Tory’s Maternity Photo Shoot (2015)

Haha! Yes, this is quite late. XD With little Laney already here, I had taken a photo shoot with Tory around the beginning of this December. 😀 It was lots of fun; I just didn’t get to upload them! 😉

So, I hope you like them. I don’t often take photos of people (lol), but I had fun and it is actually pretty enjoyable! I don’t remember which ones Tory liked best, but I know she did love some of them, too! 😀



Behind the Scenes! XD


Dad, Mama, Reyna, and Kody!


There were lots more LOL but I just liked these better! 😀 (the last one is at the Christmas tree lot, which I plan on making another post for!)  All photos are mine, copyright 2015, by Angela R. Watts.

I had fun being creative with my amazing bis sister, and Reyna (who cooperated for a lollipop. That’s my girl.♥)

Also, Tory and Laney and us are doing well! 🙂 God bless, thank y’all so much for your prayers!



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