My Recent Shenanigans…

It is already March. March. Where has the time gone already? It seems nothing has slowed down, and things have always been keeping us on our toes. January, February- and now, March? I can barely believe that we’re already here.

We have plans for this month, though a few of them are not set in stone; whatever happens, will be in God’s timing and plans. 🙂 However, I’m very excited for this month. 😀

Right now, I’ve been studying pretty hard (which. Feels. Super. Good. Also. Add the right music and I feel very nice haha)(Plus, working hard for something, its great.) for my upcoming science test again. =) After the Module test, I also have a quarterly test- my first one. I don’t know what it will be like… Ahhh… But, I’m going to re-study modules 1-4, take notes, and prayerfully, I’ll do well! 😀 (I feel like Dory saying all of this; Whew! Glad I got that off my chest. Lol! )

School has been going really well, actually. 🙂 I mean, you know, those little stumps and frustrated moments, but in the sphere of things, those aren’t so bad. xD Right now, I’m reading 5 books for school.

  •   Paradise Lost And Paradise Regained, by John Milton. 
  •  The Kitchen Boy, by Robert Alexander 
  • Islam At The Gates, by Diane Moczar
  • Russian Revolution, by Victoria Sherrow
  •  West To A Land Of Plenty, by Jim Murphy 

🙂 I also just finished The Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan; it is now one of my favorite books. I loved it. That doesn’t quite do it cover, but… It was amazing. It definitely sparked my love of classic books again!

Life has sorta been busy. 😉 Let’s see… Oh! The ‘Super Tuesday’ stuff happened. ((Also, I see people making fun of Chris Christie over legit nothing? Like, guys? I love making fun of most of the candidates, but there is like crap there to play with. Go buy some marbles with that spare time… )) Its ridiculously funny how the media and these online people scream hate to Donald Trump- and yet, we the people… Oh, well, great Scott, look who is ahead in the race! Hmm… Must be those aliens, voting for Trump… Yeah, aliens…

xD Honestly, I don’t like want to jinx anything, but I am seriously praying for America. Clinton, Sanders- there is nothing good about those two. They wish death to this Land of The Free, and there lying words are nothing but bad. I can’t believe they’re even running. And we’re allowing it. Ugly…

We’re really praying that the right thing happens for our country. I don’t know what God has in store, but I pray we can make America great again!

Reading, school,  cleaning… What else have I been up to?

Writing my books. 🙂 I have been brainstorming and tossing around ideas and asking stuff with my Mama- which has been seriously fantastic. I’ve gotten great insight on the timeline, how stuff was done then- and we’re still working on names. XD Another of many reasons why having my Ma is amazing. ♥  ((UPDATE: Dark One’s hero now has a name! xD And now, for DO’s heroine… However, Mama did find a name for Four Fugitive’s heroine! Yay!!))

Well, I’m going to go study science some more. Then hopefully, write! 😀

What are you up to? Have you read any classics lately? 🙂

God bless.




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