He That Keepeth Me…


Hey y’all. 🙂 I’m going to try and figure out some kind of schedule… There’s so much I want to post, I have to figure out how to not cram it all, lol. 😉 But yeah; there is one post I look forward to sharing. It’s almost done- just gotta edit it with my Ma and pray over it. =) And Mamaw and Papaw Jim are coming this weekend, so probably the weekend post will be pictures… But I may squeeze in somethin’ else also, I don’t know yet, haha. 😉

But I did want to post today, and it was between photography (which I am SERIOUSLY behind on, but at this point I think I should just pick and choose my favorite photos so as not to drown y’all… haha… my bad.), or some tid bits of my writing. 🙂 Dad said writing, so, I entered the mode of wanting to share writing bits… xD

I have not started my novel about Indians yet… I prayed about it, and Yahweh gave me the spirit of the book. 😀 So I’m happy about that. I cannot write unless Yahweh gifts me the spirit of the book… So, I am ready to write the book! I have lots of research left to do- but I’m actually waiting for Mamaw and Papaw Jim to come. I’m not gonna start the book till we all sit down and talk about our ancestors.

We have Cherokee Indian in us, and Choctaw, from Dad’s side. But that’s all we know… So, the goal is to all sit down, and get stories, dates, and name set straight (aka, I’m going to be taking notes like a crazy person…). Get the whole family together and learn about our ancestry that we know of. I don’t want to start the book till the talk, so I know more…. 😀

I have been writing since July, though. ;D Just not book books. I actually had a writing prompt for school, and it’s currently 7 pages long and still rolling. And I have to go back and edit something in it because yeah… And last month, I wrote another piece from an idea I had… Set in kinda old days but not medieval- I’ve got no idea what date that book will actually have, but think balls, dresses, and Moors and warriors… Stuff like that. 😉

ANYWAY! Yes. So, I’ve been writing here ‘n there, but I cannot wait to begin the Indian book. Which doesn’t have a name yet. But it will. Just gotta pray over it and toss ideas with the family. =D

Soo… I’m going to give y’all some bits of my writing. I really don’t share my writing all that much- I haven’t shared poetry in a long while, and my stories? Ha. I gave like two blips for Camp NaNo… But yeah; I thought it’d be cool to share some. One will be a story bit, and another, a poem kinda deal. The story is recent (like… 2 days old… lol) but the poem I dug out of my folder and added on to (at the spur of the moment). 🙂 I hope y’all enjoy!


As in the days of Noah, so it shall be…..

“Let him go!” I screamed. I looked around widely, gripping the sword in my hands.

This wasn’t my weapon.

It was heavy in my hands, bulky, far too large for me to wield.

This wasn’t my weapon.

This one was covered in blood.

“Let him go!” I shouted again, voice fierce, high. Though, what threat was I? I was in the dark.

 No shadows. No sliver of light. The darkness around me was so thick, it seemed to suffocate me. I could see nothing. Not even the weapon in my hands. I could not see, and the dark seemed to engulf me, as if sight had never been, and would never be again.

The sound of something large scraping against the stone beneath me. The ground I could feel. But if I let my mind leave my feet, I would fall down, not knowing where the stone, hard ground was. I didn’t move, in fear of losing balance.

The sound got closer. I couldn’t tell what is was. It sounded like scales, large, quick scales, running over the ground and the walls. And the ceiling.

 But I couldn’t see it.


I had only heard of it- but now, I knew that it was real and more than a legend or conspiracy theory.

I could smell it, hear it, and the sound sent shivers down my spine. The creature let out a sound that came from it’s mouth. It could have been an inch in front of my face and I could not have seen it.

I felt helpless. A voice inside me said I was helpless. But then I felt rage. Or fear. Or both. All of my emotions inside, what burned in my chest, sent me over the edge.

Maybe I would have ran instead of standing there. Maybe, under one reason, I would have fled. That would have been a death wish, too. I would have tripped and then God knows what would happen then.


 The gargantuan creature had him in its grasp.

I could only pray he wasn’t dead.

Given the chances, anyone would have thought by now he was dead. But for a reason unknown to me, something was in me, telling me to stay. To call out his name. Some voice told me he was not dead.


And so I called his name.

The sound of slithering had stopped while I had been thinking, when I had stopped shouting at it. The silence was eerie. Haunting. All I could hear was my heart pounding against my ribcage.

 And then Uriel’s voice.

I could hear rapid movement- above me. I took one step back, and by a miracle, did not fall.

   He yelled my name. A guttural voice, hoarse, fierce. Of course it was, he was still in fighting zone. His voice came from behind me, high above me.

“Uriel!” I looked up. Up up up. But where was up? I couldn’t see a thing. I couldn’t strain my eyes anymore.

But he was there.

And so was Apophis.

I was correct in thinking the sound had gotten closer, faster. In a second, I felt my entire body engulfed with warmth.

I didn’t know how. I just knew that I was staring into the face of the monster.

I didn’t see it. But I felt the monster’s breath.

 The sword in my hand was heavy. It took every part of me to hold it up. The Light was the only reason I was able to wield it. Like a source of unknown energy, of strength; came in a fire in me. I didn’t have to think. I only acted.

I lifted the sword over my head and thrust downward with all my might; which would never have been enough, but the Light was giving me strength.

The sword pierced, and I had expected it to be stopped, by some thick skin or scales.

It didn’t stop.

I was not sure how far it went in, but it was not hard to thrust once my sword had something to go into.

 The scream, the noise the monster unleashed, was enough to deafen me. I was jerked up, and I let go of the sword, or else I’d be thrust to my death. I tumbled onto the concrete floor, still unable to see, covering my ears from Apophis’ cry.  I had stabbed the monster. Where, I had no idea.

When I fell, the furious and pained sound came louder. I had by no means harmed it much, but only made it more angry. I could not see or tell to stand up- I covered my arms with my head.

 The monster’s screech came to a stop.

I scrambled up, off balance, but I was weaponless.

I heard Uriel then. His yell came through the silence; loud, ragged, and fierce.

 I stood there, like a wobbly toddler.

The ground beneath me began to shake. I nearly fell to the ground, but steadied myself. The sound reverberated off of the stone floor; and the stone walls, if there were even there. Rumbling, growling, right beneath me.

 And then, a light pierced the ceiling.

High up in the stone caverns top, pierced a flash of bright light. Pure light.

Stone bursted. The light struck like everlasting lightning. It hit the stone floor and the stone exploded from the impact. The ground beneath me felt like a shock absorber, and the shock wave knocked me to the ground that shook from the might.

 The Almighty Light was there. Straight from Heaven. It pierced the suffocating darkness, and lit the whole cavern.   

I didn’t watch- the Light would kill me. I threw myself to the ground and covered my head. A part of me wanted to cry out for Uriel; but I couldn’t breathe.

The monster was on top of me.

But Uriel was on me, too. I felt his body land on mine and then Uriel had his face next to mine, using his hands to shield both our faces from the light.

The Light did not leave, only got brighter. Faster. Like a portal from heaven- it came down behind us.

Apophis roared. The monster tried to run in pain and anger and fear. Even it knew its fate.

 The Light blinded the creature.

The monster writhed, shrieking, flailing in rage. It shook its head in a fit, and I heard the sound of a sword clattering to the ground.

 The Light shot out. Like a disk, a ray light came out and shot and spiraled.

Because Uriel and I were plastered on the ground, we were unscathed.

The Light shot through the monster, piercing through the scales and penetrating.

The shrieking roars had only left the creature’s large, teeth full mouth before the body was sliced. Apophis fell dead, his long body collapsing on the ground. The noise echoed, lingering in the air.

 And then the Light was gone.


And that would be a bit of the idea Yahweh gave me… =) For the future, because now Yahweh gave me the spirit of the Indian book. But this book ^ seems to be filling my head… I have ideas for it, I have some kind of structure… Characters… I can only pray that Yahweh may let me write it.  🙂 Yahweh’s will for me- if it’s a book He’s gifted to me, I’ll write it. ;D I hope so, because I have idea for it, and wow… I shared them with Dad and Ma and they were really intrigued. Yess!

  Y’all like that piece? 🙂 Intrigued or anything? xD

And now for a quick poem, to chill myself out because whew! That was a bit intense. ;D


Lo and behold,

The heads all spoke at once,

Telling us of days that have been,

Days that are being,

And days to come.

And the Voice tells us to watch,

If we are to slumber,

We shall never see,

The Day will be a thief under our beds.

Few understood,

Few understand,

Few care to know,

And fewer are ready to stand.

Earth turns slowly,

The moon reveals the hours,

The stars tell the stories,

And the sun will be no more.

The sky will burn,

The earth will turn to dust,

The water will taste like salt,

The fires will long last.

As the Voice has spoken,

So it shall be,

Heaven, earth, and hell,



Did that poem up real quick- and it’s 10:00 so I need to get going. xD

 I really hope you all liked this! Did you like it? 🙂 Thanks Dad, for pushing me a little, and getting the courage to give some blips. 😉

 I’m going to close this up with a Scripture.

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore.

-Psalms 121:1-8

YHVH bless. ♥



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