Weekly Ramble And Heartfelt Photography

More updates on Crisis At Step By Step Sanctuary can be found on our Facebook page! We are updating that daily, be sure to go look! Step By Step Sanctuary Facebook. Tomorrow we start again with Lucy, Sugar Baby, and Ziibi, to remove more barbs. All of your prayers are so appreciated- thank you!

Well, y’all, this last week or two has been crazy. A mess. But God has prevailed. He has given us the strength and courage to keep going and praise HIM through the storm.

Today was actually a relaxing day- we took a break from the horses so they could rest a little. So, Dad, Roger, and Kody have set up another deer stand and they’ve been hunting off and on all day. Roger shot a small buck, but the blood trail led to nothing so… *sigh* No deer meat. 😦 But the year isn’t over yet, right? 🙂


I actually managed to get some stuff done I’ve been meaning to! ;D I uploaded a page for my books! (AHH!!) I know it took forever, sorry, but if y’all want to see all of my books and my poems/stories, here is the page: My Worlds. It looks all nice, doesn’t it? ;D I had some fun doing the covers, using my own photos, but yeah… And I’ll be updating the list of short stories and poems, as I upload more, of course. I actually have stuff to upload I just get busy… Anyway. I also updated my About Me page! *jumps up and down* I’ve wanted to have a make over for that page, and now, it’s done! 🙂 And Step By Step Sanctuary’s page is updated, along with the other pages underneath that one… Yeah, basically, just indulge yourself a bit, maybe just go and reread all my pages, yeah? ;D Whoohoo! *bursts sparkly juice that only comes out around Thanksgiving I love that stuff*

I’ve also been editing Seek. 🙂 It’s coming along really well. Lots of praying. ♥ Have some pictures of me editing and stuff….

Before editing…

After editing! 

So yes- lots of editing/rewriting left to go, but I am glad because I have Yeshua with me! ♥

And yeah… Life has been super busy here at Step By Step Sanctuary, but Thanksgiving is coming up (SERIOUSLY!?! SO SOON. But I am very excited for FOOD so yesss.), and we’re all together and God is with us. So life is good. 🙂

And this weekend, I’ve learned with horror, I haven’t uploaded any of my photography in a long while… So here are a few photos I’ve taken lately that I love! Enjoy.

Our first frost of the year…

A Moon Unlike Every Other




Road Untravelled 









That’s just a few photos but… I must go and watch the Christmas movies! =D I hope you enjoyed, and may God bless you.



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