July Highlights // 2016

Hey y’all! So, basically, I don’t actually want to do this post this time, because it means my beautiful post about Camp NaNo just gets farther lost in the abyss of this blog… But I want to keep this highlight thingie going so… *sigh* I guess that post will get lost. 😉 If you haven’t read that day-by-day diary thing about my July Camp writing experience.. Go do it, please. ;D

So July! A month. A nice month. A busy month. A month. A time. 31 days. Of this year.

Anyway. ;D

It has been a good month, bigger than I thought it would be, and yes…


Life Spotlights

  • I wrote a book. YES! I am so happy, July was great.
  • I had lots of ice cream. I love ice cream. Had bunches this month. I need to start working out again. ;D
  • Ran across another snake. So yeah… 2 snakes this month? Remember that black snake curled up in the chicken nest which hasn’t happened again thank goodness? This snake was pretty little and I didn’t actually see it well and close… He was behind me. xD *screaming* He was just a little garden snake, and left super quickly. Ma saw him after I was like ‘MA DON’T MOVE’ but she was like ‘Honey it’s fine’. It’s like, either snakes RUN FROM ME or CURL UP READY TO STRIKE. Hahaha *falls on the floor*.

From our Step By Step Sanctuary page, written by my Ma.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea where to begin, but this evening or whatever it was… Was beyond much I can try to say.

Our wild Native American horse, Fawn, got herself good on the wire fence. She was bleeding very badly from the gash on her foot… We had to separate her from  the herd (Comanche, Senna, and Maddy), so by then, the vet was here. Which was also when the sky basically broke lose. It was dark and the rain was pouring, and often, thunder would clap, lighting would strike, and the sky would turn purple.

I’ve never had anything like this happen before. We were praying for Fawn, because it took a whole lot to put that girl asleep enough for them to stitch her up. These ‘mustangs’ … They do not give up. This girl has a spirit about her- she is a fighter.

We were also praying that our home, our loved ones, would be safe. The storm was not a small deal, and… Yeah.

Yahweh is Good. Yeshua said that if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. Well, Jehovah had His Hand over us tonight. The Dark tried to destroy us, to have us give up or die. But Yahweh gave us strength. He is faithful and merciful… Truly, our God is bigger than any force of lightning or worse; fear inside ourselves. Our God is bigger, and mighty to save.

We would appreciate prayers- for Fawn’s healing. We pray she can heal quickly and nicely… We trust Yahweh she will.

Today, the sky and sea were raging.

And there’s Yahweh walking on the water.

No storm is big enough if we have faith, and get out onto the storming sea.



Music Musings

Listening To:

Warrior Inside, Leader |

Bored To Death, Blink 182


Honestly, I listened more to entire albums this month… xD Not just different songs from various artists… So here we go.


Every Twenty One Pilots album. I am not kidding. throughout this month, I have listened to (more than once) No Phun Intended, Self Titled, Regional at Best, Vessel, Blurryface, and the singel ‘Heathens’…. Anyway. Anyway. Anyway.


Also a bunch of Breaking Benjamin and Paul Wilbur because they were the hits for my book. 🙂


Terrific TV

I have been watching Little House On The Prairie pretty much nonstop with Kody for a while now. xD However, some episodes of this show are just… Is this still LHOTP? Am I in the right place? What is happening? Was that necessary? Y’all are messed up and I’m shocked. xD REALLY THOUGH.

We also watched Maverick with Dad tonight. ♥ I love that movie. xD

Also, Christmas is like, 148 days away? Thanks Hallmark. xD



Bookworm Bits

I did not read anything this month. xD I don’t even feel bad about it… 😛

So I have books I wanna read, sure, but this month was not a reading month lol! I had sooo much going on… I didn’t really think I’d read much, and I was right. I am reading A.D. 30 and a few other books, but didn’t actually finish anything this month.

So basically, I’m shortening my reading list for reasons… My plan is to basically read the Ted Dekker books I wanted to read, and also, reread The Lost Books… I think it makes sense, since I’m reading the Circle Books… Kinda refresh and remember… 🙂 Plus I need books that are familiar and home and real and so I can lose myself and yeah. So roughly, until so and so happens/calms down, I’ll probably be a slow reader… *sigh* But that doesn’t mean the adventures are any less epic!


World Of Writing

I WROTE A NOVEL. =D I thank Yeshua so much… Seek is more than a word count to me. I expected and prayed for a journey this month… And it was better. I learned more, found more, than I thought I would. A LOT happened this month… And I was grateful I had this book to seek with, to learn with- to turn to when I was tired and beaten down and just lost… I saw a Light and I was blessed to be able to write it all down.



ALSO! Kody and I are writing another book together. We are putting the book we were working on on hold right now… We were freaking out because apparently neither one of us actually want to write and describe what the future looks like… so… xD Yeah, that book is on hold for now… 🙂

We don’t have a name for the one we’re now going to write… We only have a few ideas… And names! Hey, Hades, we have names. I never have names. ;D We found this cool site and we just picked names… It was soo fun. I love medieval names.

Our book so far is going to have Kody, and his main character, the hero. 🙂 And I am super excited actually because Kody is not only doing the hero’s POV, but another! 😀 And he’s happy too… Yep. We’re having this clan vs. evil king- with swords and archers and conquering! Now I just have to find myself a heroine to write. xD And already have someone  in this book I’m going to kill off? What is wrong with me… 



Summer is coming to an end… I love summer, but I am sorta excited for school. I always am… and always am happy when it is summer break. ;D But yeah…

Welp! I suppose this is a good start to keeping up with blogging/frequent posts… I thought I had posted a post in the middle of this month but I guess not. 0-0 I don’t want to keep scrunching up a bunch of posts… last minute. Oh well! All that matters is that this lil’ nook is my place, and I keep it going… I was looking through my blog last night and just… Looking back on life. How far I have come. How different life is. I remember it all… And now, I see it all changing.

Maybe I don’t have a huge ‘blogosphere’ or whatever the name is… But this blog has been fun. A journy itself, and a journey of keeping up with my life. So yes. I am grateful for Yahweh to have this blog. 🙂

God bless, and have a great August!



Summer sure is a gift! How’s your summer windin’ down? Did you do Camp NaNo? God bless!


I will love thee, O LORD, my strength.
The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.
I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies. – Psalms 18:1-3




16 thoughts on “July Highlights // 2016

    Because, super epic speed writer. And Twenty One Pilots fan. ❤ ❤ ❤

    It sounds like your July was very eventful! The storm sounds scary, but I'm glad you're okay.

    CHRISTMAS IS ALREADY THAT SOON?! Nope. Too close. Can't even. *starts already freaking out* xD
    Thanks for friending me me on Goodreads — that's how I found your blog. 🙂

    // katie grace
    a writer’s faith

    Liked by 1 person

    • AHA. *high five* SHALOM KATIE!
      I hadn’t been sure I was a fast writer, till everyone kept saying it. xD It sorta seems I could write faster at some point… But I’m a very fast two-finger typer so YAY. 😉 It’s like in some scenes, I take it slow, but others… I let it pour out. It depends, I suppose. 😉 Sometimes, I’m just wrestling with myself/my characters, but once i pray and ask Yeshua to tell me what to write- it comes.(Not after my characters and I have headdesked a few times.. ;D)
      Yes, it was! =D God is very good… Yeah, it hasn’t stopped much with the rain and storms… In fact, we had lightning strike our house, but everything was fine. So yep; weather sure is something!
      I KNOW! XD I realllyyy love summer but I am sorta excited for what else this year has in store… A lot of prayer is for sure. 😉
      God bless!


  2. Sounds like you got a lot done last month! I … didn’t, really. 😀 Hopefully August will be better.

    Watching Maverick is always good!


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