Singing In The Rain


I am writing this at nighttime. It is dark outside. The moon is hidden by a thick blanket of overcast clouds, black and dark shades of blue. Only a few stars blur past the thickness.

Last weekend’s  weather was insanely warm- it got to 74 degrees today. Amazing!  It feels like spring. The daffodils are springing up from the leaves, their perfect little petals tangling free and bursting (that is, until a certain stallion decides to try and eat them… and then steps on them…. ah, Ziibi…). The weather is pretty weird for February, but we’ll take it! 😉 Of course, today, it was rainy and windy again… but I love that, too!

I didn’t get many pictures of this weekend. I’ll start trying to. But it’s hard, since I’m the photographer, and when I do stuff on the ranch…. not many pictures come out in the end. But no worries! 😉

Before I begin, I have an announcement. To clear things up. 🙂 We have renamed the Curly herd. We felt that Yahweh wanted us to change the names of that herd. So! The handsome stud, Ceremony, is now Rain. Ulu is now Luna (which is so sweet. Because my girl’s name is Hashi’ Taloowa… and Hashi’ means ‘moon’ in the Chickasaw language.) And Matoska is now Lily. We’re very happy with their names- and they like them, too. They really fit. ♥

I thought I’d get that out of the way, as not to confuse y’all. And their page is also updated with their names.

Roger worked with Lily some! Lily is a brilliant girl, and she has come such a long way since she first came home to us… Now, we can rub all over her (she especially loves itches, of course). Lily is very interested in youngsters. So, the recent work in the round pen has been a very big leap for her. She is doing well, she is a smart girl and learns fast, but she also isn’t one to easily trust others, and it takes time for her to respect everyone.

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We rehomed Skip and Rocky this month. Rocky went to a wonderful home, where he’ll be spoiled and given the work and love he so, so deserves. We were really praying about him, and God answered. And Skip went home to our neighbors! So he’s fine.


Papaw, Granny, and Rey. 🙂

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Me and my crazy girl, Taloowa! I need to change her halter… the color is awful, haha. 

We moved Sugar Baby into the baby field. We did this because Taloowa is not going to be in Ziibi’s herd. She won’t be in his family, because it will be difficult for Ziibi, who is a smaller pony, to breed with Taloowa. After a lot of praying (because I really wasn’t sure what to do… I love Taloowa, and want her to be with who she belongs….), God showed us that Taloowa belongs with the Curly herd. However, Taloowa is not old enough or big enough just yet to be with the Curlies. And Taloowa cannot stay with Ziibi for much longer. So! Until Taloowa is ready to go into the Curlies, we will put her and Sugar Baby into their own field.

We have also been taking Ziibi out to feed him separately. Poor boy… he hasn’t been doing well. He isn’t eating near enough. We’re not sure what’s up with him…. He must be having a growth spurt or something… Please pray with us that he does well. Ziibi is such a sweet boy, I hope we can help make him feel better and get the minerals he needs.

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And yes… if you noticed that piece of flint in the trough, don’t worry, I got it out…. I have NO idea how it got in there, it’s my flint thingie…. weird. o-0

 I do have plans for this spring/summer. Like I said before, I will be getting more time in the saddle with Lucy. I prefer to ride Cosmo, because I just kind of trust him a bit better. Sure, he’s nearly backed us off a cliff. But there’s been times when he could have bolted and left me in the dirt- but he didn’t. But, Lucy can neck rein correctly and knows the good ol’ basics. So I shall be getting more learning time with her. 🙂 And I will be learning how to lunge and such (round pen work) with Sugar Baby! And then, I can take what I learn and do it with Taloowa. And, God willing, God will let me work with Lily some, too.

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My goals with Taloowa are things I have full confidence she, God, and I can do. ;D Taloowa is turning 2 years old this March (at least, I think her birthday is March….). However, the primitive horses do not mature as quickly as, say, Quarter horses and such. I do not plan on riding Taloowa this year. She is not old enough, or big/strong enough. Also, I don’t want to rush into riding with her, until I know she has the basics down pat. 🙂 So! We will be working on ground work, desensitizing, and round pen work. Taloowa is already used to me grooming her all over, and she leads like a beauty. With leading, I do want to have it where she’ll lead right beside me, however. Taloowa also lets me pick up all four legs, so I am also going to work on cleaning her hooves myself. She does not like picking her feet up for getting trimmed- the noise does not scare her. But the gloves the farrier (aka, Roger, haha!) wear, she isn’t used to. So I’ll be working with her on that kind of stuff!

  Taloowa is a brilliant girl. Maybe too smart for her own good. ;D I know there is still so much we have to teach each other- things I will teach her, and things she will show me. God gave me this horse for a big reason- bigger than I could imagine. I am excited to work with her this year, and Lord willing, many years to come! 🙂


Well. That was only a slight ramble. But who doesn’t like rambles? I love rambles.    Anyway, that’s some updates on the ranch! 🙂 We’ve all been doing well. The horses are getting along, but I have no doubt they’re excited for warm weather, too. 😉

Also, this post is titled ‘Singing In The Rain’, because though a rainy, cold day may come, but the sun will always shine again. Life may be hard and foggy, but the Light will always shine through. That is what my family and I have been learning this month. We have to remember to sing in the rain!

YHVH bless.


Romans 12:12 – Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer….

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 Did you enjoy the pictures? Do you have a horse? What are your plans for the spring? Do you ramble?


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