I am No Longer an “American Girl Fan”

I used to love AG, I bought a ton of their books (fiction and non-fiction), I basically breathed AG… Praise God (lol), I’ve grown out of AG since about 2 years ago.
American Girl did show such an article in their magazine. Yes; the parents were gay. It was clear as day.
And its wrong. This is not natural. or right, or OK, or perfectly fine- it is down right awful and wrong. And AG published it smack dab in their magazine.
Y’all know that I am a Lover and Follower of Yahweh. The Creator states very clearly in His Word that gay is a sin. I don’t support it, think its right or OK, or anything.
That doesn’t mean I, or God, hates gay people. Yahweh says hate the sin, not the sinner. God loves everyone.
I am quite surprised that AG did such a thing. If it wasn’t an evil thing already, for them to put that out there… AG is supposed to be a safe, clean place for girls to learn and grow (supposedly). Instead, AG has fallen in blindly to the fallen world we are in.
This is outrageous. PLUS- young girls read this. They look at pictures. 6 yrs, 8 yrs, 10… If they don’t know, if their parents haven’t talked to them (as a young kid of 10-, they should not have to…!!), seeing something like that is simply wrong. Only a child’s parents should have any right like that to introduce such a thing.
So, American Girl. While trying to fit in and be politically correct and not hurt people’s feelings (Ag was never Christian based, anyway)… They have lost a LOT of fans, purchasers, and users.
I have seen a lot of young girls, tweens and teens alike, stand up against this. Extremely big lovers of AG, too- and why not? AG has great dolls and products!
But AG’s main audience is young girls- young CHRISTIAN girls. And I am so proud, extremely pleased, to see that fellow girls are not putting up with this.
I see girls standing up for what’s right, refusing to buy from AG, and point blank stating what they feel. Its so cool to me, to see young girls stay strong for Yahweh.
(Also, AG supports Planned Parenthood. Yet another horrendous thing…)
So! Fellow TRUE American young ladies… I want to say I’m happy to see the up roar from y’all. I myself was no longer an AG fan before this, so I can’t really say ‘we’, though I am standing against it. But I think its great that this is something y’all are standing for Yahweh, even though you guys have to change some things to still enjoy your dolls (etc).
I know AG is not the only company/business we/I buy from that supports gay crap and PP, and I know that its hard to just not buy from all of them- but we can stand up. Fight back. It will take work, but…
” I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ” Philippians 4:13
P.S. Thanks Lainey, for standing up and making this post!

I know that I haven’t been on here in a while, but first I need to say something else.  Something even more important than any post that you could ever read here, or any doll blog for that matter.

AG has officially declared their support for gay marriage.  They boldly revealed it in their November/December magazine edition.


My mom usually never looks at my magazine when I get it in the mail, but something told her to this time.  She scanned through and saw this article about a girl’s “Forever Family”, including her gay parents- as you can see from the photo.  She took me into my parents’ room, and we sat down and talked.  She showed me the article, and asked me what I thought I should do about it.  I told her I wanted to encourage all of you to help me show American Girl that this is not what we expected from them.  We…

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6 thoughts on “I am No Longer an “American Girl Fan”

  1. 😦 I love American Girl!! This is so sad and wrong! Great post though. I will definitely think about this every time I see American Girl… 😦


  2. I felt like something was very off in the magazine but I had only skimmed it when I got it. I was an American Girl fan as a kid and after hearing this, it breaks my heart to see such a good magazine becoming “modern” and ungodly. Every time I got the magazine, I wondered whether or not it was going to turn the wrong direction. As much as I liked American Girl, I will no longer be supporting them.


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