June Highlights // 2016

Hello! So, I’m going to be doing something new. I am going to be doing a ‘monthly wrap up post’, at, well, the end of the month. xD I’ve seen some neat blogs doing it, and it looks super fun… Plus, ramblings about odds and ends, which I love! ♥

It’s the sixth month. Holy sheezits. =D I mean, what, 6 months till Christmas (because that’s a legit way to count the year)? WHAT. I mean, really, I can still remember January 1st like yesterday! It’s funny, the older you get, the quicker the years go… So much happens… You learn so much.. You lose and you get gifts and you see how blessed you are… Even through the tears, when life gets blurry, you can see Creator’s hand beckoning you on…

I’ve had a really good June. 😀 I hope y’all have too! Allonsy.

  Life Spotlights

  • I drove. (!!!) OK yeah so I HAVE driven before, but… still. xD I drove on our backroads on our property! 😀 I didn’t hit anything lol. Driving is pretty fun (and Twenty One Pilots came on the radio while I was SO)!
  • Ate pizza. Ahh, had some today. It was lovely. xD

Dad, Ma, and Kody in our pool 🙂

  • Drew a lot. I have been drawing a bit more, and though I don’t have ‘plans’ as far as drawing goes, I think it’s a ‘relaxful’ past time… Except when I can’t draw a jaw line… Or eyes… But hey it’s cool. (Post of some of my recent artwork here)
  • My rooster attacked my brother. OK… Story time. We had gotten 5 chickens last spring, right, and I had 4 roosters out of them (the hen is called Nai, which is a boy name but whatever…)… NO LIE. So yes, I’ve lost 2 roosters already (RIP Gareki, you were a calm, nice rooster)(And RIP Marigold. Which is a girl name for a boy rooster. Again. My bad.) And the two left are Lucky and Yogi. And YOGI GOT OUT YESTERDAY MORNING RIGHT. AND SO WE WENT OUT AT 7 AM. TO PUT HIM UP. Well, Yogi was having none of that so he attacked Kody. Basically, I knew he was getting mean, because he’d try and attack the food bucket or turn on Lucky (They are not free ranger, they’re in coops)… But he went OUT man. Kody’s leg was bleeding (he’s OK! Kody’s fine.) and so yep… We got him back in but Kody was so mad I cannot blame him. xD We were gonna have chicken and dumplings but the roosters are so old, they’d be tough meat. xD But yes. We cannot have two roosters turned like this- they could really hurt Reyna if they got out again, and stuff… So we have to do something about them. (Those traitors! I mean I loved them, raised ’em, they have always been really calm birds and NOW.)


Music Musings

Listening To:

  • All These Things I’ve Done, The Killers
  • Starlight, Muse
  • Run, Snow Patrol
  • Heathens, Twenty One Pilots
  • Be Still, The Killers

I listened to ‘Heathens’ nonstop for 3 days. I’m not kidding.

Also, the top three songs on that list are from the show ‘Jericho’- I found them and LOVE them… They fit ‘Jericho’ wonderfully and are also so great.

I already knew of Snow Patrol a bit, but The Killers I had only heard one song (same for Muse)… And I’ve found some others from The Killers and I like them. 🙂

I also have my book playlists I’ve listened to some, and have made a playlist for my Camp NaNo book. It’s still being added to though lol (of course).

Terrific TV

Kody (and Dad, and Ma, but they come in and out haha) and I have been marathoned a show called Jericho. We had started it and got in a year or something ago, but we couldn’t get Netflix anymore so had to stop. :/

We got it in the mail and I was freaking out. 

We’re still in season one, but there’s only two seasons. Which leads to anger and tears because they cancelled the show. For good reason… No one wants a show that hits too close to home, right? This show was pretty realistic…

I love it. I love most of the characters… The story literally is addicting, you just are sucked in and don’t regret it because you laugh and cry and it is not a fluffy show. It’s serious. But how things go… I can’t begin. But that is what we’ve been watching, and it is absolutely amazing.

 Bookworm Bits

I have read 10 books this month. I sort of wanted to read a bit more, but I kinda got busy/sidetracked, and towards the end of the month… Didn’t read a whole lot, I guess. xD


The Omega Conspiracy, by Dr. I.D.E. Thomas. I read this book in one night sitting. It was that interesting (it takes a lot to make me SIT THE GRACIOUS DOWN sometimes… xD). This book was an intriguing read. It showed so much truth… And went past the whole Hollywood deal of ‘aliens are silly! Wow what a conspiracy you must be living under a rock to believe aliens, they’re just sci-fi!’… No. This book gave records and used the Bible to help explain stuff. It gave solid stories and it made me think.

Girl With A Pearl Earring, by Tracy Chevalier. Disappointing. This book was such a hit, everyone gave it so much praise… To be fair, we don’t have much history on the actual records of the painting, or who the girl in the painting is. So it wasn’t disappointing in the historical area. I mean, I loved the writing style a lot, but the story… Sort of went down. It felt sort of trashed to me. Maybe it was more ‘realistic’ or something to some people, but I didn’t enjoy it.

The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien. *laughs and cries all at the same time* I FINALLY read this book. I loved it. Of course I LOVED IT. It was my first Tolkien book and I was gleeful at the story and style (well, not towards the ending, of course…). 😀

Sophia’s War, by Avi. Um… It was a lighter read in the sense it didn’t take a whole lotta brain power, and it wasn’t supposed to be ‘light’ but it sort of was… It was OK at first but again, this book kinda lost my attention.

Sins Of The Fathers, by Will Cunninham. Well, Mr. Cunninham, you sure are cunnin’. This book was for school but I was sorta late finishing it. xD It was a bit confusing at first- I didn’t know if one character was a he or she or a literate it- it took a while for me to figure that out. xD No, this book hit close to home. T-dates, abortions, tag men… Funny how this is supposed to be ‘fiction’, per say, but actually I can see happening in the near future. It is happening now.

Unashamed, by Francine Rivers. I finished reading ‘A Lineage of Grace’ by Mrs. Rivers. =DThis is a story about Rahab, in the Bible times. It was really good. 🙂

Unveiled, by Francine Rivers. This one was really good… Kinda made me think again, like her books do.

Unspoken, Francine Rivers. It was interesting to read this version of this story about David and Bathsheba… It put things in idea and showed a lot of heart.

Blink, by Ted Dekker. *jumps up and down yelling incoherently* *SORRY* OK OK OK! This book was a life changer. I don’t mean that small. This book makes you think. You have to. It has too much in it not to think about it, even after you finish reading it (and I was sucked in so). It was… Strong. Moving in the way that it made you understand things in a way that not many people want to think about. It shows a whole lot of truth. This book is not simple- I had to go and read again and again and THINK about it until I found myself gaping and laughing and just knowing. And the characters had me laughing, had me silent in empathy, and had me clenching my jaw because that isn’t just fictional, there are people like that. I could rant about so much more about this book, but I shan’t.

Bonus: Favorite cover: Blink’s. It’s eye catching and sort of spastic- it isn’t calm, nor does it tell you a whole lot about the story or is it dull and setting orienated. Blah. xD (It makes me want to make my next book Seek’s cover be something blurry like that…)



   World Of Writing

*screaming and throwing confetti and brownies* (OK maybe no brownies because that’s wasting…)

‘Dark One’ has reached 119 pages (!!!), and over 26,000+ words! =D I am so happy! My family and friends are the best-they’ve cheered me on; and are super excited to read ‘Dark One’. (AHH!) I wouldn’t be here without ’em. ♥ Speaking of which, I sent ‘Dark One’ to Ma (and she sent it to Tory, so…) to read and edit! 😀 It is by no means finished but I figured she’d love to read it (I really want her to, too, haha), and editing would be OK too. 😉 SO YAY!!!!!

‘Walls Of Jericho’ hit 52 pages and 19,000+ words! *crying and hugging the book and anyone who gets near me* Those are the two books I have been mainly working on. I praise the Lord that they have come this far, and that the story is still playing to be told… ♥♥

Camp NaNo. 

I have told y’all before, that I’m participating in Camp NaNo this July.



The book I’m writing is called ‘Seek’. 🙂 I have not written an ‘actual’ blurb or synopsis… But here’s a teaser.


ONE DAY, Y’ALL. ONE DAY TILL I START WRITING ‘SEEK’. I am super excited. I have my entire family cheering me on, and also ready to grab me and tether me to reality (which I know I’ll deeply need), and love me to continue on! 😀 I need my family haha. They all have lots of faith in me and it keeps me going.

I am not freaking out in a bad way. Like, I’m not bad nervous. I have trust in Yahweh! I can’t see the future, and it isn’t becoming to be a fearful mess… So I have been and will continue to PRAY, and trust Creator that His Voice will be in me when I write. Creator will give me what I need when I need it.

This is a journey; I’m blessed to go on this month, with Yahweh, my family, and my book. 😀 I’ve learned a lot so far, and can’t wait to learn more.

countdown loll

A COUNT DOWN. OK, it feels like we should all be lining up at a track and stretching or some crap. xD   


That was fun. =D Well, I’m off to this lovely next month. Praise Yahweh for this time. ♥ God bless!


How is your summer? Has this month been a good month? Cheers to July, folks! 😀


  My Camp NaNo profile: My Camp NaNo

My NaNo profileMy NaNo


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