My Fantastic Summer Bucket List

I believe I  dabbled  rambled about a few goals I had at the beginning of the summer (Here), but I’ve seen a handful of bloggers do their summer bucketlists… And it seems pretty fun! 😀 😛

I suppose I’ll put my head together and get my thoughts together… And do this thingie *Freaky Friday reference…*! 🙂

My bucket list and goals for this summer! ♥


Read Many Books.  

Yes! OK… So I wanted to read a lot since the ending of school… And I sorta dropped the history books I was reading for school (though they were Civil War related, so I will finish them, no doubt.)… But I am HAPPY! =D I set this month of June as a month to read bunches. xD Just try and catch up on all of my books I haven’t read.

And, likewise, of course, we went to Books A Million… And I got more books! xD =) *fist in the air* YESSS! OK, kinda haven’t stopped hyperventilating but… I got two more Ted Dekker books! I was just finishing up his book ‘Blink’, when we found two on sale at BAM! *jumping up and down* But I plan on making some bookworm post at the end of ‘every’ (hopefully!) month, listing and ranting about each book I read for that month! 🙂 I’m excited about that. 😉

 Write A Book In July.

Hehee! OK I am still so pumped for this. I have really been praying about it and everything. I still am unsure about what book I will write for Camp NaNoWriMo… But I’m not even stressing. Why? Let’s ramble.

So I was skimming through an intro thing in one of Ted Dekker’s Books… And long story short… His words struck me. Yahweh told me that writing, writing my books or anything, is a journey in itself.

I’ve been viewing it as, sorta, that I need to grow a bit more, or think it over a bit more… Get the pieces all shined up before I put them together. Journey by myself before I write.

Yahweh showed me this wasn’t the way to go.

Writing a book is a journey itself. I should not put that off! I don’t have to do 300 different journeys AND THEN write my book. That isn’t how Creator wants me to do this.

Writing a book is a journey by itself. Yahweh has it that way, and He showed me this and now… I’ve been praying and praying and will continue too of course, but now I see.

Writing is a gift Creator has given me. I knew that, I’ve known that. He showed me a few days ago that indeed, writing is a journey by itself and I mustn’t try and overthink each step,  or forget this.

I am free to write my books. I don’t have to wait 6 thousand years at each thing- that isn’t how Yahweh wants me to do this. He gave me freedom, and I mustn’t shackle my own self.

So now… I see that I don’t have to ‘perfect’ my writings, my books… I have been taught many things about this and everything, and they resignate within my heart. I am free to write books! Not just one, or three- but if the Lord wills, story after story shall spill from my heart and soul and mind! How incredible!

So I am blessed to write books. With the guidance, strength, and love of Creator, I do not have to be anxious. I look toward my Rock and can continue my journey. ♥

As for which book shall be my ‘Camp’ book, I pray and shall see. =) But I am excited to write a book in a month. xD Thank the Lord for my Ma; she is an amazing organizer and she helped me get a schedule so I don’t die of sleep deprivation and lose track of my life life during July! xD ♥

Sing Around The House.

I would love to practice more with our Pueblo drum… Get the hang for it a bit. 😉 Also, sing Twenty One Pilots and Phil Collins at the top of my lungs as I cry happy tears because Music is a gift from the Lord also around the house! 😀

Take More Photos.

Maybe take some more ‘people portraits’. xD I would like to learn more and focus on different ways to photography people. 😉 And of course, just have fun as I snap away during the summer!

Keep Journaling Steady(ish).

I have the quaintest little journal, and I’d like to keep on writing in it. 🙂 I do so randomly, but getting more steady with it would be nice. A nice outlet, too. And my handwriting needs acts of miracles so…

Dabble With Poetry More.

With writing my books, I don’t know if I’ll get a lot of poetry done… But I fear not! I would love to get some little poetry bits down in my journal perhaps. 🙂

Draw My Characters.

Oh yes, Lord help me. ;D Lol! I would love to work more on realistic people portraits! Sorta get the anime style out of mine a bit maybe. =) So, drawing my characters from my books would be practice, right? xD Hopefully I can get them all right. 😉

Do The Elliptical For 5 Minutes.

I did this! (!!!) YAY!!! xD Ma, Tory, and I have been doing the gym regularly lately.

It’s been pretty fun! 😀 I love hanging with my girls hehe. And recently, I got my MP3 player hooked up so HOLLA music at the gym. =D

Explore Our Land.

Kody would be glad to hear this lol! I’d love to four-wheeler and hike around our land. Except, not until it’s all mowed and stuff again. That armadillo must die. *shudder*

Help My Family.

Just be a good sister and daughter and aunt! Be a lending ear, a helpful hand- try to be kinder to the people who deserve it most.


We have our pool and goodness! It seems I lost my knack for swimming strong that I used to have. Comes with growing up a bit I suppose. ;D I’m no Olympic swimmer, but I’d like to be able to do it without dying of breath. ;D Kidding.

Read My Bible More.

I think we all say this, and try, and also seem to ‘fail’. Well, I don’t put much into the whole ‘In order to be the BEST CHRISTIAN, you must read your Bible everyday’. Yahweh commands us to remember and learn His Word. You can read the Bible everyday and still not take His Word to heart. So this isn’t the issue.

Regardless, you can never read the Bible too much. Personally, there are books I have yet to read, and books I’d love to reread. Time to start reading before bed! 😉

Don’t Get Online As Much. 

I’ve been gone all week because I got ground was taking a break offline. ;D It was really needed. I mean, there was so much to do and enjoy- Creator gave me a life to live! I cannot live it here behind this screen all day!

Enjoy Life!

Whatever is going on, whatever Yahweh brings and has us do, through the good and the bad… This life is a gift. I pray to live it as He wants me to, to praise Him, and to not be fazed by any tricks the Bad sneaks up. It is a beautiful life- but it is also so much more. Life is by no means faint and thin- there’s no time for soft clouds all the time…

But when it comes to summer… There’s things to do, whether they’re relaxing or hard work- and I am blessed to do any of it. This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad! ♥

God bless.



What are some of your summer goals? Anything you look forward too? 



10 thoughts on “My Fantastic Summer Bucket List

  1. Wow, I am so in love with your bucketlist! It sounds like you have a fantastic summer ahead of you. =D
    I so love your thoughts on writing — you’re so right. I think I myself sometimes take on this excuse of “I need to become a better writer and get more mature to write a full book,” and I am quite a perfectionist, but like you said, God’s love has made me free. I don’t have to write a perfect book, I don’t have to be the perfect writer to write a novel. Thanks so much for sharing that!
    Good luck on photography, journaling, and poetry! I really need to journal more regularly. Also poetry! It’s such a powerful form of expression, and if you write something you’re proud of, I would love to read it!
    Ahhh, the gym. I love working out — there’s something intensely satisfying about hurting and sweating and knowing that I’m taking good stewardship over the body God has given me. I’m definitely not perfect at keeping my body at its best, but I am trying. 🙂
    I hope your summer is absolutely wonderful!

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    • Thank you lots! 😀 And yes, right back at ya! 🙂 Your bucket list was also very cool! (I also, have to clean my room. ;D)
      I am very glad to share that light Yahweh showed me, and glad to see it resignated with you, as well! It kind of hit me and it has made me feel freer… Sometimes, I just need to step back and look up at Creator, because He’ll show me His truth. Without it, I’d be lost. Without Him… I wouldn’t be writing!
      Thank you! Yes, poetry is fantastic. Some poetry just makes your skin grow cold in understanding and eye-opening… It is very powerful. Oh! =D OK, I shall have to do that. =)
      That is amazing! Yes, God gave us this body as a temple- to take good care of it is as He tells us too! Gym is really fun- something invigorating about accomplishing stuff and doing it with family! 😀 Rock on!
      You too, Victoria! I pray you have a great one! ♥
      God bless,

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      • Hehe, rooms are interesting things. Especially if you’re like me, a person who loves hoarding stuff. ;D
        Mhmm. ❤ I'm so thankful for the gift of writing — it has the ability to be so powerful and passionate.
        Yes! It must be awesome to do it with your family. =D I personally don't like people watching me while I work out — not sure why. I might have to break out of that habit. xD

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yess… xD Like, “I’m going to need these empty folders of which are too precious to use but I must keep them…” xD I love gathering stuff around me haha!
        Amen! Yes- through it all, the gift of words is from Yahshua and I pray for His love, guidance, and strength to write! It truly is amazing.
        It is! 😀 It’s like our ‘girl’s night out’ haha. ;D Lots of laughs. 😉 You can do it! I don’t like when a lot of people are at the gym besides us, because I can’t look anywhere without someone looking back. xD But it’s a small gym so we just hope the gossip chics move along LOL. Working out is fun, and pays off! 😀 ♥

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  2. Angela, I am writing poetry at 10,000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo and celebrating my birthday July 11. I have a cabin called Cabin Enigma. Do you have a cabin yet? I would like to be NaNo writing buddies with you.


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