From A Different Set Of Eyes

Hello y’all! ๐Ÿ™‚ It has been quite a time since I last posted anything, haha, I’d say sorry but… I do love it when life happens and I don’t have time (etc) to write here! ๐Ÿ™‚

Unfortunately, that hasn’t really been the case. I mean, sure, I wouldn’t have written anything anyway, but I have had quite some happenings for the past week…

It basically started Monday. I felt OK, but as the morning left, I had a sore throat, my body ached, and yeah… I was sick. Being sick is bad enough, but when everyone in the house was FINALLY feeling better and healthy, it super sucked to feel bad again. Well, I got a fever but after a nap, it was gone. Grateful, I went to sleep that night.

Long story shorter, the day after Monday, I started getting these red little spots on my hands. It got worse, and everyone was trying to figure out what it was. At first, Ma thought they were stress bumps from my ‘cold’, but I got more and more.

We then decided it was poison oak. Not gonna get into details about everything, but let me just say… They hurt. Like really, really, super bad. I got the rash on my hands and feet… It was miserable. Not only did it hurt- but it itched, too. And itching felt good except it was also painful overall. It was awful.

We got medicine and spray and lotion and cream- nothing helped. Maybe for literally 10 seconds, but it hurt to put anything on. Not because the medicine hurt, but the rubbing. Well, last night Ma was still worried so she did some more research. While I was covered in pink lotion on the couch trying not to cry.

Turns out, I actually have a rough case of a virus- hands, feet, and mouth disease. All the symptoms match up- the mild fever and then the postponed rash/bumps.

The bad part is that there isn’t anything that helps. I was wanting to go to the doctor in the whim on my Benadrayl ย taking its weepy course, thinking maybe there was something by mouth they could give. Luckily that ran off and yeah, there isn’t anything to help really.

And it really, really hurt. XD I couldn’t use my hands much at all (man I could barely hold a crayon or fork), and I could barely walk.

But today! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a little bit better! Its my third day and its supposed to be gone between day 3-7… I’m praying I get well and no one else gets it this bad!ย I say this bad because Kody and Tory have a few bumps, but luckily it wasn’t extreme for them.

It still itches, but it hasn’t (so far… gotta be careful paranoid lol) gotten worse… I can walk a bit better- though its probably a sight to see someone hobbling on the front part of their feet. XD And my hands aren’t as bad either. I’m typing, aren’t I? XD

Every time I get sick, though, I just don’t enjoy anything really. I think of something I love… Nothing has meaning. Its all meaningless. It matters naught. ย That’s my mind. XD But now that’s gone. XD

So yes… The virus is really contagious, so please pray for us! We have lots to do, I’d hate to for all of us to get sick, again!

It hasn’t been lots of fun to be plopped up on the couch while everyone’s doing stuff (and also, when Ma is doing chores I SHOULD BE HELPING WITH)… I miss the horses, too! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (I guess yesterday Ma went to see Baby but Baby was in a mood and yes Ma ended up running her by herself in the field… With Dad videoing her. XD HAHA that’s bad.)

Its been rough, but I kept telling myself it could be worse. I mean, it sucks having it on two extremely counted on body parts to function- anything would suck though. So, I’m SUPER grateful for God to have me feeling better. I miss moving and feeding my chickens and horses. XD

But… Now, of course God doesn’t make people sick, He didn’t make me sick- but the Lord has His ways, nonetheless.

Eager to go outside, because it is so pretty here! Fall is coming! I look out the window and see the trees and leaves, all the colors… Its amazing! ๐Ÿ˜€ The Creator is the Highest Artist!

Continuing; eager to go outside, I went in the car with Dad and Kody to see Papa, who was bush hogging some of our property for a field. While they were a ways off and talking, I sat in the car. And saw.

Its funny how you notice things when you’re a part of the picture. I do it a lot, I love it. But it is different when you aren’t a part of that beautiful picture.

My feet hurt, and the dirt looked much more soft and inviting than it had a month ago. I wanted to stand in it, to be well so I could run barefoot down the dirt road. And the lady bugs were everywhere, and the breeze and colors…

Yahweh’s World is… His Art, its an amazing gift to us and it really is beautiful, which doesn’t begin to describe it.

I think this stuff I have is sucky, but I would rather see things through new eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I’m praying we all get well! ๐Ÿ™‚

God bless!


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