These Steps I Come Upon

Greetings y’all! 🙂 So, I have many things going on right now, and am going to write more about everything tomorrow. 😉

This is my first 2016 thingie on here! 😉

Let this year not necessarily  be a ‘happy’ one… You cannot live in happiness alone. Instead of a vague happy year, I pray that this part, this chapter of life, may be full of God’s Will.

Not my will, not anyone’s- I pray for Yahweh’s Will to be done, that this year be everything we need to grow and see. I pray we follow Him, and glorify and praise His Name, and that we share His Light with others, and that we can exist fuller in the LORD.

Life is full of hardships, of spinning tables, of rough waters- but no matter what we may wish for this year, what goals or resolutions we have, may Jehovah come first and foremost. I pray that my steps become more sure in the Lord, that no matter what, I can follow the Lord and keep my eyes off of the dark blue waves under my feet.

In my life right now, my journey, I am facing many things- but no matter what happens, I am never alone. The Lord is with me, and He has greatly blessed me by my family, who are always willing to hear my rambles, my ideas, my thoughts, and my messy verses as I try to figure things out, as I overthink, as I worry…

In this chapter of my life, I pray that my worrying and overthinking will cease. That I look up to the Lord more often, that my trust with the Creator will strengthen. Of course, I have my entire life, but every day, step by step, Yahweh helps me, shows me, and when I weep, He always comes back and dries my tears. Even when I have absolutely no control over something, and worry and want it so, and have no clue to what will happen- the Bible says to trust the Lord. It never says fret. It never says ‘you need to figure it out by yourself, it HAS to be figured out in fine print!’… Which is what I want to do a lot of the time. To pin point and cleanly and perfectly have things figured out and described.

Yahweh tells me to trust Him.

With everything in my life, I shall look upon JEHOVAH, because He is the Savior of my soul, the One who knows what shall happen, when I do not. Why should I fear, when the Mightiest Alpha knows my fate and loves me? I can rest in sound sleep knowing that thought my troubled heart is resting in the hands of the Lord.

Many things clamber up to try and drag me down, and my family down, all in the envy and hatred of Satan. He sees us, and he is doing everything he can to stall and hither us. But through it all, the Light is with us, He will not forsake us. He will not throw us out. Nothing I can do, no matter how stupid or foolish or annoying or silly I see myself, no matter my mistake- could make Jesus love me any less. So why should I wander from His path?


Stepping With The Lord


O Lord, though my heart and eyes



lest thou turn thy mouth

away from my soul,

surely, I fall and

stumble upon

the darkness of evil’s


O Lion of Judah,

I beg of Thee,

save me from the demons


the door of my home,

else I weep at my window,

the glass is broken,

the door is open,

the roars of the demons

I do hear.

O Savior of my soul,

through thee eternal life is gifted,

with thou,

no enemy can withstand,

my fear leaveth whereupon your Light

does shine.

Through the noise of the


I do see the Creator,

and I offer my soul,

my life,

my heart to ye,

from the sacrifice of your own life,

I may be free.

O Lord, thou name be praised!

Upon the ocean and seas, let the waves

stir and forever continue your name,

and your works of taming the highest storm.

Let the the wind carry the words of your tongue,

let the stories and truths of love continue.

Let the flowers bloom with the colors of

how the love bloomed in all of our hearts.

Let the trees grow high,

high to the bluest of skies, reaching to touch your

feet, Selah.

For the land be your gift to us all,

the very sights of your works,

O King!

Never shall you forsake us!

Forever shall we sing for your

glory and works!

Thou speaketh, and the mountains move,

thou breathe life,

ye, and we be souls in thine own image.

Shall no words do thee justice

in praise,

shall better we sing out of the beat

and rhythm you have put in our hearts.

O Messiah, no false words

have ever befallen from your lips,

of all things right, and good, and pure,

let us speak and feel these things!

We turn from the darkness,

the evil roaring at our doors,

for they be not the doors you have offered to us,

but rather the false paths.

Of the lurking demons,

you shall fend them off,

you hath armed us and to follow you we shall,

despite any demon or man,

your path we do follow, Selah.

O Lord, thy Light is a Beacon of hope to our

weary eyes,

shall we lift our spirits to you,

and feel your warmth spread our wings

to fly.

Shalom, my Lord.

– Angela R. Watts. This [poem] is not yet done, but that is the beginning of it. 🙂


Already, many things have happened and shone and appeared and are being planned in this new chapter… Bad and good. As a family, we are praying and praising Yahweh through it all (especially the bad).

I have sooo much to say (XD) but for now, I must go to sleep. ;D

A blessed new chapter to y’all! 🙂

God bless.







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