Another Change Of Direction

Hello y’all! I am SO happy still that autumn is here! I can feel and smell it in the air. I’m already thinking of Christmas, because of course, not only can I, but I want to. 😉 Ooh, gingerbread cookies, a tree that fills the house with that smell of winter, the leaves outside; well, I should leave the rest for when the trees bare themselves. 😉 But to say, fall always puts me into a mood of new. Of new beginnings, of freshness, of a new world- a new me. Perhaps more than even Spring does!

  So, today was good! School is good so far! I’m enjoying the work. I’m taking Bible, which is a course from Apologia. Our science is from them too, and they’ve got it done cool; I’m usually not one for science experiments, but they include everything needed, so that’s cool! My Bible is ”I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist”. And it is pretty interesting so far. It has me think about things, some things I either have thought of before, but not in the mindset or as detailed as they are now wanting me to.
 To be honest… I do not feel like I need to back up every piece of faith I have in the LORD. Nor do I have the feeling of needing to defend my faith and love with some proof or something. I don’t care what others think because I know for myself. Well, this apologetic book is teaching me that I need to be able to defend my faith, and the Bible- mostly, to prove the Bible correct and answer many questions. I look forward to it! Because while I know that I will not always have the answers, that no everyone will want to go to Christ, and I also know that I am not a person, when it comes to God, to want a bunch of logical questions.
 This book has already changed that. Again, I hold fast to my faith, and blindly, even if it looks silly to someone. But I know for a fact, and personally, that God is Creator of all things. His Word will always line up with science. God is the Maker, and He has made science to His utter perfection. So while I cling fast to the LORD, with a faith of being well and at peace with the fact that I will often have to walk by faith. I won’t have all of the answers, and I shouldn’t doubt Him just because I am human. We are all humans, so of course none of us have all the answers. This is a fact I actually hold dear, I can’t explain the love I have for Him, even when I like knowing, I am fine right now with not knowing something as long as I am with Him.
 This book is already making me dig into their questions. In a good way. I want this book, and the authors do as well, to build my relationship with God, and my understanding as well. I’m pretty interested in how they’re going to answer the questions, etc.
 I talked to Mama, and she agreed to let me not only do the work and reading given for IDHEF, but I am interested in answered the questions on here, my blog, as well. I thought it would be good and fun to do; to maybe dig farther, get more detailed/personal, add more, answer the questions, discuss what I learn/feel/got, etc. So I will be trying to do some of that, I do want to, and though it might take a while for each set of chosen Q’s I do… Anyway, so that’s one project I have for myself. 😉
 With Tory, Rey, and Rog living here, so far the past few days have pretty great! 🙂 Like I mentioned earlier, Tory is a Beachbody coach, and once more, today, we did the Cize workout together! Man, Kody can get into it! XD 😉 Mama and I also tried one of the shakes, from Shakeology, and it was pretty good! And VERY healthy. Until I get more learned up and find out more, Tory’s Facebook is;  
If you wanna check her out, that’d be fantastic! Her blog is also here;  !
 I do plan on getting more into what she’s got going on. Mama is gonna order our package and stuff. The shakes are yum so no problem there haha! The Cize workout is pretty fun too; my asthma makes it difficult a lot, though. It seems that even with dumb stuff, say, I run or push the four-wheeler really fast- my asthma works up. It sucks, but I mean, I deal with it. Mama says that the exercise will help my lungs, even if it feels like it doesn’t at first. So I pray that helps. I also love weight lifting- so hopefully we can get the package with that. 🙂
 One thing that keeps me sorta down with the Cize is that… It more of a dance thing. And more periodly- I am not a graceful person. You see those women who just move like dancers, have a fairy princess thing going, moves are fluid- I don’t have that. Nor will I; I’m not built like that. And that’s OK, I know God didn’t make mistakes with me. Its just, when doing Cize, I feel huge.
 I know, I shouldn’t be focused on that, I do know I should be focused on being healthy- not how I look like. And I really want to do that. I’m tired of feeling like a giant- so I have to stop caring if I’m not a fairy when working out. Mama told me to embrace that about myself- and by God, He knew what He was doing when He made me, and I will be danged if I let such a silly thing make me lose all self confidence. So I’m going to embrace my body- and keep trying to be healthy. It seems all my steps are babies, and for each good step, I take two backwards. But it will add up, and I will add more steps.
 Because isn’t that how life is? You take a step forward, whether you think its a feat or not- and you seem to have these other steps that take you back to the Start line? And you promise you’ll ‘do it later’, you’ll ‘start later’. Just this once, we say, and then, we do it ‘once’ more because surely this once couldn’t make a difference, right?
 Well, it does. You have to start sometime- putting it off it only harming you, and maybe others. I know it can be hard, but I also know I have to pull through. Stop saying ‘try’ and say ‘do’.
  I have a lot to do, and things to change- but I also am ready! 🙂 I am determined to meet challenges with open arms, be the best I can be, change my attitude, and think! And enjoy things! 😀 God has blessed me, so I want to be a better person and stop waiting! He has given me everything I need!
God bless!
P.S. I have lots of writing I wanna do; and a post about Donald Trump is something I wanna do! I love him!! His politics are great and Ramos (who is just Bullcrap) was being a complete jerk, interrupting. A right? Is he serious? YOU GO TRUMP!!! I laugh when people say he’s ‘harsh’ or ‘bad for America’; He’s one of my favorite inspirations, and I pray God’s will is done! Mr. Trump is really great, and I think he is very good- he’s REAL. But at this point I should probably make a separate writing!

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