Karate Tournament, Rambles, And ‘Heel!’

https://www.facebook.com/kim.watts.39/videos/10203884809520885/ So, last Saturday, was Kody’s karate tournament! (!!!)

Kody had been working SO hardfor quite a long time. (He estimated he had ran his kata above 1,000 times for practice) We were all very, very proud of him! (Those words don’t do it justice)

Going to change. 🙂 (I’d like to note that the underground tunnel system- haha- are SUPER COOL. You could get lost down there. Its so awesome. Book research, anyone?)

Hangin’ ‘n waitin’ 

We had gone last year to this tournament (but he’d just started so he didn’t compete then), and this year was the 14th anniversary or something.

The beginning is always pretty long; Pledge of Allegiance, National Anthem, prayers, rewards, bowing in, etc. But once it starts…

Kody was second up, and honestly, I was kinda freaking out. I mean, I knew he would do great, it wasn’t that. I felt like I had cut my finger that one time, and like all the blood was gone, and I kinda was like a feathery pillow. xD I’m not making sense and that’s fine- but we ladies (Tory, Ma, Rey, me)… Anyway. =)

Kody did amazing! I feel silly using an exclamation point, and I’m not even beginning to say how fantastic he did, or how happy we were.

Video Of Kody Running His Kata

(I can’t upload the actual vid here, *sigh*, but that’s the link to Ma’s Facebook, I think it should play…) (You can also see the lil’ line behind Kody, with the white and yellow belts. That’s who he was running with.)

Really, I still freak out because he did it. He didn’t mess up, laugh, stumble, anything- he ran his kata, one of the best he’s done, and did it with focus and confidence. I am so proud of him. We all were.

Kody didn’t place (as in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd), but he did get a medallion! 🙂 Its super cool looking, sort of like those Army coins, yeah. 🙂

Lol, somone of Facebook said “Beautiful family”, and I’m sittin’ here like… Yes ma’am. xD 😉

Does anyone else get those moments where your heart kind of overwhelms with how much you love your family? These people God put in my life as mine, and His, and I love them and know them and it hits me sometimes in a very good way.

So, Kody’s tournament went very well!! 😀 It was fun to see him, we all prayed so hard, and he walked away even better and stronger than before. ♥

Plus, you know, we had Taco Bell afterward, soo…. ;D

Alrighty, quite a bit has been going on lately. Aha.

(I was gone for 2 minutes looking at GIF’s and now I forgot where I was going with this post. Alright.)

Ma, Kody, Tory, and the little ones have been sick. =/ I’m praying they feel better and I don’t get sick, all that… *sigh* I hate it when everyone gets sick. Its like everything kinda goes wrong, and the day’s messed up, and I feel like everywhere and nowhere at once. Get me? No? Me neither.

But I’ve been praying so hopefully things get better. Its weird how this stuff works. xD

I’ve found this ‘Google Document’ thing, (lol…), and apparently it counts how many pages you have. I’ve been using Evernote (and still am this is a handy lil’ sucker), but now with Google docs, I can see how many pages my book is. XD

So, I’ve been editing Dark One. Naming characters, getting ideas… Ahem, anyway, its been comin’ along. 🙂

me aha

OH! Also please welcome the newest member of our family!

His name is Ross, and he’s turning 4 yrs old soon. He’s a Blue Heeler (in case you can’t tell lol…)(HE IS SO HANDSOME)

We were going to hold off on getting another dog, because of Nana (its a long story)(not like awful though), but this boy was actually the brother of a girl pup Tory used to have (but the pup died 😦 ). So Tory really wanted to get Rossi (as Reyna calls him)(it reminds me of the guy on Criminal Minds, so I’m callin’ him both lol)

Yeah! 🙂 We were really worried on how Nana would react and stuff, we didn’t want her to feel bad or anything like that. But so far, she’s OK. 🙂 I’m praying and she doesn’t seem to be doing bad or anything. ♥

What else to talk about…

Aha, I’ve been pretty much doing school, chores, and photography. ;D Tomorrow is a pretty big day though, (which is why I really pray we all feel better but hey what happens happens right), so I should probably go to bed. xD


My stunningly cool brother Ryan. (He looks like a fly. A flyin’ fly. Haha, a very magnificent fly.)

Is Watching: Nothing really… I can’t wait till we get some money though because Ma said she’d buy me the series White Collar so I’m freaked.

Is Reading: Pleasure reading: The Silver Chair, by C.S. Lewis. School reading: Sins Of The Fathers, by Will Cunningham (and more but hey…)

Is Listening To: The Run And Go, Twenty One Pilots. (and other TOP song…)


God bless and have a good one.




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