The Moon

The moon reflects the sun. The light is bright, and white, and it lights the nighttime sky. Does the sun ever leave our faces? If that’s the sun’s light, then why does it have such a different meaning and feel to it?

The sun burns bright and powerful and big. It stands strong and radiates heat and fire. It shouts to always burn bright and always help others while you radiate the steadfast fires.

It also radiates kindness. And goodwill. It keeps things together and in order in a Mama kind of way. It helps things grow. It shines down with warmth and brings the days.

So when that leaves the sky at night, that bright, burning love, could its simple reflected light mean more?

Yes. Definitely.

The moon is not as big. It does not shine by itself. It does not have its own burning, yellow, red, orange colors- no. It is lumpy with holes, it is just plain and gray without the sun’s light.

But when the sun shines its Light on the moon, it becomes something amazing.

It blurs white. In the big, wide, black and dark blue night sky. It blurs the colors. It stands in a soft, spectacular sky with the twinkling stars and the constellations and those stories the stars tell, the moon is telling its own story, too.

The moon is amazing to me. It lights the darkness. But it does not light it alone. It needs the sun to help it shine, to have a purpose.

The moon has such a hymn to it. I see it and feel soft and white and gentle, like the moon is whispering its powerful story, but it doesn’t need a daytime audience. The people that look up for whatever occasion at night, such a rare occasion- the moon looks down on them and smiles to itself.

The moon is so BOLD.Β So beautiful and yet it is so simple. It nestles in the sky and lights things up and hums its own soft lullaby and war songs. Way up there, with the sun shedding light on it, the moon sends messages.

The sun has a bright, powerful, caring war song to it. The moon has a silent, personal touch to it. Its song and words and story and message… Blurring against the darkness, the whiteness and holes and feelings pouring from the moon to me. It shines in my eyes and heart. It cuts off everything else to where it is just the moon and I and Yahweh.

Outer space is so large, so vast, so big and overcoming and it is held far above our heads, it is not flat above us- but filling our vision into the horizon and the stars fill my soul and heart and the moon reaches down and brings me higher than earth. I am in its grasp, psychically my feet are on the solid ground, but I’m with the moon and stars and the much bigger universe.

I can feel so much more.

Isn’t that what space is in a way? Sure, it is not blessed by the Creator like Earth. But it reminds us that there is so much out there we don’t know about. So much, and we are so tiny underneath the nighttime and daytime sky.

The nighttime sky, and the moon, and the stars, and the clouds against the pitch black and blue sky, I just feel like I’m at peace, like I could stay under them forever. Like the moon isn’t just some object, so to speak, hanging in orbit, merely being a light with no other meaning or purpose.

The moon is amazingly beautiful and breathtaking. It makes me feel like I’m dipping myself into something so known, and yet so unknown. Everything opens inside and I am in awe of this that is overhead of me everyday.

The moon makes me feel at home. Safe. Strong and kind and sweet and gentle and small and meek and true and pure and good and happy and giddy and somber and awestruck and open and raw and high and makes me want to reach out but for now, the view from where I am, is the best view.

Last night, I got some pictures of the ending of the eclipse. It was a super moon eclipse; like with the sun, moon, and earth… XD I think its called. πŸ™‚ Tory kept up with the sciencey stuff and names lol! πŸ˜‰ Β We missed the real thing, but Tory got us up to see it. πŸ™‚ We had gone to bed after a hard work day and S’mores around a fire at night, and Tory woke us up and Mama, Roger, Tory, and I watched the small sliver of the bursting white and red ringed moon, turn into a half moon, and the clouds were silver against the dark night sky. Thousands of stars illuminated the sky as well, plastering where the clouds were not. And the clouds were in front of the moon, but the moon shone through and the colors cascaded around the powerful moon.

We must have been some sight. XD Me in my old Granny night gown, Mama in her PJ’s, Roger in his shorts, and a PJed pregnant Tory- us three taking pictures and Mama laughing as Kody went back inside (he was still asleep lol).





But we’ve all been doing good. πŸ™‚ REALLY busy and at work. πŸ™‚

God bless!


3 thoughts on “The Moon

  1. I love how you explained that the moon does not give it’s own light, but the sun lights it up. I kept expecting you to compare the moon to us frail humans who are made so much more by the brightness of our Lord Jesus, and the sun to God. Love this!

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