Marvel: Captain America, An Emblem of AMERICA


Marvel. I’ve loved Marvel for quite a long time. I’ve been a total ‘nerd’ for Marvel. I never watched DC, the only existing thing was Marvel, as far as superheroes were concerned. Marvel Marvel Marvel- it was amazing, reliable, and strong.

Simply put, Marvel has been a part of my life for a long time. I’m a huge fan. I buy Marvel stuff, I watch the movies- the whole enchilada.

That is, until recently, I have been hearing some news. Let’s start from the top, though.

Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, is a pretty symbolic superhero. I’m speaking from an ‘old-fashioned’, AMERICAN point of view. All of these are my thoughts and opinions. And I think pretty deeply about this subject.

Captain America stands for a lot of things. It’s sorta in his name. Captain America stands for loyalty, for freedom, for fighting for your freedom and your rights and fighting for what is good. He stands for protecting others, for justice, for morals and good values. He doesn’t step out of a fight if it is a fight that must be fought, nor does he plunge into things without thought, if blood shed can be avoided.

Captain America is a superhero. Note the hero part. Sure, he’s super. Super strong, really big, and has some slick moves with his shield. That, no doubt, is the first thing to get kids’ attention. Give a kid some Captain America, they’ll be play fighting themselves and ‘pretending’ to be Captain America. It’s great.

It goes deeper than that, though. Kids aren’t just playing when they see superheroes. See, superheroes are role models. Captain America is a role model. He teaches kids what’s right, what’s wrong. He gives them something to look up to, to try to be like.

This is important for kids. But now let’s move on to what else has been tugging on me.

Captain America has been, in all these 75 years, a sort of beacon of the American way. Work hard, mean what you do, be honest- and just do your best. Don’t try to take the easy way, it isn’t worth it. Captain America is the strong guy.

First, I found out that people wanted to make Captain America gay. I was pretty outraged, and super disappointed. Not just because I believe in Yahweh and in His Word (the Bible), about how homosexuality is wrong. No, I was upset also because this is not Captain America.

Captain America has been one of the very few fictional characters on-screen, that I have heard mention God. I really appreciated this! I liked to see Captain America stand strong in his beliefs! And people want to give him a ‘boyfriend’? Especially since we’ve seen how straight he is- I mean, if you were blind, maybe you missed that he is a straight guy. Maybe. It couldn’t get anymore obvious… (If his down right personality and manhood couldn’t tell you, what about Peggy Carter? Don’t get me started.)

This isn’t what Marvel is about. This isn’t what these superheroes and characters are about. This isn’t what morals and truths and hopes that were stocked and reached  for. This is our modern-day agenda and deep, deep running problems seeking to destroy every light that crosses path.

And then today, I was alerted that the new frenzy that is being produced, is that Captain America has been supposedly a Nazi HYDRA member, all along.  Here’s the link I saw:

A Marvel Editor Explains How Captain America Was a Hydra Agent All Along

So, this is what an amazing character and story has been demeaned, spat on, destroyed, and burnt out into? He was a bad guy all along? The past 75 years, basically, have been a big lie, a big work up to this ‘unsettling, horrifying’ plot twist?

I’ll tell you all this is, it’s a bunch of Marvel editors trying to get a fan uproar. Get fans ‘sitting on the edge of their seats’. Well, I don’t know what the heck these people thought they’d get, but I see an uproar, alright. Of anger, disgust, and utter disagreement. People are refusing, and are downright furious, of such a concept that Captain be a HYDRA agent.

For good reason.

Captain America isn’t a HYDRA agent. He isn’t a Nazi. He isn’t gay. He was created by Jewish guys, for goodness’ sake.

So why are people trying to change him?

They’re scared of him. He’s actually a good guy, a person who stands for truth in the fictional universe, and is actually encouraging kids/people not to be brainwashed, but to think and do right. That’s dangerous, and so, these ‘editors’ are trying to trash Captain America into some more brainwashing propaganda.

It’s outrageous for this reason alone. I mean, people make it to where gay people have the right to gay characters, but Christians don’t have any right to a God fearing character? We can’t have good people on TV, because that makes us ‘homophobic’? Makes sense, right? Instead of creating their own gay characters, they have to take from us. See the unfairness? I know life isn’t fair, but this is wrong.

It is also outrageous because Captain America is a character that is celebrating 75 years of ‘existence’. And some people think they can take this character, and turn him into something else? It is WRONG. He isn’t THEIR character. They have no right to dump things onto Captain America, because it isn’t their place. He isn’t some new character- the people who originally made Captain America are the only people who have the right to make such warped turns. I’m fairly certain, the Jewish writers and cartoonists would not ever think of their character, Captain America, as being a Nazi or homosexual. From the research and things I’ve learned, this is my conclusion.

Captain America is so much more. He’s a leader, he’s strong, he’s smart- he’s a model that teaches us we can do anything, be anything- if we believe and WORK for it. He isn’t some model to say ‘right is wrong, and wrong is right’. NO.

This isn’t just fiction. This is today’s world, deep problems and dark spirits, slipping into every light and blurring right from wrong. We can’t have anything right- it all must be wrong and we must accept that. I am sick of it.

Woe to those who call evil good, and goodevil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

-Isaiah 5:20

This is what I have seen happening; not just with Captain America. But the world today. It is all coming to pass.

I had a bad gut feeling about CA:Civil War. I didn’t like the idea of Team Vs. Team. Actually, I rummaged something about this a bit back on Facebook;




by Angela R. Watts, May 6, 2016

Honestly, I’m frustrated. Not in the squealing fan voice ‘Oh no! Which team?! Poor babies!’ that I’ve seen. No, I’m frustrated because suddenly, I look around, and all of the good guys, the heroes, are fighting each other.
I know it’s the movie makers trying to get more attention, some fads, some franchise- grab more watchers’ attentions and make them yell.
It is ridiculous. Teams don’t fight like this. Fight sure, it is human- but this is taking any simple rebuke way too far. I am so tired of seeing the good guys turn against each other. That is not our fight, should not be the fight- the fight is against good and evil. Not good vs. good.
I’m rather disappointed with Marvel doing this, because the Avengers have been my love for a while, and I enjoy the movies and love the characters. And then all the sudden, all of the superhero movies are taking turns where it isn’t team work or loyalty… Its fighting and solitude.
I’m not saying this movie isn’t going to be good. I have not watched it. I have watched almost every other Marvel movie; and one thing’s for certain. This whole team against team is wrong.
A house divided against itself cannot stand, and brother against brother is just wrong. This isn’t a team, or a family- this is something I’m sad and rather disappointed to see being the new excitement (even with ‘Batman vs. Superman)…
I know teams have their disagreements, but this is too far, and the basic foundation of teams and heroes is being unraveled and I dislike it.
  So yeah, I had my opinion, but since Civil War skyrocketed with fans, it wasn’t like a lot of people had my same view. I’m not saying Civil War wasn’t a great movie… But I will not be seeing it, if this thing keeps up. The only reason I wasn’t so surprised about ‘gay Steve Rogers’ and ‘HYDRA Cap’, is because I saw how down turning Marvel was getting with Civil War.
   Honestly, this all hurts. It sucks. But its teaching me stuff. The rubber has met the road.
  I will not be supporting Marvel any longer if this sort of thing continues. I will not buy any more of their franchise. I won’t see their movies. Nothing. And this voice of fighting back for what’s right isn’t going to do anything with just me- we need you, too.
    We can’t just submit into this, we can’t accept it. Us nerds have been around too long to have our beloved Captain America trampled on like this- we have to make our voice heard.
  Captain America is a guy of morals, a character we can trust for our kids to watch. For generations before us, and after us, to have a reliable, fantastic role model. Captain America has been a classic for 75 years- a long time. Captain America is a superhero among superheroes. Captain America is a solid character, from solid creators. He has purpose, meaning, and love and strength- so hard to come by.
Captain America isn’t some guy people can use to brainwash future generations, into whatever they want kids to believe. No. Captain America stands and fights for truth. That’s why people are trying to destroy him- he’s destroying their lies and propaganda.
  They cannot turn Captain America into this, because this is not what he is. It is WRONG.
I am sick and tired of seeing political junk being brought into the fiction I love. I am sick and tired of it! This isn’t Steve Rogers, and this isn’t what fiction, what superheroes, what GOOD GUYS, should be. This is the last straw.
   There are good guys. Steve Rogers, what he represents, who he is- is not a lie. I am angered to see such a character, such a symbol, be twisted into nothing but a fake lie, and all to get more money in the franchise. It isn’t about staying true to the characters, or morals- it is about how many fans get interested in the franchise, and how much money is brought in.
    Well, Marvel. I do not know what you guys were thinking or wanting. I pray and hope this gets straightened out, because this all means more than the simplistic font that is being quickly shoved on it. I will not be supporting Marvel any longer, if they can’t stay true. I am sick of it.
 An angry, disappointed Marvel lover.
God bless.

What do you say?

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