins’. Sais to his brother, it takes him a moment to realize what he’s done.
 And one thing. Again, I love the animation and all of it because the expressions are literally just some of the best I love them. We can totally see Raph’s face change completely, and his body changes. Well, Raph runs. He leaved Leo on the building and runs. We see him panting and gasping and its pretty obvious he’s having a meltdown and losing his crap and he’s really broken right there. The fight scene between Leo and Raph, and Raph running, are probably one of my favorite scenes ever. It really meant a lot. It made me quite emotional, too. Because we saw Raph lose it and saw a different side of Leo too- Leo was actually pretty cocky. Raph was pretty cocky too, but Leo is usually portrayed humble and he is- but he’s also a teenage male. But he also regretted it, when Raph ran, he stood and we saw Leo’s face. He didn’t mean it, he regretted it, and he wanted to fix it.
So I loved seeing that side of both of them like that, too. Plus, again, the rain and the mood was totally set and accomplished with pro tensity. I loved those scenes, they were truly heart wrenching and intense, and had me on the edge of my seat. (As always, I wished I knew the Turtles in real life.)
 The fighting for that scene was truly intense, I mean, Leo and Raph like that… I did enjoy it, even though I was upset about it and wanted to hug both of them but also kinda slap them too. (If you don’t know this feeling, I can’t really help you)  But I also know that he scares himself. That he does hate his anger. I mean, when he realized what he had done in the fight scene- he was freaking out.

He was horrified, because of what he’d done. He was scared of his anger. He was disappointed in himself and ashamed, and he knew Leo was his brother and he should have never done that. He knew he was weaker, much weaker than he always acted like. He hated his anger than because he didn’t want to hurt Leo, he was angry, he knew what he did was wrong, he had all of this and more racing in his head- and that’s what began his panic.

 And then right after, Leo got kidnapped by the statues things. And Raph chased after them but lost them and he was panicking. Raph went home a mess. A complete and utter mess. My other favorite scene, by the way. Because his emotions were overflowing and he was pretty mindless. All he knew that he had messed up and he was sorry and Leo was gone. He opened to Splinter.
 Now again, this Splinter is my favorite! Continuing- Splinter talked to Raph, and I have to say, it meant a lot to me. It melted my heart. Not joking. Splinter spoke the truth and I knew it meant a lot to Raph. Because Raph really just wants to be needed. He wants to be loved. He wants to be strong and have his family together. He may not say that at all, but it always hurts him when they’re not together. I. Completely. Understand, and feel, him. But he needed Splinter’s words. They meant something, and that was great.
After that, they all- Raph, Donnie, Mikey, Splinter, Casey, and April- went to get Leo and to stop the bad guys. And actually, Karai and the Foot turned to good too. They helped fight the bad guys. They freed Leo. I thought the turn for Karai was pretty neat. She wasn’t really a villain in this movie, sort of a foot note character (lol look a pun yay me) for the main bad guy. But even being more of a second hand character was good- I LOVE the idea of Karai really turning good like that. Hints of it come for the 2012-2014 series… I hope they do!
 They won, of course. The immortals were sent back, and Mr. Winters sorta evaporated… yeah he was immortal but, turned mortal, etc, he died. But the monsters lost. I LOVED seeing them all fight! With Splinter, Case, and April too, it was amazing! I always love watching the Ninja bros fight though. And it meant even more, seeing them as a team again. ♥♥
 I thought that the twist with Leo leaving like that, the impact it had, and the events that followed his return home were really great. I loved that. Maybe it’s because that at this point in my life, I related to it all, and it felt… Well… I mean… I don’t know, I just enjoyed seeing the twist with the Ninja bros. I related to it all, and I usually do relate to them all, but this time was really intense because of the movie’s style.
Another thing I loved in this movie was that both Casey and Raph were dealing with problems and life- and they talked (except when Raph fell asleep, haha true friendship). They opened up to each other. I loved that. That Raph did turn to someone. I thought that was pretty neat. He and Raph kept that bro thing going- no matter what. And plus, a scene I really loved (and hated at the same time, you understand) was when the statue things shot that dart at Casey. Except, without hesitation, without much thought, Raph just turned and put himself over Casey. He got hit by the dart instead. Which sucked but I also actually, this sounds bad right, liked that too. I mean I don’t love seeing Raph like that, but I did like seeing everyone’s reaction. I mean, Raph, the big tough guy, going down like that was like; Yes sir you did that for a friend and you actually can fall’. (I gotta go write more fanfics with Raph I’m tellin’ ya)(I will I am so many TMNT mental stories and oh) But I love those two, its a really cool relationship they have. 🙂
 Some more things I LOVED are;
 When Mikey brought his big face mask thingie he used for birthday parties to where Ralph was putting the Nightwatcher’s helmet up on Splinter’s wall. And what made me smile and set my heart up was Raph’s face to Mikey. Oh goodness.
 Also that Foot guy that stayed with Karai toward the ending was awesome I loved him.
And when Mikey went; “Looks more like Falls. Get it?” And Donnie is just ”Mikey, remember our talk.” I died laughing, what talk D?! XD
AND THE SCENE WHERE RAPH WRESTLES/GETS BEATEN UP WITH THAT SMALL RED DEMON MONSTER THINGIE CALLED JERSEY DEVIL GETS ME EVERY TIME I LAUGH SO HARD EACH TIME I SCREAMED LAUGHING. He, RAPH, THE WARRIOR, BIG BUFF WHATEVER- gets his butt KICKED by a small red thingie which he cooed to at first and pretended was a puppy it was SO GREAT. RAPH IS GREAT. (dont tell him I said that) It is one of my favorite parts! I loved it. XD Raph cooing at it then realizes his mistake and it was just funny. XD
And let me add, Raph had a motorcycle. A motorcycle.  So, like, uhm. Uh. Eh. Er. Aha. HOW. IS. THAT. NOT. COOL. AND, REALLY SORT OF AT- nevermind IT WAS REALLY COOL FOR RAPH OK TOTALLY AN AWESOME CANON. 😀 ♥ SUPER COOL. 🙂
 The movie drew me right in. The story was different from what I’ve seen, was real, breathtaking- and I loved every minute, basically. The movie re-fired my deep passion for the ninja turtles. I seriously love these guys.
I want to draw some more TMNT fanart! 😀 Maybe I’ll work on the 2007 design styles for the bros! 😀 And I’ll do some fanfics for sure lol. 😉 I also wanna work on some more ’12 art too. *sigh*
 I love this movie very, very much. I’m probably forgetting stuff in this. So if in a while or year or whatever, I come back, and do another TMNT 2007 movie from-heart-and-head-to-on-paper-words, that’s cool too! 🙂 I wanna do a another ‘rant’ for the ‘145 movie too actually. 🙂
 Well, that’s some for now, I love the Ninja Turtles!
God bless.

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