Goodbye March | 2017


March! Beautiful, beautiful March. Tree blossoms sprouted to bright green leaves, flowers pop up and shine in the warm sun, and the bullfrogs pick up their song in the pond. Spring really is here; every season brings something new, something different, something good.

March was a big month on my side. It was a good month, if not pretty rough throughout the mix. Let’s get started on the post and reminisce a little. 😉

Lovely Life

My brother and I competed in the USEWF Championships! Read the whole thing HERE! It was soo amazing. I won gold in kata, and silver in sparring. Kody won bronze! 😀 We had a good time.

Went fishing! Read that post here, too! 😀 It was my first catch, and Kody’s, and Rey’s! So definitely a great time.

MY FAMILY GOT ME A TRUCK! And I’m still freaking out. Look how lovely she is! (Read the post here.. ♥)

DSCN0173 (8)

I drove the tractor for the first time, and didn’t kill anyone. Haha! Dad came driving up in the truck, and through the window, he gestured like ‘You know how to drive the tractor since when?” And I shrugged at him! ;D

Kody and I helped Dad and Roger nail a floor. We went up to the construction site, and Kody nailed the plywood. I helped measure, chalk, and stuff. It was fun!

Tory, Kody, and I got stuck at our karate dojo, under a tornado cell cloud. Yep. We didn’t work out of course, haha, but we were stuck there, because the tornado siren was wailing and all… We watched some hail, too.

Reyna’s 4th birthday! I was sick that day (I got sick twice this month, guh), but she had a lovely time! She enjoyed her gifts and cake. 😉 I love my girl!

I got my first lightning pictures!

 Me: I wrote 5,500 words today!
Kody: Wasted time.

Kody: *rams nose on the fridge shelf*

Me: *dances around the kitchen laughing*

Me and Rey are in the bathroom, when Rey just starts singing ‘Shake Your Booty’, and when I laugh, she tells me not to.

Playing LEGOs with Rey: Rey:  I will stay in case anyone comes and then I will shoot them and then I will run away.

Me: I’ve taught you well….


Listened to:

Faint, by Linkin Park

Ode to Sleep, by Twenty One Pilots

Levitate, by Imagine Dragons

I have been mostly watching The Looney Tunes Show this month, so…

Image result for the looney tunes show gif daffy duck batman

And Daffy actually said ‘I’m Batman’, so this GIF is off. Ha. 

Bookish Worm

I read 9 books this month; 3 of them Bible books.


Favorite Fiction: Both books by Francine Rivers! Ah…

Favorite Nonfiction: The Berlin Candy Bomber.


The World Of Writing

I… am not sure how many words I wrote total in the month of March. And I’m too busy to try and go back and figure it out, so… Oops!
I’ve been promising a post about my novel, Seek, and haven’t gotten around to doing it…. Well, if anyone is curious, I am doing Camp NaNo this April! (Which is happening right now…. 😉 ) So, I plan on doing a post about Seek this weekend, for the first week of Camp.

Until then, so y’all don’t die of anticipation, haha, I’ll leave you witht his snip from a WWII story I’ve been playing around with… whcih I probably won’t be writing soon, but I have to write what comes to me, or I lose ti in the long run! So far, I’ve just dabbled and written the story in first person present tense, which I never do, but it’s not too bad. If I write it as a book, I doubt I keep it present tense, though. Who knows! And I love this idea and stuff so… Enjoy, and tell me what you think of it! 🙂 In my documents, this story is untitled, so I nicknamed it ‘WWII U.S. Farm’ … 

  WWII Story Idea, Snip #1

I grip the skillet with both hands and swing it before the man can react. It is heavy, but it moves surprisingly fast.


The man catches my arm, but not before the skillet whomps the man’s head. He yells. It did not hit him as hard as I’d like, because he had slowed it, but it’s enough.

I drop the skillet as the man stumbles back, for a blind, pained moment.

I whirl and run. The man swings an arm, trying to stop me.

“Get back here!”

I swing the front door open. It is raining, and before I make it off the porch, the rain begins to come down in heavy torrents. The storm is bad. I can smell it, feel it. The grayness above is stirring.

  I am barefoot, but I do not care. The ground turns wet. Cold drops of rain pelt me.

I run. I had to make it to the neighbors. But they lived miles away.

 The front door swings open again, I can hear it.

 Heavy footsteps behind me.

  I try to run faster, but my short legs only carry me so far.

The man is gaining ground, and it occurs to me that this is his chance to shoot me in the back. But I don’t dare stop running.

The rain begins to blind me. It is too heavy.

“Come here! Get back-” The man yells. I gasp for breath, my feet carrying me over the muddy dirt and the path.

My food lands smack dab in the middle of a large rock. Pain flares from the sole of my right foot, causing me to stumble and plummet to the ground. The man stumbles, trying to stop himself, but he topples over on top of me. I give a cry of pain.

 The man’s arms go around me, as if trying to stall the fall, but of course it’s too late. I nearly catch myself with my hands, splashing mud, but the man’s weight makes me roll. The man scrambles up, cursing slightly, as he pulls himself up. He keeps me pinned to the ground. I groan, cold, wet mud seeping into my dress.
“Get off me!” I growl. Rain pours on, heavy and cold.

Stop trying to fight me! You are my only chance, and I am not letting you get away. Understand?!” The man hissed, face close to mine. A purple gash is formed above his jaw. It looks like it hurts.  His grip was tight around my wrists. I stopped struggling.

“Why don’t you leave?” I breathe heavily.

My Nook

Not a huge whopper of a blogging month, but the posts I did were pretty great! ;D If I do say so myself. Don’t believe me? Please, go check ’em out, make sure. 😉


usewfUSEWF Annual Championships

truck postGone Fishing! And a BIG Surprise!

Fantastic Folks

Jess wrote this amazing post about following the path and dream God has for each of us… it was powerful!

Kellyn wrote a post with 10 tips for surviving NaNo…. and I gotta try ’em. You should, too.

Paul had a post about ways to frustrate your readers…. and DON’T GET ME STARTED OK!? xD

Victoria (no, not my sister, haha!) wrote this absolutely endearing, hilsarious, and downright RELATABLE post about being an aunt and preparing for being a mother… and I love it so much. ;D



March was a crazy month! It had some rough times…. my Ma has Chronic Lyme Disease, and this month she had a few very bad episodes of extreme pain. But we are a family, and we’re facing the fight together. Ma is starting an herb program by an herbalist, and she’s been doing pretty well now, though she hasn’t started it yet. Praise the Lord! We are praying Yahweh heals her and keeps us all strong. 🙂

So, while every season holds challenges, every season holds beauty, too! Here’s what I wrote the night I got that lightning picture… and I think it wraps up this month well, too.

I TOOK MY FIRST LIGHTNING PICTURE EVER TONIGHT! I am so happy. I took the first photo… and then was praying for another. The sky kept lighting up with lightning, the thunder rolling, and sometimes the world was illuminated by a purple and white flash. It was beautiful. I kept missing great shots, though. I reached the point where I wasn’t sure if God wanted me to get another, and if He just wanted me to stop and just enjoy it. I decided to give it another minute. Well, God let me get the second picture, too! Yahweh showed me that just though it took me tries, and I got upset because ‘wow what a good shot, and I missed it’, and it took some time- the outcome was incredible. God’s Creation is so amazing, and if He can control the storm, He is with each of us. Through it all. Have faith you’ll get it.


Scripture Of The Month

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” -Isaiah 40:31


Yahweh Bless!



6 thoughts on “Goodbye March | 2017

  1. I’ve been praying for your mom! I hope God will grant her healing or at least less pain soon.

    Ah, my book! Oh, wait … yep, I remember you reading that. 😉 Forgot for a moment there.

    And all those little snippets you shared from your family … So awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Georgia had some crazy tornado weather, too! This past week, my family and I sat in our basement for a while during tornado warnings on two seperate days. It was pretty scary, but thank goodness nothing came too close to our house! 🙂
    And your truck is so PRETTYYY. I’m jealous!! I really like that color, too, girl!
    I’ve been meaning to read a Francine Rivers book for sooo. long. Which one do you recommend I read first? (Or do you have a favorite?)
    Here’s to a great April, and a happy spring!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh gosh! I knew that a few days ago, we were expecting some yuck weather, but it moved and went on to Georgia instead… hopefully spring gets here and gets steady, lol! 😉
      THANK YOU! It’s soo nice, I’m excited to work on it some more when the sun comes out. 😛
      Oh, Francine Rivers is amazing… very inspiring! I think any of her books are great starts, but I started with her older books (Redeeming Love, The Atonement Child, Leota’s Garden….) so I’d say those are good starts! 🙂
      Right back at you!


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