With The Pencil

I sort of uploaded some of my artwork on my Facebook, which reminded me I’ve failed to put some older out here, as well. xD Happily, I’ve also been sketching and drawing lately, too! πŸ™‚

So, let’s start with the practice stuff. πŸ˜‰ Ma got me a basic sketch book that teaches some stuff, so I played around with some of that.

Completely ignore the face. xD Β As Ma put it, this is ‘like Dad dancing!’



Kody’s sketch! πŸ™‚

And I also wanted to practice side views a bit, and was in the mood for a pretty black haired lady. πŸ˜‰

I drew this landscape (one of my first!) a month or so ago (I am no good with time). πŸ˜€ Excuse the pencil mark at the bottom… no idea where that came from.., *cough* Reyna *cough* xD

Forest Landscape


Yesterday, I started a project.

One of my favorite, absolutely beloved TV shows is “Jericho”. We started it a while back, and sadly stopped ordering the episodes (it was like Netlfix or something I think…). However, Ma just ordered season 1 again for us… And I’m on the verge of tears and happy dancing at the same time. For good reason. This show just has no words to do it justice.

Anyway, so one of the main characters on “Jericho” is Jake Green. Long story short, I have one of my own book characters that is ‘based off’ Jake Green.

So I drew ‘im.


Finished! πŸ˜€ ‘Jake Green’… Until I find my character a name. xD


My Dad said, and we all agree, that it looks like a mixture of Jake and my bro Kody! xD Lol, it’s true… Kody was my first portrait I did, trying to be realistic… I think it seeped in to everyone else! ;D

I am very happy with how he came out. He was so cool to draw. β™₯

So yep! Some art I have been doing. =)

God bless!






4 thoughts on “With The Pencil

  1. Well done, Angela, keep up the good work! I am a homeschool mom from South Africa. I homeschool my three children. It is very inspiring to see what interesting things homeschoolers are up to. You’re an inspiration!!

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  2. Very good likeness to “Jake” from Jericho.
    There are only 29 episodes of Jericho, but the story continues in graphic novel form (S3 & S4), which are available on Amazon.
    There are still rumors of a Jericho continuation, possibly on CBS’ streaming service – All Access.
    You can check the Jericho news on SavingJericho(dot)com


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