Mona Lisa 2012; My Thoughts ‘n Stuff!

 Hey y’all! Welp, I put out a quick little version of this (vvv) on my Tumblr, but I did more and added etc on the below, and decided to put it here! 😀 
So, I’ve seen a LOT of fans saying their takes and excitement over Mona Lisa- even before she was announced to be on TMNT 2012-15. Then, and still, everyone was yelling all about the show needing more females. Personally, I hated this, and thought it was ridiculous (and sucky OK) because just more feminism. I still think, but before I was kinda hoping Mona wouldn’t be brought on the show. Because I really love the show and I don’t like a hulla gang of just girls, but also enjoy girl characters- but still, get my drift? I don’t hate shows/movies just because they have a girl or two. I don’t get into the stupid feminist ideas. I love my guy characters. 😉 But I also love my girl ones, too!
 Then Renet came, and I wasn’t too worried, since I didn’t know much about her anyways; I didn’t think much. She came on, and it wasn’t even for more than 3 episodes, and it calmed fans down. And she was fine, I guess. Not my most favorite, but again we didn’t get her much, she could have been even better if we got more. One thing that drove me crazy was that I mean, for someone who watches time traveling stuff; like Doctor Who; for Renet to just spill that the turtles become famous and stuff?! That was CRAZY! I think that was a huge mistake because the Doctor knows that you can’t (and now I’ll quote River) ‘spoil’ the future. So, I think that was foolish, but they might’ve been going for her to be that way on purpose. 
 Now, Mona is getting planned and added onto the show! 🙂 Now, my thing is… Yes, I know Mona Lisa was in the ‘80′s version, and she had the cutesy thing going on with Raph (or maybe more or less, I haven’t seen the 80’s) but… OK; I used to ship Apriltello. Now, I don’t ship really ship on the show. 
 Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE KIDS. SERIOUSLY. They’re 15. Raph, Leo, Mikey, Donnie, Casey, April- I don’t know about Mona (but even her age doesn’t matter cuz the rest are kids so yeah… No.) but they’re kids. Dating and stuff, personally to me, shouldn’t just happen at 15… Now, I know that this is when girls and boys start wanting to do that and stuff, MAYBE, you know, the cute stuff etc whatever. (God help us…) It doesn’t mean anything, its stupid, uncalled for, and foolish. So the turtles are too young right now for a bunch of crushes and stuff.

  I’m set in not wanting any real shipping done on the show.  I just don’t want that. Now, cutesy shipping is like whatever. If its just nothing, I’m fine with it.  Like, I’ll joke around with Casey flirting with April. But I don’t want canon ships. Now, whatever the fans choose to do; seriously whatever. They’ll do what they’re gonna do no matter what. Its like that for every fandom.  So I don’t care what the fans make things out to be. 

  I know Mona was a love crush (or more serious? Less? I don’t know deep details) before, but I mean, Raph is still 15, and so are his bros. Like with Mikey and Renet- there wasn’t anything there, it was just a crush. Which was cute and stuff. XD But I mean, that was OK I guess, but I am glad it was a blip and not so real…  My main big thing is; they are kids. Yeah crushes are normal, but 15 for a boy… I kinda want the show to just not go over into a FULL OVER DRIVE of ships and crushes. XD 

 Now! XD I also am aware that Nick and everyone is a super, 100% percent jokester and liar. Like, remember that time we got a promo picture of Karai kissing Casey? We all freaked out and crap, we thought one thing (those two were lovers) and got another (Karai was poisoning Case). XD  I also know that Nick does whatever they want haha, which is amazing by the way. So whether Mona Lisa becomes a major character, or/and major love for Raph, is in the air. I know this. Nick might have a crush thing going on between Raph and Mona, but I don’t really want that… Again, Mona may be major, or she could be a quick fix or something.
From what I’ve been seeing, Mona looks super cool. The cast said she would have a relationship with Raph, and from pics, it seems she actually has a anger thing going on with the guys. Again, before I shout ‘YAY SHE ACTUALLY DOESN’T LOVE ANYONE LIKE IN A LOVE LOVE WAY’ I know that A) Mona can change here mind, if so to say, she actually doesn’t like the turtles right now, she could change to 1) I love Raph (ugh are you kidding) or 2) I’m going to fight with them as  friend (yay honey!). Or B) Mona could already like them [the turtles] and just be putting on a font. Again, we barely know anything about Mona and her motives, etc. She looks super cool; I’d love if she wasn’t a bad guy! XD Being said, if she was good actually, and not a love interest, and was nicish, and cool- YEAHHHH BABY. XD 
  Again she could just hate their guts? XD Nick hasn’t given us much so we don’t have a lot! But I am sorta open for what they’re gonna do, they have such crazy minds! 😉 ♥

I am pretty excited though! I am! I really wanna see what they do with her! Her design is a bit weird, but I have noticed that the animation in this show is doing what every cartoon series I’ve seen does; the newer the seasons grow, the animation becomes amazing! TMNT is delivering!!! I see that the art is becoming so amazing, by the latest season finale, I was screaming from the different beauty. 🙂 You can totally see how sweet its getting! But Mona seems a bit weird; by looks. But she is growing on me. I am pumped to see her in action and voice, and character! XD

 I’m really not the person who easily (or often?) loves girl characters. But I wanna enjoy Mona so bad! I pray she doesn’t become a big crush… I am not sure yet. But if they do, I pray its cute and stuff but wears off. And again, she could be in for a short time. But maybe not! She could, and probably is, super needed right now… XD I mean the earth is gone. I don’t think this has happened before, save the time earth and the other turtle universes got erased in that 2009 one, with the 03×87′s turtles. But even Splinter wasn’t gone then!! GEEZ I miss Splinter again. But like my bro and I are like; he’s fine. He’s good. He’s not dead.’ (goodness) 

 But anyway; all in all, I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR SEASON 4!!!!!!! *jumpin up and down and grinning dont get me started) I can’t wait and am hopeful for Mona! I’m not hating, don’t be silly, I just have a different feeling than the RaphxMona shippers. I have no idea what Nick will do with her and everyone. But I am pumped and happy! Like, but not happy, very angry, very sad, very worried. Thanks, Annihilation; Earth!  As for the finale episode, I cannot begin to tell you!!! But I probably will. Later. Anyway… XD
Stay lean, *mean**, and green, shellheads!
 God bless. 

*eat your veggies. Take out the trash. Hug your family.  Be the good mean


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