Mother’s Day ‘n Birthday, and Books…

((So basically I started and wrote this post in the beginning of May. It’s May 15 now and I’ve finally come to finish it. Ahem…)) ((This basically ranges from the beginning of May, and Ma’s birthday was the third, etc…))

First off, my family and I went to Alabama for the weekend, for a prayer meeting, and on the way back home (trust me, we made many a blessed Krispy Kreme doughnut stops… Yummy…), we stopped at Books A Million. So, since this is a lovely deal, let me ramble. 😉

Basically, I had money, but I also wanted to try to branch out in my reading. Currently, I’ve been reading a few books by the lovely Francine Rivers, and have yet to finish the Narnia books, and also forgot about The Hobbit (which I’m halfway through, I gobbled it up when I was sick a bit back haha)… So my list is currently pretty ‘thick’ lol!

But I also was in a mood to not be in the ‘kids’ or ‘Young adult’ section… My shelves are piled with middle school books, and while I wanted to ‘up my game’ and read some thick, ‘YA’ books… Yeah… I’m just a picky reader. I’m not saying others can’t like the books, but personally, I don’t (for many reasons but that would be trashing them, but I won’t because…

because i'm a lady aristocats gif

So! xD While I wanted to gobble lovely books up, I didn’t feel like browsing through the dirty teenage section, haha! xD So my amazing Ma came to my rescue and directed me to the Classics section.

She suggested some books at first but they were expensive (and didn’t come any cheaper), but then it was between ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Dracula’. I knew I wanted to read ‘Dracula’, but wasn’t sure about ‘Frankenstein’, though I DO want to read it. So, I landed with ‘Dracula’ and ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’. 😀 I have already started ‘Dracula’ and am digging it… xD I have never read much on vampires or anything and basically know nothing (except for watching Hotel Transylvania? Does that count? xD) And one blip from Doctor Who.. Other than that this stuff is interesting!

Also, I went to BAM before I read my blog comments on book recommendations, so I didn’t have the chance to look into any of the books suggested to me! But I did have the chance to go and plop myself on the mange section… xD

Manga is expensive. And it wouldn’t be probably if I didn’t love the biggest manga volume there… Karneval. Yes. xD I mean its 20 bucks for a volume, and like dude! xD  So I didn’t want to buy any this time… But that didn’t mean I couldn’t sit and skim! 😉 I have vol. 1, so I basically cheated and went to vol. 4. I’ve already watched the anime, so I decided that I wouldn’t spoil anything, only answer the millions of flipping questions I had. Trust me, the anime leaves you with a lot of questions, and considering the manga is still going, it does too… But I did know the anime left out a lot, regardless.

So I was going through vol. 4 and was learning a lot and this manga/anime… It kills me. I mean, I was laughing to myself in the BAM, to my dismay I also found a girl putting up displays so she heard me and probably thought I needed a mental home… Or something…xD So I’m sorry if I worried anyone but let me say, this manga is hilarious… I mean honestly! 😛

And the ending cast credits crack me UP. And then I got curious to what Akari’s ending credit would be and went and peeped through the other volumes too… So I got questions answered, and laughed at the pathetic Circus people. 😉 And I’m also worried and freaked out! YAY.



Today was my amazing Mama’s birthday! (!!!) She is an amazing, strong, funny, caring, encouraging woman, and I would be lost without her. I’m so grateful and blessed she was born.   ♥ Happy birthday Ma!


We had a great weekend and Mother’s day overall. 😉 I’m so glad for my Ma. ♥

God bless!





One thought on “Mother’s Day ‘n Birthday, and Books…

  1. So happy you found new reading material! Also Frankenstein is really good, if you’re ever considering checking it out again. Also your mother is beautiful. I hope she had a wonderful birthday. =D

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