Hashi’ Through It All

Sunday was a wonderful day, and it felt like 3 days smashed together. ;D We brought out some of the horses to eat the yard (goats and horses make great lawn mowers, haha), and Dad worked with Taloowa. Taloowa was never fond of ropes- she hightailed before you could really handle her much with a rope in your hand. So we have not led her, even though we put a halter on her.

DSCN8694 (2)

DSCN8670 (2)

Taloowa and I… She did SOO good!!

DSCN8693 (2)

Dad and Taloowa 😀

Dad spent time with her, and she was leading like a champ. I am seriously SOO proud of that girl, and my Dad- and I am so grateful for Yeshua! I praise him… ♥


Sing to our Abba, sing of His glory, love, faith, guidance, HIS strength- the steps we all take, we take with Him. If we let our eyes wander, so will our steps, and we will fall into the dark. With Yeshua as our Light, He shows us the truth and the way for us…

I am so glad and grateful to Yahweh for my family, for these horses… Taloowa’s name mean’s ‘sing’, and she reminded me of what we have to do… It isn’t a matter of getting busy with other things, getting so caught up in ourselves and our work- it’s about putting God first, even when it comes to those things. Ask Yeshua for guidance in those things- and praise HIM.

At this point in my journey (as well as my family’s journey), we’ve come to the place of not seeing far down the path before us. We know what Yeshua has said, and now, we work to obey. However, we don’t see the next exact steps He wants us to take. We don’t know where we’re going- but we trust Jehovah. He has a path, He has a will… Fear not, believe only.

That’s what we’ll do.

Yeshua is our Light, and though Darkness tries to grab us and hurt us and destroy us- Yeshua is our fortress and shield.


DSCN8740 (2)

Rey and her bird’s nest!

DSCN8616 (3)


DSCN8615 (2)


OK and a note: for school, I’ve been doing some research on mushrooms. Edible, non-edible… Super toxic and everything like that. ;D The lil’ guy in the above two pics is non-edible: fly agaric, or amanita muscaria, is a red mushroom with white dots on it. It is poisonous, but there aren’t many cases of deaths… It is also has hallucinogenic properties. It is actually eaten in some places, but you have to ‘parboil’ (which takes out the toxins..) the suckers… Yeah, in other words, don’t eat these lil’ guys. ;D

So, there’s some pictures and some about my life right now… 🙂 I’ve been pretty busy with school, so blogging ‘regularly’ hasn’t happened. I’m cool with that but also want to get a routine going! 😀 I will. I will… In 700 years. 🙂



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