To The Sky

Hey y’all. πŸ™‚ So… Its been VERY cold here, and we have no snow yet, but we did get another big frost! Our pipes froze (and the usual busting the horse troughs, and the pond was super frozen, too.), and we had 2 pipe thingies bust and leak… SO our bathroom and kitchen sort of flooded a bit. Β It was really sucky, but Dad got home early and the problem was fixed before dinner…

Actually, today was just insane… Mama woke up with a cold, Kody and I managed to do some school, but by that time, the bathroom pipe had busted. Mama rushed in, and Tory went to turn off the water at the electric box- we found out once it was off and the towels and dirty laundry was soaking up the mess, that the little heater had also been plugged up and on when the water had gotten everywhere. Mama could have been really hurt or worse; but Yahweh was taking care!

And then we got that cleaned, and Kody went to get our backpack; and screamed like a little girl. We, indeed, had the mouse we’ve all been seeing, IN OUR BACKPACK. So Kody threw the thing outside; when the little mouse scurried off, but we followed it, because it would just come right back… One of my roosters got a hold of it, mildly pecking it, and the mouse ran for my one and only hen, who screamed a chicken scream and ran (this is amazing to me XD), and then… It ran into a tree’s root hole, and Kody caught it by it’s tail with some pliers… And attempted, as we argued over who would kill it, to hit it with a rock- and failed. It made way to me=the house.

Kody managed to catch it again and kill it. But it was awful. XD

And then, Dad got home, which was when the kitchen leaked… We were gonna have to tear out the cabinets and stuff, but Dad and Kody managed to only take some metal sheets off the side of the house to reach the plumbing. Thank God!

So the problem is fixed. XD I pray Mama feels better, and that no one else catches the cold she has; and that we’re all good. XD

Other than today’s craziness, we’ve been well! πŸ™‚ Making new plans and acting on them for SSS. πŸ™‚ The Lord is amazing; and we knew today was just the devil trying to keep us back. But the Lord always provides, and we trust Him!

I have been working on my book, Dark One. πŸ™‚ I am not sure if Dark One is the final title, but its always been there and stuck, so… Oh well for now! πŸ˜‰ And I had worked on DO’s first draft (which was started like, 2014 I think?)(that’s what my copyright thingie says, that it had been started writing 2014…), which got to about 13,000 words… But started another draft because I didn’t like a lot of it. XD And why waste time when I knew I’d just go back and basically re-do it all. So now, draft 2, has about 7,000 words… (for yesterday and today, Twenty One Pilots has joined me in my writing, and oohhh)(I mean I listen them like a lot, don’t get me started)(and I just found their older album, No Phun Intended, and I cannot stop listening to Falling Too, Hear Me Now, and Never Change…)(and found another Hollywood Undead sound that reminded me of Raph…wonderful)

I had written over 1,000 yesterday! πŸ˜€ I was so proud of myself, haha, because I had been planning on actually writing something else I was mentally in the mood for… But yeah, I promise myself to write at least 100 words in DO first, and then… BAM! XD

I have really been talking and stuff about all of my books, not just DO, to my Mama. And it really helped, because I’ve been kinda worried that maybe my writing is too childish. Or maybe that scene is foolish. Or maybe that should be tweaked, or that character is wrong or boring, or maybe my stuff is all just too flat, but I also hate when people try too hard, so I am not going to try too hard, but what if my writing is just simply not what I want it to be or try it to be. (I’ll save the rest for another post lol)…

But I talked to my Mama and she was amazing (as always), so now I know that I really am not gonna do God glory if I worry all the time. I love writing; so why let the mainstream get in my head like that? My writing gift of putting words, and stories, and everything- is a gift from God. Why should I compare and down it to anything else?

My writing is not like anyone else’s. It doesn’t need to be. It doesn’t have to be picture perfect right now, either- if I don’t write, though, I’d probably go insane. XD So instead of trying to gram it all for what’s the most perfect way, I just have to let my soul go free (that’s gonna be messy and amazing), and trust the Lord to use my writing as His. My books are not the ultimate Christian books. I don’t want them to be. I also don’t want them to be books with no sign of God, either. But neither of these things are going to happen, because these are not the things God has given me.

My books don’t have to be detail by detail planned. I generally don’t outline much of my books (yet, this could change); I have an idea, write, and get ideas, and just go and flow and think and stuff… Ryan suggested I make a wall outline (like Sherlock) but I don’t have room for that (YET)… So why worry so bad if my stuff is good?

Why condone my freedom and gift of words and writing, to the dryness and simple ways of the world?

I refuse.

To every man their way, and if I ever am at a place, surrounded by people asking me questions about my newly published book; to them I shall say;

“These worlds have always been in me. Somewhere, stored, hidden, blurry, found, pondered, spoken- and it all has been gifted to me by my Lord. He is the one who has given me the gift of words, of writing… And when I doubt myself, I know that He does not limit me to anyone else. He doesn’t limit me to myself. He is the Greatest Author of all time- if He gives me such gifts, and loves me- surely, the things I write are not to be dust! Β  He doesn’t tell me inside to keep my words inside genres, or limit my ideas to styles and ways- the freedom in these words and stories, it is all a gift from Him, and without any of it, my soul would be dry, withering, and ultimately dead. Nothing I write has to be perfect, or even good in my own eyes, because Yahweh never calls me to be perfect. He calls me to love Him, to trust Him- and I trust Him that this gift is whatever He chooses from me.”


I won’t leave it to me what my characters do. I’ve tried thinking scenes to fit ‘me’, and when I come back to see, all I can think is ‘Really? She wouldn’t say that. That’s not her. That’s bad…’ Because maybe everything is an open book with my books, but some stuff is just written in stone. Its all here, I just have to find it and piece it together. And most likely, ‘my’ way is probably like choking down dry crackers without the really good, steamy soup.

I have photography to upload tomorrow! πŸ™‚ Please pray if you would, that we all feel better and well! πŸ™‚ Thanks!

God bless.


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