Camp NaNo, Week 2: Desert Flowers


So… it’s been 2 weeks now. That’s crazy. Where did time go? It was a busy week, and I wrote 12,509 words this week.Β Not bad.

Day Eight | 2,784

Whew! I was fairly tired today… I had my karate belt exam earlier this morning… and I passed! ;D Say hello to your new fellow orange belt, ha.

My goal was 2,500 today, so I could be half way to my goal of 5,000 for the weekend.


Day Nine | 3,768

My goal was 2,500 today, so…. I’m happy. ;D Good day! I hit it pretty hard, it was a busy day. I also went over some chapters and tweaked some stuff. I still have one whole chapter I’m going to redo, and a major point to go and influence throughout it all. πŸ˜‰ And… I still have not written the prologue. Lol!


Β  Β Day Ten | 0

Yep, none. πŸ™‚ Today is my family’s Sabbath. We try to keep Sabbath by Enoch’s calander. So, since it was Sabbath, I decided to rest up. πŸ˜€ I didn’t write any in Seek. Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get 5,000. We’ll see!

Day Eleven | 1,728

So yep, no 5,000. ;D But…. MY NOVEL REACHED 50,000! WHOOP WHOOP! Pretty awesome. It was a beautiful day (and we had a quick spring shower. ahh.), and we all got a lot done!

Day Twelve | 2,000

We cleaned the WHOLE house today…. and a realtor showed up. That all went pretty OK.

I wanted more, but figured it was such a busy day, I would take what I could get. I hope I can get more on Friday.

Day Thirteen | 2,027

School. Karate. Ma started the Lyme herbal remedy after a week of doing the protocol, so the new supplement for the Lyme was added. We are praying Ma does well with it. It causes herxing (the very hard symptoms of the illness’s die off…)


Day Fourteen | 2,000

Sort of slumped today…. At least, I didn’t reach a high goal. But every bit counts.

snip camo

Look at the purdy stats. πŸ˜›

Overall, it was a fair week, and….

Image result for i think i did ok gif

God bless, y’all!



How is Camp going for you? Did you survive?! Because I didn’t. πŸ˜›


6 thoughts on “Camp NaNo, Week 2: Desert Flowers

  1. 50,000 words, congratulations!!!! That’s so exciting! πŸ˜€ Aw, I’m sorry about eh die off/herxing. I’ve been doing the same thing this week. Praying for your mom! Hopefully, this will be good in the long run. πŸ™‚

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