Eve Of Hope

And the night is not so silent

in the very best way,

with the cold air

and the wind touching

the very tips of our noses,

and the sound of rejoice

the sound of embrace.


A dear, dear time,

the merry souls burst

to the snow white dreams

and the bright light.


A beat shall we all follow

the sound of the truths warming

to our bright pink cheeks,

the days ride by,

like a sleigh on a hill,

up to the Eve.


Eve of hope,

it all led to this,

and so much more.


This eve of hope,

of love,

of remembrance,

for this be the time that

we may remember

what brought us here to feel this.


Do you see the snowflakes

the white designs,

unique and beautiful

and soft and slow

and fast and graceful,

its life so long and short,

the bittersweet feeling as it

touches your skin.


Falling from heaven,

pure kisses of snow,

from the Highest Great King,

His Love pures from this season.


The Winter Solstice

the empty time of year,

dying hopes,

lay down the dreams and lives,



Did the golden paved streets of heaven

shed their love

for the solstice to break away,

the Light to shed the cold.


Be there no Greater Love,

shall the gleaming, twinkling lights

and smell of the pine,

remind us of the Greatest Gift.


Thou hath washed our sins away,

like the strongest waterfall,

so that we may have Eternal Life,

through Jesus Christ,

and that we may sit on your lap above.


Though tears may shed hear on earth,

there is great reason we are here,

for our tears fall on the ground as

the Son’s had,

the ground wet with salt,

the blood continues to shed;

but no blood for Greater Reason then His.


Our love is from the Light,

and it rises above for Him,

our praise and laughter

shall be our gift of thanks.


As our eyes fall on our trees

covered in the ornaments of flesh and blood’s


let us remember.


Be of good courage,

fear not,

the thing that stands before us,

wreathed in lights,

topped with an angel,

is a beacon of



I wish not our hearts be happy,

but merry,

because merry is a soul thing that cannot

be spoken thoroughly,

something inside and shown,

stronger and louder than happiness.


Sing our carols, raise our voices high,

shall we sigh no more, let our voices cry

to Jesus and His Father and the Holy Spirit.


-Angela R. Watts

Merry Christmas!



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