Ranch Life’s Monthly Challenge, July 2016

This month, Britt from Ranch Life‘s challenge was… Summer skies. Soo, I took photos throughout the month (and put this off as long as I could. I was pretty sure the PRETTIEST sunset ever would occur as soon as I entered my entry… xD), and here are my favorites. 🙂

My entry is my photos, and my poem. I do hope y’all enjoy these… I know that this was a truly great challenge, Britt… 😀 Yahweh’s Creation is so breathtaking… Looking up every day sure was a good thing.

Here we go!



DSCN8118 (2)DSCN0127

DSCN8128 (2)

You can’t quite see.. But there was a blot of rainbow… It was so cool. 🙂

DSCN8294 (2)DSCN8209DSCN8359 (2)DSCN8320 (2)DSCN8298 (2)DSCN0355

And I thank you, too, Britt, because this will not be the only poem I write about the sky… You inspired so much more words… Yeshua’s sky and works… The words spill from me.

Here is my poem, that goes with my pictures.


The canvas of His Hand,
The streaks of color
Across the sky;
The atmosphere of protection.
Your Creation is breathtaking,
Your Works miraculous,
To the clouds high above,
To the sun nestling on the hills.
Dark blue,
Light blue,
Streaks of pink and orange
Blurring the world above.
Thundering gray,
Streaks of lighting,
Summer storms high and mighty,
Flashes of purple come from above.
Your skies hold Your beauty and wisdom,
 These skies show us how big You are.
Under these vast skies;
we live.
This challenge was amazing. =D Thank you Britt! I really enjoy this… I hope you enjoyed this all, too! God bless.

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