September Highlights // 2016

September  was the beautiful month of it seriously going from hot to in the 70s- in one day. xD I’m SOOO happy and excited fall is here! FALL IS HERE! Ahhh, I seriously love this weather. ♥ Also, October…. October is amazing. 😀 *screaming with excitement and I jump up and down*

September was very busy! (I keep saying that about every month, that’s just how life is… ;D)  =) I won’t go over it all though.

Life Spotlights

  • Rode Lucy for the first time. Lucy is a complete babe, always has been (she was even awesome enough not to trample me that one time… ) – and I got to ride her for the first time this month. 🙂 Tory rode Cosmo, and Roger rode Sugar Baby! He also rode her again a few days ago and she did amazing both times! 😀 Pictures here!
  • Mamaw and Papaw Jim came up to see us. I was a fool (lol… A fool of a Took!) and didn’t get any pictures of everyone, but yeah, same post as above. 🙂 ^
  • Hunting season! I have not gone hunting yet (5:00 AM is a bit intimidating when I gotta go get an adrenaline rush…. ;D), but the guys have. 🙂 However, a few days ago, I was watering the curly horses, and suddenly I look up and there’s a little deer! It was a bit bigger than a fawn and didn’t have spots. 🙂 It didn’t see me even though it was seriously like 10-15 ft away- clear on. =D The horses didn’t mind it and it didn’t mind them… And then it hopped off and I saw it’s Mom, but Kody was there and she saw him. It was sweet.
  • Lead ropes and horses! So, we worked a bit with the babies yesterday and they did SO well! Taloowa is a sweetie- she’s always funny. I was waving my arms and yelling, seeing if she’s scare and stuff you know- nah, she just stared at me. And then we were leaving, and Kody was picking up a lead rope… She was sniffing it and I guess he moved it and she tore across the field. xD LOL. She’s such a baby. ♥
  • Trip kinda deal on the weekend.. Here’s us hiking. ;D
  • Trumpets. Since this post is a bit late…. L’Shana Tova!
  • Rey doing the trumpet. 😉


Music Musings

Good Grief, Bastille

Monster, Skillet.

Marcus Warner

Twenty One Pilots (Cancer and their songs with New Albany have been on repeat. ♥)

Terrific TV

Everything. xD We’ve brought out all of our DVDs and we wish we had a VHS player because we’ve played all of the DVDs. Oh my word. But lot’s of movies, some Disney (Rey now loves Beauty And The Beast and The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. Which is great, those are two of my favorite movies. I LOVE the soundtrack/songs for Hunchback- if any musical that has me grounded and wanting to sing along at the top of my lungs- it’s that one. Goodness.)

So yep. Everything we have. 😉 We’ve also been rewatching Leverage and that has us laughing…


Bookworm Bits

I have been keeping up with my reading on my Goodreads. 🙂 Here’s my Goodreads profile.


The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, by Samuel TaylorWe read this aloud for school- it was amazing.

The Cat Of The Bubastes, by G.A. Henty. Finished this for school. 🙂 It was good: I saw the ending coming and was SOOO thrilled! ;D I KNEW IT.

Enoch Primordial, by Brian Godawa. This is the first book of the Chronicles Of The Nephilim series by Brian Godawa: these were the YA editions. I read all three and did a report for them all.

Noah Primeval, by Brian Godawa. This was my favorite book of the three! AHH. OK yes I seriously loved it it was amazing.

Gilgamesh Immortal, by Brian Godawa. Didn’t like this one as much, but holy crap, when I first read it I had no idea who Gilgamesh was… Went and did some school and Brian Godawa nailed the story. It was exact.

Fire In The Hills, by Donna Jo Napoli. This is the second book and the last. I loved Stones In Water, really loved it. But this one… I didn’t like. Too much death. Too much death. I know it’s WWII, and it was full of death… But I just don’t like reading those kind of books. Where there is no light or happy ending or anything. I hate it. So, this book I did not enjoy nor like.

A Child Called ‘It’, by Dave Pelzer. Didn’t put it down. I don’t have words to describe it…

Danger In The Shadows, by Dee Henderson. DEE HENDERSON IS MY NEW FAVORITE AUTHOR. =D I seriously devoured these two books, I mean it’s my cup of tea- romance, Yahweh, and action/mystery! Ah yes!

The Negotiator, by Dee Henderson. What I loved about these books and this author- is God is God. Anymore, it’s like ‘Christian’ fiction is so dull… But Dee Henderson is one of those authors who shows the truth. God is not far away from ‘reality’ and reality is nothing without God… It was so nice to see Yeshua and a great story. 😀


 World Of Writing

I have not begun my Indian book yet. I am not ready yet, but I am praying and waiting for Yahweh to show me when. ♥ When the story, the spirit, everything Yeshua will give me to start- is there. When my spirit is ready. When I see. When I feel. When the time is ripe…. Yahweh will tell me and I trust Him; He guides me on my journey and I am blessed for Him to give me this book!

So, I have not started writing the book, but I have been dabbling on some other little pieces… The End Days book has not left my mind, either… I shared a piece of that here

I plan on printing Seek out (oh that book… *teary eyed*…) and starting to edit it! 😀 ♥ God willing. I cannot wait to have it ALLL printed out and in my hands. xD

I’m trusting Yahweh and am listening to Him with my might…. He is the Author of my life… And He has not yet given me the spirit or heart to write the book…. I cannot foretell the future, but I know His Will is best. Fear not, is what I’m doing, step by step!


Sometimes, I get my thoughts and heart all cloudy. Spiritually, Yahweh has showed me things this month, and I know and trust Him to keep showing me and to help me walk through it… To remember, to feel, to know, to heal, and to forgive. I don’t have all the answers or know the future. Yahweh doesn’t tell me to do that- to have it all. He says trust in HIM. He says believe in HIM. When I start double-thinking or doubting or lacking boldness- that’s not His Spirit. So I have to pray it away and get on the water again. I have faith in Him, so I do not have to have it all where I understand it word for word- I just have to trust and have faith in Yahweh. Step by step, He’ll take care of me.

 October is a big month, we’re all excited! 😀

  YHVH bless!







2 thoughts on “September Highlights // 2016

  1. Great hightlights post, Angela! 😀 Awww, yes, I love seeing deer! I was on my way to town one morning last week and I saw three – two does and a not quite fawn/not quite grown deer. No spots, but it was still pretty small. ☺️

    I started The Cat of Bubastes once, but never could get into the storyline. Should I try again? 😛


    • Thank you! Aww! I love the little ‘Bambis’ haha. 😉 Except usually when there are deer on the side of the road, Dad becomes a crazy driver to see them LOL!
      Yeahh it took me forever to get into the book, but once I did it wasn’t super bad. 🙂 If you have time it’d be a good book. 😉


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