…And Then Some!

OK SO! 🙂 Hi!

I finished my Yogi and rabbit drawing! Here are some pictures!






I introduce my masterpiece, YOGI AND HITSUJI! 😀 ♥♥♥ I love this so much! I’m proud of how came out! 😀 Hardwork pays off y’all!

I also worked on shading on this one, and I really enjoyed it, all of it. 😀 xD



I have long since past finishing the manga, like, the day after we got it or so, ;), but Score 9’s art was this, so I wanted to draw it! 😀 It wasn’t colored, I did that myself, but the manga is AMAZING. 🙂 I plan on drawing farther things from vol. 1!

So… 🙂 I’ve been doing good. Not much other than chores, school, and reading… And chores… XD Psshhftt…. Not much to report so…. *slides out of room* Laterz!

God bless.



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