Summer Weekend!

Hello all! We had an amazing weekend.

Monday was Memorial Day.

Thank you to the men and women who fought for this beautiful country. You won’t be forgotten. Because of you, America is America. Free, but with a price.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I sure did! We were all home… And we put the pool up again! 😀 It is sooo nice, we’re having a blast. xD I love it!!



My ‘Karneval’ flip-flops! xD I got them a year ago, when I first found the anime ‘Karneval’… They just remind me of the show lol.


Dad and Matoska ♥


Ma and Dad with our Matoska girl


Ma and Matoska


Me and Taloowa 🙂


Kody and Ziibi 

Kody and I 😀 

I am grateful for Yahweh for a lovely weekend. 🙂 We got tons done, too, praise the Lord! 😀 Thanks Dad and Roger, too, y’all are pretty amazing. 🙂 ♥♥

It’s super hot here and we’re all lovin’ it, pretty much! xD June is just around the corner, so I pray the summer is awesome! All in God’s hands. ♥♥

God bless and happy summer. 🙂








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