From A Certain Pit

Hello y’all! How are you doin’? I’ve been doing a little better.

Yesterday was fun! 🙂 Dad, Mama, Kody, and I went to the city! We got Sonic for breakfast haha, and then we went to Books A Million! I’ve been looking forward to getting a Karneval manga, and we went and got vol. 1!!! I am so happy! I am more than half way through it now lol! And I LOVE it! I love the anime and the manga is amazing! The art is fantastic and easy to follow, and it makes me laugh and I am SO interested rather than with some manga, not interested at all. I love this manga. I really don’t read manga, like I said, but this one is SO a favorite! XD I am already planning (of course) to get the rest! 😉 Karneval has like dragged me into every part of it and I am not trying to leave! 😉 (I’ll post pics later!)

Then we went to the next door Electronic place. It was so cool! Smelled like… I don’t know what it smelled like but it smelt cool. XD Just that; cool. Anyway, there were HUGE TV’s, laptops (not as many laptops as I expected though), speakers, stereos, and other stuff! 🙂

Then we went to an antique shop! It was a big one, and to my surprise and pleasure, I found all 3 LOTR movies!! AHHH!!! 😀 Now all I have to get is the last Hobbit movie and I will have all of them! 🙂 And all of the books! (though I haven’t read the books yet). I also got the first book, ‘Chosen’, to Ted Dekker’s series the Lost History Books in the antique shop! Yay!

Then we went to Goodwill! I got a cute dress! And Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis! (Will post pics eventually) 😀 Then we went to Taco Bell and Mama and Dad got Popeyes. 😉

We went to Walmart then. 🙂 We shopped some for Ashton and Ember, and other stuff. I got a Three Days Grace album! ‘Human’, its called, and I love it! 🙂 I’m listening to ‘Fallen Angel’ on repeat.

So it went pretty good! 🙂 We’re doing a little better, everyone. I’ll keep praying

I’ll post pics soon! 🙂  God bless!



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