TMNT Fanfiction Requests

Come on y’all! 😀 This is still open, please come have fun with me, don’t worry I just want to give y’all the option to give me some suggestions. 😀 I’m pumped.

The Peculiar Messenger

Hello y’all! So, I have already published my latest TMNT ’12 fanfic, Water And Stone, and I’ve been thinking…

I want to do some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fanfic requests! 😀 I shall take 3 (three separate) requests. 🙂 1 per person (if you want 2, we can talk about it, I suppose. 😉 ), and this doesn’t have an end date.

Basically, I have tons of stuff I should and want to write, but I also wanted to do another branch and have some more fun! 🙂 I have never (as I remember) done this before. 🙂 I do warn y’all, my life is extremely crazy and awesome right now, haha, so I don’t have an exact due date to have any of your requests finished.

So, I guess here are some basic guide lines;

  •  I can do different versions of the turtles; 2003 series, 2007 movie, 2012…

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