Christmas Day: Seek Christmas Epilogue

My family and I had a very, very merry Christmas, and a happy second day of Hanukkah! Yahweh has blessed us immensely. It was a day full of joy, peace, and love. We read the Christmas story and lit the Hanukkah candles. I felt Yahweh with us, and I pray that we never forget HIS Gift, and we can share it with those who shall see and hear. ♥

I have been excited to share with y’all, something I’ve been wanting to do and considering for a while… I’m going to share it now! My novel’s, Seek, epilogue! Writing and editing Seek, I was thinking that the ‘ending’ of my book would end during Christmas time (winter). And God just showed me that yes, my book’s epilogue fits, and it will be the closing chapter taking place during the Christmas season. 🙂

I am soo excited to have written this last chapter during the wonderful past few days. Yahweh has really helped me lately with some demons- procrastinating, overthinking, and doubt. Writing this chapter in a few days, fully trusting in God and just enjoying writing… It was worth it! 🙂

This is the epilogue of Seek. I have not shared mch of my writing at all, nonetheless a whole lot with Seek, but for Christmas… I am happy to share this and have written it, so… thanks to my Ma for reading it over for me to say if she liked it and giving me pointers… She loved it. 😉




December 22nd 

 The ranch was a lit with Christmas spirit, as every December was, but this one had a special spirit of hope and joy we all recognized and admired. It was a beautiful year, a beautiful season, and a beautiful joy that was shared in each of us.

 Levy had strung Christmas lights on the horse fences (this was a pretty and bright tradition, and this year they were all over and everyone loved them), on the shrubs in the front yard, and he had even made a Christmas tree from lights and poplar trees (it was placed in the front yard for all to see). The cold, nippy weather was enough to chill you to the bone, and the ground was frozen from last night’s heavy rain and  frost . Icicles hung from the houses tin rooftops, the barns, and all of the cars parked in the muddy driveway.

 I bundled up  in the house, layering a sweater and thick jacket, and pulled my boots on. Eli was already waiting on me outside.

“Y’all hurry! Breakfast is about ready.” Ma called from the kitchen.

“Thanks, Ma! I’ll help finish when I get in.” I hollered across the house, grateful that she always watched out for us. Usually, I helped Ma in the kitchen. I had been helping her prepare meals the last week, along with Tory and Lynn’s help.  This morning, Tory took my place alongside Ma, scrambling eggs, as she rambled about some Secret Santa deal she had gotten herself into. Rose and Lynn were playing in the living room, their laughs filling the house.

All was well.

And all was bright.

“Thanks!” I said again, but Tory was still going on, and Ma looked up as she smiled at me. I pushed open the door and the cold wind greeted me. I grinned, rubbing my gloved hands together.

“Well, the weather is almost there.” I said to myself. It had been a cold month, but not as cold as I expected. We had had a few odd days of it not being very cold at all. We were expecting snow in a few days, however; and we were excited. Though Ma and Dad rolled their eyes at the thought of such weather, the kids were just as enthusiastic as I was.  Reyna and Kody were making plans on a very intense snowball fight.  Rose and Lynn seemed excited for any sign of flurries at all. I was looking forward to snowball fights. And snowmen.

  This would be Eli and Asher’s first Christmas with us. It hadn’t been much time at all since the mess with the Affiliation had ended- but my family had immediately found a liking for Eli and Asher amidst the chaos. Eli and Ash adored my family. Eli was renting a small apartment a few miles away, and Asher was renting another small mobile home from a friend of his in town. Eli was a quick 5 minute drive from us.

Eli and Asher had helped us a great deal on the ranch, as well. Dad liked being able to have Eli take care of more of the outside chores, with it being so cold. Eli didn’t mind it at all, and I think he enjoyed working, no matter the weather. If anything, he milked it when he came inside, with his face all red and his hands white. I’d make him hot coffee and he’d insist on a second cup, even though I saw he was already warmed up.     

“Eli?” I called, stepping off the porch and walking toward the barn. The ground was frozen, the mud and puddles all solid. I crunched over them, looking for Eli. I saw him feeding up the domestic horse. He dumped the sweet feed in the trough, and the horses took their places. All of the horses were like furry mammoths, their fur thick and most of them muddy from rolling around.

Eli patted Major, one of the quarter horse geldings, before he turned away and left the field. He saw me and grinned.

“It’s freezing!” Eli wore a thick black jacket overtop, and a pair of overalls. A wool toboggan came over his ears.

“Yeah! Who else do we have to feed?” I stopped at the barn door, waiting for him.
“Ojibwes. I did everyone else.” Eli pushed the barn door open again, letting me go in first. “Everyone’s water was frozen.”
 Eli scooped out scoops of feed and dumped them in a blue bucket. I took it loftily, and he slapped at my legs with the whip in his hand.

“Hey!” I scolded. Eli grinned and whipped at me again.

“Quit that,” We came out of the barn and headed for the Ojibwe field. We fed them up quickly, then we went back to the barn and tidied up quickly, making sure everything was secured and put away. Then we rushed outside again, into the sharp wind that blew on and off.

Stomping our boots on the porch, we hurried in the house.

“It cold out there?” Dad called from the table, a steaming cup of black coffee in his hands. He grinned at us.
“Yessum.” I said, coming and giving him a big hug. “Coffee looks good.”

“It’s windy, but I think it’s going to rain later on.” Eli noted as he took off his coat and cap. I sighed.


I helped serve breakfast, and we all took a seat around the big wooden table, which was covered in eggs, sausage, and toast. Dad said a quick prayer of thanks and blessing, and then Ma, Levy, Tory, Jim, Lynn, Rose, Evan, Eli, and I dug in. It was a loud breakfast as we all talked, which certainly wasn’t unusual. We all were in good spirits. Dad, Jim, Levy, and Eli were recalling hunting trips and future hunting plans (with Ma breaking in, exclaiming and threatening Dad that he would never hunt bear or she would have his neck), and us ladies talked about what recipes we would cook for Christmas Eve.

 Christmas Eve was in two days. We were all excited, but preparations still had to be made. The tradition for Christmas Eve was a lot of baking and finger foods: a stew prepared early, and cookies, cheese and crackers, sandwiches, and anything small we liked for dinner.    

Tomorrow, Dad’s parents, Mamaw and Papaw, would be arriving for Christmas weekend. It would add to the craziness, but we wanted to gather the ones we loved around us this year, and remember what this life was all about.


December 23rd

The joy of family.

 One Christmas tradition of my family was gathering around and singing. We play Christmas carols, songs, and music. We would all lift up our voices to Yehovah, safe and happy. My Ma would lead the singing: Ma had the most beautiful voice out of anyone on the planet. We told her this and she said she didn’t think so, but that didn’t make it any less true.

  And so we sang.

Tonight, we were all sitting in the living room, the kids sitting on the floor, the TV going with music. We were laughing and talking, until good songs came on. Ma and Dad both rocked in their rockers, and Mamaw and Papaw sat on one end of the couch.

   Mamaw and Papaw had had a safe trip here, happy to be with us. Once Mamaw was done with her exclaiming about what had happened with me those few months ago (which seemed so long ago), everyone settled in. Luckily, Dad helped Mamaw’s freak-out incident not last too long: no matter how many times I assured my grandmother that the whole hiding and gang was no longer a concern (thank God for that) she still didn’t hear me.

“No, turn on that song. This one’s boring.” Levy pointed at the TV accusingly, and Tory waved at him.

“Ma said this one.”
“We’ve listened to this one!”
I grinned, looking at Eli who sat beside me on the second couch. I leaned in closer, whispering.

“I love y’all. I love these crazies.”
“I do, too.” He smiled down at me, raising an eyebrow. “I love their crazy daughter and sister, too.”

 I grinned, blushing slightly, and looked back to see Levy  trying to show that we had already heard a song rendition. Dad told us just to play it again anyway.

When a praise and worship song came on, Ma, Tory, and I stood up. We began to sing, voices high and low along with the tune, as the words filled us up. Dad sang along with us, his voice deep and low.  

 My deliverer is coming…..

Eli stood up and sang with us. The lyrics on screen, he waited a second longer before beginning as one along with us. His voice was deep and low, but he knew the lyrics. I reached and held his hand.

My deliverer is coming.

 The next song started. We all hugged each other, smiling.

We were loved. We were saved. And we were rejoicing!


December 24th


The smell of chocolate chip cookies wafted through the house. It wouldn’t last long, as the guys all came and hovered about the kitchen. They snatched cookies until I promised them I’d make more. Dad took a plate of oatmeal cookies, Ma’s favorite cookies, and headed for where she was drinking coffee in their room.

It was Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve in the Watts family was a lovely, ecstatic time.

 The children knew what day it was and were bouncing off the walls. Any last minute gifts were being put under the tree, wrapped up all pretty, and Tory took charge (as was also tradition) of organizing the gifts to look nice and straight. Gifts piled out from the tree, big and small.  

Asher arrived, and Lynn and Rose tore for the door, knowing he brought presents. They opened the door and pulled Asher inside.

“Whoa, ho ho ho!” Asher’s laughing traveled through the house. “Be nice to the elf! Be nice to the elf!” Lynn and Rose’s laughter followed.

“You got us presents?!” Rose inquired as she peered at the large stack of wrapped gifts in Asher’s arms. He grinned.

“Of course! You’ve been good girls this year.” Asher was wearing a Santa hat that fell over his eyes, and a yellow coat and sneakers.

“Merry Christmas!” He exclaimed as he came into the living room.

“Merry Christmas!” We all called, laughing. Tory laughed and raised her eyebrows  as she quickly took the gifts from Asher, turning to put them under the tree. Asher grinned as she took them.

“Thank you, Tory.”

“Where’s my gift?” Eli asked as Asher came in the living room, returning from hanging up his coat. I gasped when I came out of the kitchen and saw Asher.

“Oh, good Lord, Asher!” I cried, laughing.

Asher wore an awful Christmas sweater, with hideous stripes and polka dots dangling off, and tassles that made up a elf face. I gave a small scream of laughter, as Asher pointed at himself. Everyone was laughing, and Mamaw waved her hands at him.

“Ahh, ahh! Nice, isn’t it?” Asher said.

“That…. Isn’t how I’d describe it.” I cupped a hand over my face and turned to finish scooping cookies on a sheet. If anything, I’d describe that thing he was wearing as abominable.

Asher turned back to Eli and shrugged.

“I’ve got a lump of coal in the car for you. Sincerely from Santa.”
“Ha, ha,” Eli smirked.
“What’d you get me?”
“We were supposed to get you something?” Eli glanced up at me, a small smirk and a deer in the headlight look in his teasing eyes. Asher kicked his leg.

“Aw, I know you got me something. Y’all love me!” Asher exclaimed, grinning.

“We do!” Lynn gave him a big hug from behind. Levy called jokingly from browsing under the tree;

“Yeah, Asher, I like you! You got me a nice gift, I can tell!”

“Or maybe we’re just stuck with you.” Jim observed from the rocker, where he held Evan. Eli grinned as he nodded at Jim in teasing agreement.

Asher just grinned as he held onto Lynn, coming into the kitchen, hunting for food. I gave him a plate of cookies and ushering him out of the kitchen.

“Now, stay out.”
“Alrighty.” Eyebrows raised, Asher returned to the living room, shoving a whole cookie in his mouth. He shared with Levy, and I heard Papaw call to me;

“These are good!”
“Thanks!” I called back, a smile on my face. It sure took a lot to feed everyone, but it was worth it.

I slid the cookies in the oven and then stepped into the living room. Lynn and Rose were sitting next to the Christmas tree, whispering and touching presents.

“Get out from under that tree!” Tory scolded them, but that didn’t make them move, they just stopped touching.

Jim and Papaw were talking about different kinds of horse breeds, and Tory went into the dining room with Mamaw to eat pie. Levy gave Evan a kiss and then plopped beside Asher, who sat on the couch.

“You think we’ll get a white Christmas?” Levy asked him. Asher looked up with a grin.


“You’re sure?” Levy cocked his head. “We’ve never had a white Christmas before. Or, I haven’t.”

“Well, I have.” Asher nodded, smiling. “I think we will this year, too.”

I smiled and leaned down to Eli, wiping my hands on a rag.

“Have you ever had a white Christmas?” I asked him quietly. Eli smiled, leaning his head up.



“I was in Montana. Coldest winter of my life. Can’t say I want it again.”

I burst out laughing, and Eli’s eyes twinkled. I nudged his arm and straightened.

“Alright, alright.” I grinned. Eli reached and grabbed my hand, pulling me back.

“But I wouldn’t mind a cold winter with you, of course.” He laughed, and I swatted at him with the rag. “If you fed me…”

“Hm! I couldn’t make enough to keep you hungry in the winter. You’re like a bear.”

Jim laughed as he played with Evan, raising an eyebrow at me and Eli.

“Hot cookies and coffee. I swear I’ll be happy.” Eli pulled me in and wrapped his arms around me in a hug, grinning. “Or… You could just keep me warm with your love alone.”

I gave a loud laugh, his teasing haven got the best of me.

“You think you could survive a winter with my love alone?!”

Eli gave a pause, smiling, then nodded.

“You’d better make another batch of cookies, sweetheart.”

Jim and he burst out laughing as I smacked Eli’s chest with my rag.





Christmas Eve cooking was a busy affair that took most of the day, and was left for the girls. Tory was making latkes, and Ma was rolling meatballs. I hurriedly was preparing small sandwiches, and then would set the rest of the meatballs in the oven. Lynn and Rose were cutting out sugar cookies with Mamaw. Everyone else was in the living room, watching videos about tools and carpentry.

“Mm, smells good.” I told Tory.

“It does!” Ma added, setting more meatballs aside.

I hugged Ma from behind, kissing her cheek.

“Thank you, Ma.”

“Thank you.” Ma said, eyes shining. Looking at my family; my parents, my siblings, my grandparents, my nieces and nephews- it filled me with love. Yahweh had blessed me beyond measure- and I was so grateful I couldn’t form my love into words. Sometimes, all I could do was hug them and say what little I could: “I love you.”

Cooking went smooth and soon, we were ready to eat. We cleared and set the table and all sat. The table was covered in trays of cookies, cheese, crackers, sandwiches, cake, pies, BBQ wieners, and chips. The meatballs, latkes, and stew sat on the table, too.

We all bowed heads, held hands, and Dad said the prayer. He thanked God for us being together and safe, blessed the food to our bodies, and prayed for peace and joy. Dad prayed and thanked Yahweh for His Gift- Yeshua Messiah coming down as a man and dying for our sins, so that through Yeshua only we may have eternal life, and then rising again. Dad thanked Yahweh and then we all said amen.

It was Christmas Eve, and my family was safe and joyous. We were eating, laughing, and talking, and I couldn’t ask for a better gift than this. I sat beside Eli, with Ma on my other side. I took a sip of sweet tea as Lynn brought Dad the Bible. Dad started to tell the story of Christmas.

 “….To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

 And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered. And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord….” Dad looked up at all of our intent, quiet faces. We were all silent as he told the story, all of us imagining what it would have been like, the truth of it lighting in our heads as it unfolded. We looked up at him, and he smiled.

“There’s no greater gift than Yeshua’s. He died for us so we could do this right here- be together, and know His true love. And He blesses us by giving us family, and people we love and people who love us. That’s a gift.” Dad’s gaze and smile lingered, then he nodded and continued reading aloud to us all.


December 25th


It seemed I had only shut my eyes and crashed in my comfortable bed for a moment, and it was Christmas morning. I woke up early, sliding my slippers on and pulling my robe on. In the kitchen, I made the coffee, when Ma and Dad trudged in the kitchen.

“Hmm.” Dad grunted as I handed him a hot cup. Ma thanked me and kissed my cheek, and they took their coffees back to their room.

“Merry Christmas!” I called softly after them.

I got myself of creamed and sugared coffee and went back to my room, opening my laptop to message Eli. The clock said 6:40, and I knew he was awake.

I messaged him on Facebook, and waited a few minutes, sipping my coffee, before he replied.

On my way. Ash called, he’s on his way too.

I smiled, then opened my document to write a little before we all had to get going.

“Lord, be among us today, as we praise you and rest in Your Gift. Thank you for my family, my friends, and this beautiful home. And life, Yeshua. Thank you for this life.” I said softly.




“OK, everyone, get ready!” Tory rushed to the hallway, waving her hands for us to get situated. Jim and I held cameras in hand, and Ma, Dad, Mamaw, Papaw, and Eli held coffee cups, watching intently. At the sound of Tory’s warning, everyone went silent, except for cooing and grinning.

Tory went to fetch Evan, who had just woken up. She walked him into the living room, her hands over his eyes. He stepped slowly as she said;

“Close your eyes, ready?”

We were all grinning and laughing with anticipation and glee.

“Open!” Tory removed her hands and Evan’s dark blue eyes popped open. He gaped at the present under the Christmas tree- a wooden train set. Jim and I clicked pictures, and Evan gave a yelp as he stepped for it, eyes big. He grinned, casting a glance at us all, reaching his hands for the wooden train. Evan pushed it along the track, with Tory smiling lovingly as she hugged his small shoulders.

“Thank you,” Evan said.

It was tricky to direct his attention anywhere else, but we soon began to pass out presents and unwrap them. Ma received a set of plates she had been wanting for years. Dad and Jim were given coffee cups with family photos on them. Levy was gifted a wood worker’s tool. Mamaw and Papaw were presented with prayer jars; jars Tory had decorated that you put your prayers in.

 Soon, we had all opened our gifts, and we bundled up to go back to our house- or, as Evan said it, ‘Gan and Pepaw’s house’.

The house was warm and cozy as everyone sat around the living room and tree. Tory and I began to pass our gifts, and piles of wrapping paper and boxes began to pile up the floor. Levy gave a whoop when he found a machete awaiting him in one box. Lynn leapt across the room to hug Ma when she found a stuffed horse to add to her ever-growing collection. Rose gave Asher a huge kiss when she saw the pink dress up dress he had gotten her. And I hugged the dark brown teddy bear Eli gave me, kissing him on the cheek. 

“Never too old for stuffed animals,” Levy observed lovingly from where he opened a toy for Evan. I grinned.

I went to my room and brought back my present to Ma and Dad, though it wasn’t wrapped.

 “Oohh, Angel, it’s beautiful!” Ma gasped as she held the canvas in her hands. I slipped my hands away from its edges as I stepped to the side. Dad’s hands reached with Ma’s. Both of their eyes were wide and I saw a love and delight I couldn’t describe.

 The canvas was a painting. My painting. An autumn, rising hilly landscape, with a small cabin nestled in the thick of a piney meadow, with a field of horses that were grazing peacefully. It had taken me weeks to paint it, and finish it. I had prayed all the while as I put the brush to canvas, smoothing, streaking, mixing paints.  And while I painted, I realized something. No gift I could buy or make would be good enough: no gift could compare to the Greatest Gift Messiah had given each of us through Him.

   Messiah’s Gift is the most Beautiful. His Power and Beauty… Messiah came as a baby, swaddled in cloth and placed in a manger. Messiah was ridiculed and crucified. Messiah died so that we may be clean and our sins washed away, so we may have eternal life. Messiah rose again. And Messiah will return.

Messiah did all of this to give us the Greatest gift. And so, through Yeshua, we find true joy. That’s what brought tears to my eyes as I painted the landscape; Yahweh’s love was so great, beyond what I could fathom. And if it was anything like the love I felt for my Ma and Dad as they stared in wonder at the painting, then my God was a Mighty God indeed.

“Angie…” Ma gave the painting to Dad, reaching to hug me. I gave her a big hug, choked up.

“I love you.”
“It’s beautiful, baby. I love you.”

“This is… amazing.” Dad looked up and gave me a hug, whispering in my ear. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, Dad.”

Dad showed everyone the painting and they all gaped. The painting was passed around, and I stood beside Ma, picking up a present for Rose.

Eli took it, and a look of pure amazement and pleasure came to his face. Surprise and pride shined from his eyes.

“This is incredible.” Eli said, meeting my eyes. He grinned, studying it again as he passed it back to Dad. “Angel, you’re amazing.” Eli stepped over and gave me a hug, kissing my cheek. I blushed, hugging him back.
 Tory handed me and Eli both a gift, and I returned to passing out gifts. Laughter and excited squealing noises filled the house as the gift pile under the tree lessened.

And then, Lynn, from the dining room window (she had been getting a kitchen knife to open a toy), yelled.

“It’s snowing!”

We all stopped, looking over. I got up from where I sat on the floor and plucked Evan from the floor. Eli and Levy followed close, with Rose plowing through, and we reached the window.

A steady, gentle snow came down from the gray, overcast sky that seemed to touch the rooftop. The white snow gathered on the cold, muddy ground- and stuck. I gave a laugh and clapped my hands.

“Snow! It’s sticking!”
“Yes!” Lynn jumped up. Rose’s face was plastered to the cold window, her breath fogging the glass.
“SNOW!” She yelled, beaming. Levy grinned and took Evan, showing him how it came down.

“A white Christmas.” Levy grinned, eyes sparkling.

“A white Christmas!” Eli replied, starting back to the living room. “We have snow.”

Everyone gave happy, excited exclamations, and I was grinning like a fool. I kissed Rose’s head and headed back to the living room.


“We gotta get dressed!”

“Wait till it falls some more.” Ma encouraged. “Let’s finish up in here.”




We were bundled from the tops of our heads to the bottom of our toes. The cold nipped crisply at our pink nose and cheeks, and our gloves were now soaked wet.

Dad had came out, wearing his hunting clothes (which were the only things he owned that were warm enough for this weather). Tory grinned from where she squatted, helping Rose make snowballs.


I pulled my head up from the snowy, cold ground. I had been making a snow angel, Eli doing the same beside me, when I felt a hard thud on my stomach.

“Huh!” I sat straight up. Levy burst out laughing, and I knew where the ball had came from. “Ooohh.” I crawled up, but just as I was on my feet, Eli toppled me over. I yelped as we went over in the snow.

“Help!” I yelled, laughing.

“Hold her!” Levy was coming at us, snowballs in hand. I screamed again.


“I got her!” Eli was grinning, snow falling from his face and hair.

“I got ya sis!” Dad came over, throwing snowballs with precise aim-directly at Levy. Levy gave a grunt as one hit him in the head. He dropped a ball.

“Levy!” Eli warned, but I grabbed a handful of snow and pushed it around his shirt collar, laughing. A jolt went through Eli’s body and he jumped off.

“Brr! Good Lord-”

I rolled up, laughing.
“Thanks!” I called at Dad.

The battle was on.

The family snowball fight was in the works.

Snowballs flew in the otherwise calm and gentle atmosphere. When one of us stumbled in the inches of snow, the other team member would have your back. Hiding spots and the best, thicket spots of snow were called and defended. The younger kids were mostly left behind to fend for themselves, unless Tory or I took them to cover.

We were all breathless from laughter. It was amazing.

The game ended when Dad ran to house, stomping snow from his boots, disappearing into the house. Jim was in hot pursuit, laughing and calling Dad on running away. Dad just laughing and waved as he left.

We all crashed in the snow, catching our breaths. Tory took the kids inside, coaxing them with hot coco. Levy followed Asher inside to figure out a speaker system they had gotten.

It was just Eli and I, both of us sprawled out in the snow, panting from the snow fight.

“Hot coco sounds good ‘bout now.” I panted, staring at the blinding white and gray sky. I covered my eyes with my elbow.

“Yeah. You know what sounds even better?”
“You marrying me.”

I sat straight up, snow clinging to my hair. I stared at Eli, eyes wide and mouth agape in a grin.

Eli grinned, eyes on mine.

“What do you say?”

Eli crawled up, setting on one knee. He pulled off his gloves, nodding. I pulled mine off as well, flabberghasted, heart pounding. Eli took a small box from his pocket, still smiling, cheeks pink (and not just from the cold, I knew).

“Eli…” I whispered.

“Angel Watts.” Eli opened the box, eyes never leaving mine. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes. Of course, yes, Eli!” I covered my mouth, tears coming to my eyes. Eli slipped the ring on my finger and I flung my arms around him.

“Oh, Eli…”
“I love you.” Eli held me tight.

“I love you, too!”

Eli kissed me, then pulled back, grinning again.

“Let’s get inside.” He stood, pulling me up.

“Come on!” I was laughing- joy overflowed from my heart. Elijah. Eli was mine: my soulmate, my best friend.

Yahweh! Yahweh! Thank you!  Thank you! This love is a gift, and I can’t imagine my life without Elijah, Lord.

Eli took my hand and we hurried inside, out of the cold afternoon, with the gray sky blurring into the snowy horizon, the snow covered pines, and the soft wind that seemed to be a whispering peace over my home.

 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.


I am seriously tickled to death to have this epilogue finished. 😀 This is unedited, also, and it wasn’t in the original first draft (it will be in the finished book!)…. I praise Yahweh for helping me do this and giving me joy! He reminded me that I am not perfect, so what I do won’t be perfect either- but if I do it all with a good heart, and do my best- that’s a gift! Maybe it won’t be easy, but God will give me peace and joy. ♥ Writing this gave me joy! 🙂

 I hope y’all liked this! I have not shared this much of my writing before (definitely not of Seek) so I am excited to see what y’all think. 🙂 *hugs my characters, my babies* I LOVE IMAGINING THESE GUYS ACTUALLY BEING ALIVE. AND BEING IN MY HOUSE. I am pretty sure Asher would put a bow on his head and lay under the tree but…. hey. I can do that myself. 😉

 I’m glad to have this posted on Christmas day. =D Be sure to see my Christmas post with pictures right here!  And don’t forget to send in questions for my Q&A vlog, today is the last day! I’ll be doing the vlog on December 3oth. 🙂 Thank you so much!

 MERRY CHRISTMAS. Peace be with you all! Yahweh bless.

-Angela Watts



8 thoughts on “Christmas Day: Seek Christmas Epilogue

  1. hi Angela, wow your writing is great! im not that great of a writer so whenever i see young people around my age writing so well im always amazed:) what do you plan on doing with the book now? publishing it? (when can i read the whole thing?!!!! : )


    • Hello Rachel!
      Thank you so much for your kind words! Oh, I’m sure you’re a good writer; as the saying goes, we ourselves are our biggest critiques… If God made you a writer, don’t stop! 🙂
      Well, I’m revising/editing Seek right now… I haven’t given much thought on publishing it though. ;D


  2. Hi Angela!
    It’s wonderful to meet you as well! 🙂
    Thanks so much for commenting on my new blog 🙂 I figured I’d respond back here 😉
    Ikr? I was really hoping for snow for the winter too, if it’s going be cold there might as well be snow 🙂
    Yeshua is awesome isn’t He 💛? I have a friend in Texas who has a ranch with a few horses that I’ve had the pleasure of riding sometimes. Have a Happy New Year! Shalom to you and your family! 🙂 Oh, and happy Hanukkah!

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    • No problem, can’t wait to see what you post. 🙂 Agreed! It’s been between rain, windy and cold with no snow…. or warm, sun, and definitely no snow. ;D Still hopeful it’s gotta snow sometime though, lol!
      Indeed. ♥ Ahh, that’s very cool! Do you like riding?
      Happy Hanukkah!!


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