Songs Under The Moon

((Before you begin reading, I ask kindly that you listen to the below song while you continue. It is the song I listened to while I wrote and put this together… And I find this piece of work absolutely amazing. ♥))


 “Sing aloud unto God our strength: make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob…” Psalm 81:1

Today (4/20/16) at Step By Step Sanctuary, we were blessed to bring home three little 1 year old horses (yearlings).

  One of which, being my beautiful Hashi’ Taloowa- or Moon Song, is her name… I am so overjoyed to have her home at last! All in the Lord’s timing.♥
I am overjoyed. Amazed. Happy. Blessed. Incredibly in awe. In love.
And humbled, because the thing I begged and prayed for a few years ago… Yahweh had (and has) a journey, a path, a tapestry so more amazing than my limited dreams. I’ve known it since we started Step By Step Sanctuary, since Yahweh brought these horses here- I’ve known it.




Her mane parts both ways and is so thick… ♥


Reyna visiting Taloowa with me. 🙂

  But now? I am amazed and in love and have so much gratitude. I can hardly grasp it, and yet, I can in my heart.
I feel like a little piece of heaven has made it’s way into my heart… In those blue eyes of Taloowa… ♥

“Seek the LORD and His strength: seek His face evermore. Remember His marvelous works that He hath done, His wonders…” Psalm 105:1

“Praise ye the LORD, I will praise the LORD with my whole heart…” Psalm 111:1

Kody’s horses are absolutely amazing. He has his little boy stallion, who he has named Ziibi (Ojibwe for ‘River’), is an Ojibwe. I don’t quite have all of the blood/description for the Ojibwe horses; but in what I know simply put… They are EXTREMELY rare. There are very, very few herds of these horses… And Kody has his Miigi (Cherokee for ‘Pearl’) girl, who is a Cherokee mare… The Cherokee are also not so great in number; and I must say, these are all BEAUTIFUL horses. =D Kody and I are both excited though, to have a horse from the Cherokee bloodline, since that’s a part of our bloodline too. 😀 That got us haha.


… Boys just love putting their heads in places…. xD




This evening, with a bit of gentle work with Dad and Kody both; Kody got to touch his boy! It was fantastic.


Dad and Ziibi


Miigi (She is in desperate need of a curry comb, which Ma looks forward to!)


Kody and Taloowa


My precious mother and horse.

My girl is a Chickasaw/Choctaw mare. I have photos of both her parents; and actually, she is Comanche’s half sister (they share the same father), and Miigi’s grandmother is actually Taloowa’s mother. =) So sweet.


This morning (4/21/16) I visited Taloowa with a halter.  (I got her a black one, and its like thicker so I think if Tory said right it is actually more durable or expensive…. along that line but it is not cheap… Except it was because why buy full price when you can find nice tack stores? ;D) We weren’t bothered to put it on or anything, but she didn’t seem to frightened at all (so far, it seems noises really only get her attention). We’ll work with it tomorrow and see what happens. 🙂

This weekend should be busy with these lovely horses, and prayerfully, I also can call my wonderful friend soon too. I’d like to say a huge loving thanks to my family and friends. Yahweh blessed me with y’all, and I love you all and thank you. You mean so much to me. Let’s pray our way into this journey!
Hashi’ Taloowa is precious. Exactly what I needed to come home to find and love on after today…. I can’t recall the last time I’ve been ‘dying’ to get home and see a horse… Yahweh fills my heart with love and gratitude and I can’t even begin…. Except I can. The Lord is my shepherd. And on one side I have the dark and the other I have lush pastures… And those pastures happen to have my Taloowa. ♥

God bless and shalom.




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