There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered

Yes, I *may* be listening to Panic! At The Disco again. 😉 Pssh…

As I mentioned earlier, my family and I had plans to go to the anime con this December, but after the man who was going to shoot up some other con, we started thinking differently. With this con being a gun free zone, it made a bigger problem. Dad and us are very big on guns- its something we stand for very steadfastly. If something were to happen at the con, it would be bad. So after talking to Mama about how that had thrown me off right away, we decided that we’re probably going to wait until next year.

  I’m sort of disappointed, of course. I was looking forward to meeting some of my favorite voice actors (SOUSUKE’S AND MAKOTO’S), and Eyeshine was going to be there, and just be surrounded by that air and the experience… I love the idea. But I also know I don’t think I could have enjoyed it as much. I know, and Mama and Dad of course, that you cannot live in fear. But since we all had a catch in our spirits, we have hopes that maybe next year, things will be different. I definitely pray!
  I pray things get better so one day I can do a con. It would be so fun! But since we’re not going, I don’t want to wallow in it. I’m not sure if I’m still gonna get the Samezuka jacket/pants. I may just go ahead but I have never ordered that kinda of stuff offline before! XD Besides, I haven’t saved enough to do a lot if we did go to the con, and with life being how it is, the con would probably be a big stress rather than a fun thing right now. *sigh* I really pray life gets a bit easier!
 So lol, I’m already making plans with what money I do have! XD Dearie me… I shouldn’t probably, with Christmas and my birthday in October coming up, I should give everyone ideas. But I really don’t have a huge list. Or, to be specific haha, I haven’t sat down and put ideas together. XD XD All I want at the top of my head is; both Free! seasons (S1 is only in sub yay! And S2 came out dubbed. God loves me), Karneval (it only has 1 season), some Karneval manga (our BAM! has it for like $20 a vol. I’m just like yeahhhh maybe get that offline? XD), anything Studio Ghibli, Innocent Venus (again only 1 Season), KARNEVAL PLUSHIES (I really want to hug a Yogi plushie bt have NO IDEA if there is one?!), and… If possible any GITS season. XD XD I should make a list and help my family out. 😉 I’d love more Three Days Grace, uhhhh… Never enough music! XD
LOL! XD Anyway! Oh! I learned how to use chopsticks! 😀 (Yay me!) Not too effectively but I did finish my Japanese rice like that last night. 😉 They’re pretty fun!
  I want Karneval’s manga real bad. The anime left me with so many questions, and while I LOVE things that leave you with questions, because as Linda Sue Park says, that lets you finish the story yourself and as I say, it doesn’t end ever anyway. But Karneval is driving me mad. XD So maybe the manga will help. I already started 1 and 2 in the BAM, and I am in love with it! I really don’t read manga at all- so far the reasons are; A) my anime doesn’t have one. B) I am too busy finding anime to watch I can’t look into manga cuz I don’t have the resources. C) I just don’t enjoy the style. But Karneval is amazing! The manga is gorges, just like the anime! I’m in love with the design, and it makes me laugh and get really emotional too! (dear random nerds in the Books A Million- thanks for not staring at me when I was near tears. A bunch of thanks.) I really want to get as much Karneval volumes as I can haha! (Sadly BAM only carries the first two. -_-)
And if I had anime! AHHHHH!!! It takes me so long to finish my anime (granted, save Innocent Venus and Karneval…), is because my Internet! It is limited and slow. So I can’t watch anime in the daytime, I have to wake up early and watch it. Which let me tell you is SO not the same! I don’t like waking up early and watching anime because I’d rather it be day time or night time and me curl up on the couch and eat snacks and big screen. XD Or maybe not, rather, me curl up in my room on the floor under my bed and tea and stuff and just 😀 😀 :D. XD So yes; it takes me a while to watch my entire list, which is long, and I have barely finished/started any. XD Free! is different, I’m half way through S2 and it has taken me a long while to get this far. Between early morning speractically through the past year+, at this point, while I REALLY WANT TO WATCH IT AND SEE EVERYONE AND I LOVE THIS SHOW, I also don’t want to finish it. Get me? The good news is that while Free! doesn’t have another season, we are getting a MOVIE!!! (!!!!!!!) AHH!!! I am very excited! I am so looking forward to it! 🙂 Its called “Free! Starting Days High Speed” The title itself kinda throws you into the truth of it. Anyway, I really love the movie already aha! I’d just love to watch or rewatch anime without Internet, in the day or night, anytime I want. *dreamy smile* 🙂
  I have so much anime I wanna watch haha! I’m not sure whether to start the shorter anime first, or just choose one long anime too and watch it too. I really wanna watch Psycho Pass, so since I barely started episode 1 of KNB a long while back, I’ll probably ditch KNB and move to PP first. While HOPEFULLY starting other anime too! 😀 Crazy right? 😉
Anywho! XD
Life has been pretty stressful lately. I hate being pessimistic about it though so I’m determined to be strong and happy anyway and keep PRAYING! My family will pull through, none of this is things we haven’t encountered before. God knows what He’s doing! I pray things get better, its been really rough on each of us.
I watched the new episode of TMNT (’12-15)! ‘The Creeping Doom’, was so funny! Donnie going loco was much funnier than it should have been. Everyone’s reactions to it was amazing too! XD I loved how they let D and Mikey save everything in the end though, though didn’t like Raph and Leo losing consciousness. :/ But it was great! I think that Nick is saving themselves in the past few episodes, to me April isn’t as annoying. I hope they keep it well in the next season. I didn’t want Mona Lisa but I do hope the do well!
  Well, God bless! 🙂



7 thoughts on “There’s A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered

  1. My birthdays getting nearer too! I also don’t have a huge list. Literally all that’s on it is an electric tea kettle and Omoide ne Marnie. XD I remember learning to use chopsticks- that was quite a day. 😛 I’ll pray for you; I hope you and your family will get past the storm and see a rainbow soon. : )


    • Lol! Mama wants me to get some ideas together written down, plus I’m supposed to get some from everyone else! XD As crazy as Christmas is with a big family, I adore it! 😀 Lol I know! I really want like 5 Studio Ghibli movies, they’re so great! 😉
      Goodness yes lol, Kody was into it first and I was like ‘What are you doing?’ but finally he was like ‘the Chinese are dumb’ and I tried it too. 😉 (My Dad died laughing when Kody said that!)
      Thank you very much Brandi. I really appreciate it, and I know that while its slow; we will. 🙂


      • Oh yeah, Christmas is so much better when you have lots of people! The past few years Christmas has been getting smaller here, but oh well, life happens. I love Studio Ghibli so much! I watched my first one probably 10 years ago (gosh, that sounds weird), and I’ve loved them ever since. When I learned to use chopsticks I was determined, because the owner of a Chinese restaurant that we went to asked me every.single.time if I wanted chopsticks, so yeah. I don’t know why, but a lot of older Asian people seem to like me. XD


      • Yes! 🙂 Yeah, I’m not sure if Christmas will be big this year. :/
        Lol! XD I watched my first one due to my sister’s friend and he is the source of all the one’s I’ve watched, other than Arrietty, which is the only one I have bought yet.
        I know! Same here, it seems every Chinese or Japanese restaurant we go to, the waiters are always SUPER nice, and to me a lot. 🙂 Like there are nice waiters, and then those who do sweet things and offer stuff. 🙂
        I like nice people period but the add on of Asians seeming to like me too is also very great. XD


      • Ah, I don’t have Arrietty! But When Marnie was There is on first on my list- I neeed ittt, Lol. My first one was The Cat Returns. And yeah, my mom says it’s because I look part Asian. ._. I guess I sort of am, though, haha. Although sometimes I wish I had gotten my mom’s green eyes.


      • Arrietty is one of my favorites! My favorite is Spirited Away though, but I don’t have it. YET! 😀 Lol if you get Marnie, tell me how it is please! I wanted to watch it. 🙂 I haven’t watched The Cat Returns though!
        Haha! I don’t look Asian at all, but either way, it is lovely! 😉
        How come you wish that? 🙂 I think eyes are super cool, and God is thee BEST Artist and Creator! 🙂


    • Ah, I like Spirited Away too, but the Cat Returns and Whisper of the Heart will always be my two favorites. : ) Sure! I’m really excited to watch it. XD And The Cat Returns is a must! I think it’s actually the story that Shizuku wrote in Whisper of the Heart, if you’ve watched that one.
      I just sometimes wish I had eyes that were ‘conventionally’ attractive, and I looked more like my mom’s side. 😛 You’re right, though- God does know what He’s doing.


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